Everything You Need To Know About Weller Bourbon

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From very prominent television shows like Vampire Diaries to movies akin to Easy Rider, Bourbon goes a long way. It has an automatic source of advertisement as being the favorite brand among celebrities. However, Which whiskey brand is worth all this favoritism? I would say Weller bourbon.

It has served the alcohol fanatics with glorious 12 years of refreshment drinking. To be honest, the durable experience is all you need to acknowledge the episode of pleasure in the real-time world. Yes! It is not like the companies to advertise this whiskey in movies and high-budget TV series.

william larue weller bourbon

It completely comes from the end of celebrities who have a hotshot benevolence for this amazing whiskey. If you are at the legal age of drinking, it is the right time to introduce you to this exclusive spirit. Let’s take a glimpse.

Introduction To Weller Bourbon

Whiskey creates a whole other world for alcohol consumers who appreciate the touch of wheat in spirit. That’s right. We are presenting wheat whiskey called W.L Weller. W.L stands for William Larue. It is an American style whiskey with a high-end crispy tang.

This whiskey manufactured by Sazerac Co. has given the realm an amusing combination of spirits. That’s right! When it comes to W.L Bourbon, there are whiskey variants to greet your night of entertainment.

It has introduced in 1849. Yet, societies welcomed the spirit into their drinking patterns after a while. You can say that the success of W.L whiskey came a diligent way.

This drink has been one of the classic whiskeys on the table. From the introduction era generation to the new generation, the craze of bourbon is moving at a higher stage. What is so good about W.L Whiskey? Let’s find out.

Variants of Weller Bourbon

There are six variants of W.L whiskey. These variants are based on the different proofs. It means you can choose from a light amber spirit to the strongest one. If you are a first-time bourbon drinker, you would like to start from the first one.

  • Weller Special Reserve

It is one of the dark-amber spirits with a delightful touch of caramel. It is noteworthy to mention that it has other flavors as well if you are not much into caramel eliminated alcohol. These other flavors are Weller Special Reserve butterscotch, sweet and floral flavor notes.

But, without a doubt, these all come in a pack of one green labeled bottle of Weller Special Reserve. It is distilled in the US by Buffalo Trace Distillery. Apart from this, it is quite an affordable 90 proof version of the respective brand. It costs between 25 USD to 30 USD.

  • Weller 12 Years

Weller 12 Years reviews as the exclusive family member of W.L whiskeys that come from Kentucky, US. It’s light, smooth and easy-going liquid qualities have allowed it to become one of the best bronze-colored black-labeled drinks.

Without a doubt, if you have a soft spot for W.L, you would love to celebrate the long-lasting success of Weller with it’s aged 12 years drink.

The best part is 90 proof. Yet, it goes down into the human body like a sweet-exotic beverage. However, it is recommendable to go slow on it if it is your first time drinking experience. It costs 99.9 USD for 750 ml aged 12 years bottle. While buying it, you can order it as a “black labeled bourbon.”

  • Antique 107

As the bourbon product name suggests, this version of the respective brand is 107 proof. It is produced by Buffalo Trace Distillery. It is made from corn, wheat, and barley. It is a weller bourbon with bold finishing and exclusively complex taste.

Yet, I would say that if you can handle to make a bright and bold choice by pouring a weller spirit into your glass, you can handle the unique and bold taste of the 107 proof version. It is a “red label.” It costs up to $80 in the market.

  • Y.P.B

CYPB stands for Weller Craft Your Perfect Bourbon. It is one of the strongest spirits sold under the brand Weller bourbon with proof 95. It has notes of cinnamon, brown sugar, vanilla, and sourdough.

This combination makes CYPB the perfect and unique branded drink. Apart from this, it is richly loaded with caramel. It has a light sweet tang which does not last long.

But, some critics all over the world take CYPB as not one of weller’s. It is because of its totally non-corresponding recipe. Yet, what do we know? We all like a perfect glass of liquor.

  • Weller Full Proof

This dark-amber whiskey with the blue label came out as a surprise by the Weller’s end. It has something bold about it. And, what we found out is Weller Full Proof is actually full proof whiskey.

That’s right, it is 114 proof version. It contains caramel, cherry, syrup, cinnamon, and oak.

It has aromatic qualities of grapes, cherry, plum, and vanilla. What is beyond good about this whiskey is that it drives a warm mouthfeel. Indeed, it is one of the reasons why W.L lovers stick to this brand for decades.

  • William Larue Weller

This is the first and barrel proof whiskey under the bourbon brand. It has introduced in 1840 by Weller. It is unfiltered and counted among the antique collection of original Weller.

It could be difficult to find one of these in the market today. Yet, you can always try. It’s making include the use of soft grain wheat. Today, you may not find any whiskey made with soft wheat. It’s a classic.

What is Weller Bourbon Alcohol content?

Are you looking for a smooth and easy-going whiskey? This W.L whiskey should be the first choice. Why? Well! One of the biggest excuses to choose this bourbon over any spirit is that it contains alcohol content between 45% to 53%.

It is quite less alcohol percentage as compared to any high-end spirits. It is a recommendable drink as it allows the body to enjoy a feeling of refreshment without getting dizzy and intoxicated.

Apart from this, it allows BAC to not increase more than 0.08%. For the readers’ information, BAC stands for Blood Alcohol Concentration, click here to read more about BAC.

How many calories in a bottle of wl Weller Bourbon?

In some cases, an average population of alcohol consumers takes calories per bottle as a reminder to not drink beyond a limit. If you are drinking 107 W.L or any other flavor, it is time to host a toast to the low-calorie serving drinks.

That’s right. Per serving (12 oz) of this bourbon whiskey contains 97 grams of calories.

It is a low-level calorie limit that allows the human body to remain healthy and in good shape. Of course, conditions apply akin to 1 standard drink per hour.

Apart from this, it is recommendable to drink it occasionally in order to adapt to a healthy drinking routine. It lessens the risk of alcoholism.

Some amazing facts about Bourbon

  • Akin to weller bourbon, many whiskeys come from Kentucky, however, it is not important that all bourbons are originated there. Ironically, you can state the same for the United States.
  • All dark-ambered bourbon whiskeys including W.L Weller made from no less than 51% corn mash. Corn mash is a 160 proof American liqueur. It makes the flavor of this whiskey more familiar.
  • It is illegal to make and launch a bourbon with more than 80% alcohol by volume. ABV as high as 80 can lead to permanent brain damage and other impacts of alcohol.
  • Bourbon stores in a barrel for better brewing and taste. During the distilling process, its ABV is higher than 60%. However, when it is ready for storage, its ABV is no more than 62.5%. Without a doubt, when it comes into the market, it contains less than 55% abv. For instance, W.L Bourbon whiskey is only 51% abv.
  • You may have read whiskey bourbon as “straight” which is labeled on the bottle. What does straight mean? It means that the drink has been stored in a barrel for up to 2 years. Apart from this, if any drink is stored for more than 2 years, it is labeled as per its age. For example, Weller aged 12 years.
  • L Bourbon Whiskey and Pappy Van Winkle are the same. Yes! You may think that there are far more differences between the prices of the respective drink. Yet, to your surprise, it is the only difference.


W.L Whiskey is still on the journey of gaining international success. Luckily, the drink has made it Hollywood which deserves a big applause. But, for the readers’ relief of brainstorming, it is the best alternative bourbon to replace with. Not to mention, to start with!

“Make a bold choice, make a choice of drink with mixed notes and high-end flavor finishing. Make it W.L. Bourbon.”  

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