Let’s Discover How Many Calories In Beer?

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In today’s fast-paced world, we are so unfit and have to try our best to be healthy. Even if you are not a fitness enthusiast, you have to eat healthily and cut down on those sugary snacks. But, being a guy, can you give up on your favorite beverage? Yes, man you got it right, it is none other than your beer pint. But have you ever thought how many calories are there in a beer pint? You are drinking those calories easily and even after controlling your cravings for your favorite alluring food. Also, we are so sure that you won’t quit drinking that beer, no matter how much fat you are gaining with it.

Process Of Beer Making And Addition Of Beer Calories

While talking about the reason for high calories in beer and other alcoholic drink is nothing but the fermentation of the sugar and natural starch. That pure fat is gained by the consumption of a gram which is equal to seven calories. The worst part is, the non-involvement of any nutritional value and as a result, the consumer gains empty calories.

However, one can see traces of the minerals in the beer, but that is simply of no use for our body. Also, you must have read that drinking alcohol leads to weight loss, but remember it is impossible to store alcohol in our body, as we can keep other the nutrients and proteins. And, this can lead to loss of various absorbed minerals, so the limitation of alcohol is very important.

Results Of The Consumption Of Fancy Beers

If we consider the fancy beers, then my dear beer folk, don’t think it is healthy as it contains even more calories in a pint of beer. So, why to put on those extra fats in our bodies while you can skip it by drinking in moderation? We also agree with the difficulty one faces while checking out the calories in beer, and this is the reason we are here to provide the right information on the table.

You must have noticed beer packings and pints, generally do not contain any nutrition-related information. We wanted to solve your hassle of opening the makers’ website, but we are here providing all the nutrition facts of most of the popular brands. Chances are high the beer with more alcohol content contains more calories.

You must have heard about the grains are used for brewing the beer and it is healthy. But this not the case as even a light beer has many calories. Even though beer is made up of barley, malt and brewer’s yeast, but still alcohol become a hindrance in the way of body and those healthy products. If you are an epic beer lover, the appropriate option is to consume 14 drinks per week for the men. While the moderate drinking option for the women is 7 drinks in a week.

What Is Sciences’ Perception?

However, studies never suggest consuming drinks for the grains present in it as one can go for better options to cater to their regular body requirement. Let’s take the example of the Budweiser brand, which contains 55 calories in a pint of beer.

While nutrition facts- there is 9 mg of sodium, 1.9 g of carbohydrates and 0.5 protein but is not possible to get benefitted these minor quantities of protein or carbs. However, the calories in a beer can vary as per the brand and its brewing process, but usually, 150 calories are, what a normal beer contains. And, also know that your single pint is about 16 ounces.

The Right Way To Drink Alcohol Or Your Favorite Alcoholic Beverage


So, how is the journey of being sober to suddenly get drunk? This is like special treatment provided by the alcohol, which is tracked straight stomach to the bloodstream and affects the liver after that. While you are empty stomach, then your body will absorb alcohol faster than otherwise. But, as per the science, this is completely a wrong way to get the toxin in your body.

Remember, your liver can break down a certain about of alcohol sent by your body, but the rest of the amount is transferred back to the bloodstream. Also, during that breakdown process, your liver could not concentrate on the other regular functions it used to perform. This is what we hear when the doctor says “ you have a fatty liver ”, this is the first stage of over-consumption of alcohol. So, before you are counted as a heavy drinker, you should be ascertained about the way of drinking and how many calories are there in a glass of beer.

Also, the best way is to replace the alcohol with non-alcoholic drinks and eventually you can slow down your drinking pace. You will gain that hydration again in your body and also there will be less risk of a hangover. While you know you are going for drinks, try to get something in your belly.

This way there will be less uptake of toxin in your bloodstream will happen. Also, you will less likely to cloud your judgments after gaining calories with a beer. So, learn the right amount and right way to consume your favorite alcoholic drink.

How Many Calories Your Favorite Beer Brand Comprises Of?

Calories in a beer as per the taste-

  • The bitter beer contains around 180 calories as the more alcohol content means more fat. 
  • If you prefer a mild bitter beer, then get ready to consume 142 calories.
  • So, you love Pale ale, then you will get 182 calories in your belly.
  • For the Brown ale enthusiasts, 160 calories is what you will get. 
  • The Stout beer contains around 210 calories in the 12 Oz beer
  • Umm! So, passionate about the ordinary strength Lager? Your body will be treated with 170 calories for such consumption. 
  • Lager premium beer will bring 338 calories along. 
  • For the Dry cider, beer lover, make your body ready for the other 190 calories. 
  • So, your lady loves Sweet cider? Ask her to get 220 calories exclusively for her. 
  • Buying a Vintage sweet cider, then it will come with 580 calories.

If You Love Spirits More Than Consuming Calories With Beer (25 Ml As Per Measures In The Pub)

  • Vodka, gin, and whiskey drinkers consume around 52 calories in one go.
  • Normal liquors will provide around 50 calories. 
  • There are 66 calories in Tia Maria and Cherry Brandy. 
  • For the lovers of Cointreau and Drambuie, the information is that there are around 79 calories in 25 ml of each. 
  • Cream liquors are at the high fat in this category with 81 calories in the proportion involved here. 

Imagine When It Comes To Burning Those Alcohol Calories Off!

Let’s take the consideration of 180 calories of beer while you will think about how many calories does a bottle of beer contains? 

To burn off those 180 calories that you got after drinking bitter beer is either by running for 14 minutes, or by following-

  • 20 minutes of football activity.
  • Doing swimming for around 17 minutes.
  • 28 minutes of cycling.
  • 44 minutes of walking can help you lose 180 calories. 
  • Play badminton for 30 minutes. 

In a nutshell

So, once you are sure about the beer calories you are consuming, then you should stop drinking regularly. Also, follow the instructions given, to consume the beer in the most appropriate to avoid health issues and hangovers. And, also if you don’t want to look older, then avoiding over-consumption of beer is a must.

Reason being, this is a clear way of abdominal fat and that is so embarrassing, isn’t it? And, of course the moderate amount will lead to less heavy snacking and eventually will keep you physically fit. So, you better avoid that lemon water after enjoying a lot with the alcoholic beverages. Drink to enjoy and make sure the calories in beer goes inside you very less than often.

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