Sauvignon Blanc is the best sauvignon blanc white wine that is of the variety of grape, coming from the womb of the Bordeaux region of France. The drink got its name from the French words sauvage and blanc, which are referred to as wild and white respectively. Since the origination of the same was from a grape that was regarded as wild.

There has to be no doubt about the production of the plant as dry, rejuvenating, and green. In countries like Canada, Australia, Chile, New Zealand, Romania, South Africa and so many more have the cultivation of this wine.

Sauvignon Blanc wine

Rightly said by the experts the wine is extremely fresh, amazing and crunchy which can be further accompanied by Sauvignon blanc pairing of cheese, chevre or fish. Also, there are times when this rare variety of drink can be enjoyed with sushi as well.


Believing, there has to be a distinction between the wines as that better leads to the popularity of the same. Well, this adorable white drink came in existence from France and it is completely different from the various other types like Chardonnay, as it has green and zesty flavors. The beverage is well grown all over the world as it has a huge variety of styles and flavors that intimidate the makers of the alcoholic beverage in a full-fledged manner.

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In addition, getting a new idea of the taste, regions, production, and some of the best foods that can be easily paired with white wine will be a great help.

Spell it right! 

One of the weirdest things that happen with the lovers of alcohol, is it turns difficult to spell Sauvignon Blanc pronunciation, which is more like the alphabet C is pronounced hard as in K and completely like “so-vee-NYOHN BLAHNK”.

Know the flavor

The taste of the drink depends on the ripeness of the grape which can range from crispy lime to peach flower. Not alone, the distinction between this special drink and the others is the herbaceous flavor owned by it. It has the inclusion of grass, bell pepper, gooseberry and jalapeno which are from compounds known as pyrazines and thus making the wine taster.

Calories Intake 

Generally, drinking 100 grams of blanc can have 81 calories, meanwhile, a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc calories includes 595 in quantity.

Volume of alcohol 

Besides, the percentage of Sauvignon Blanc alcohol content marks from 13.5 to 14.5 percent. Mostly, alcohol is observed as dry in taste, however, half of them are purely dry while some of the producers in the area of California and New Zealand have been adding sugar to it for a bright texture.

Some of itsbrands are mentioned below:

  • Tesco finest North Row Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc
  • The Ned Sauvignon Blanc
  • Ghost Corner Wild Ferment
  • Cordier Labottiere Prestige
  • The King’s A Sticky End Noble
  • Constantia Glen Estate
BEER BRAND: Sauvignon Blanc Wine
ABV: 14%

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