The first shot of pink Moscato is a charm. Earlier in the centuries, wines were classic. However, Rosé wines used to display feminism. It was all about stereotypes back then. In today’s world, Rosé premier wines like pinkish Moscato are the sign of soft, creamy and modern-age selection of alcohol.

In bars across the globe, barefoot pink Moscato serves the perception of parity in the context of color and aroma of alcoholic beverages. That’s right! In this modern age, there’s no cherry-merry tag that comes with the “BLUSH” consistency of Sutter home pink Moscato.

Note: In this reading, Pink Moscato is also mentioned as Rosé M. d’Asti and Blush wine.

What is Pink Moscato?

By definition, Pink Moscato is a congenial combination of white wine of Muscat Blanc Grape and Merlot. This definitely tastes like heaven. However, what you must know is that Rosé Moscato wines come from the Moscato family of alcoholic beverages. 

Pink Moscato

Yes! There are various alternatives available such as Red Moscato, Still Moscato and Dessert Moscato. However, there’s something that makes the barefoot bubbly Moscato stand out. What’s that? Well! Let’s find out by reviewing some outstanding features of sparkling Moscato:

  • Unlike any other wine, you can easily pair a glass of barefoot pink Moscato with various dining dishes and desserts. Without a doubt, it takes exquisite as a side alcohol beverage. For instance, in the U.S., this amazing wine is widely preferred with Glazed Ham, the pepperoni pizza and chicken.
  • The ABV level of rosy Moscato is considerably low as compared to any other Rosé wine and thus, you can drink one glass of wine per hour without worrying about blood alcohol concentration in your body. It is only 5-7%. 
  • This arousing wine comes in various flavors. Therefore, you can never experience boredom while adopting a habit of this light Rosé wine on celebratory occasions. In various countries, this barefoot prime wine is served on women’s day on the house to the ladies. 
  • A bottle of rose-colored Moscato looks very classy and romantic. Whether you are planning your first date or your first honeymoon, a glimpse of this delightful wine can excite your other half with its amazing packaging, additional aromas, and smooth texture. Apart from this, it is also a very prominent beverage for day wedding events.
  • Above all, when you ask, how to drink Pink Moscato wine? We are content to mention that this wine is bewildering when it comes to making Moscato cocktails. That’s right! If you are having a boring weekend at your home, a bottle of Rosé Md’Asti barefoot can make it exciting with over hundreds of cocktail recipes online. 

Now, let’s find out something about the family of the barefoot Pink Moscato. It comes from the Moscato wine family.

However, it is noteworthy to mention that on a bigger picture, Moscato wines fall in the category of Piemonte wines. These are the fine Italian wines that are established and manufactured in the region of Piedmont in Italy. 

Moving on, on a small picture, Pink Moscato is a part of Moscato d’Asti wines. These wines are made from Muscat grapes. It is the prime ingredient. Moscato d’Asti wines are DOCG, a.k.a Denominazione Di Origine sparkling wines.

To the reader’s surprise, sparkling wines are fizzy and thus, deliver a contrasting taste, texture and crisp as compared to regular wines. Moscato wine was introduced in 1967 in Italy.

Today, this brand of spirits offers a variety of alcoholic beverages in the market and is bewilderingly famous because of its quirky wine-marking techniques.

Here’s a fun fact, Moscato pink barefoot wine has appeared on the TV screen in 2009 in a music video called “I invented Sex” by the prominent singer of the generation, Drake.

He mentioned the Moscato in one of the verses. Apparently, this leads to improvement in sales statistics of the wine and thus, leads to success at the international level.

Which is the best Pink Moscato?

To find out the best Pink Moscato, let’s take you on the journey of types of Rosé d’Asti and what are their main features:

  • Sutter Home Pink Moscato

Sutter Home is a family of wines. This brand offers the customers to purchase unique and contrasting wines online by examining their best features. Sutter Home rose Moscato comes from California. Recently in 2019, it has been awarded the best East meets West, west coast wine competition. 

Apart from this, it is well-known for its caramel flavor, along with the pairing of peach, melons, strawberry and passion fruit. These combined deliver Sutter home’s rosy Moscato with the advantage of refined and gentle taste.

  • Risata Rosy Moscato

When you are sitting at home and figuring out which is the best pink Moscato for a cocktail. Pick up a Risata rose Md’Asti. Its preeminent flavor complimented by raspberries makes it a perfect cocktail element for pink lemonade mimosa for refreshment on a summer evening. 

As a wine lover, you cannot deny the fact that this rose Moscato by Risata is perfect for a barbeque, brunch or any given celebratory dinner. 

  • Barefoot Pink Moscato 

Pink Moscato by Barefoot in California, U.S.A is definitely a winner for manufacturing wine that goes with your chicken dine. That’s right! Whether you have a juicy takeout from KFC or big ChickenMc, barefoot bubbly sparkling Moscato makes it a fulfilling meal. It contains the aromatic qualities of mandarin oranges and jasmine crash along with a tasteful hint of fruity pomegranate. 

  • Beringer Pink Moscato

This sparkling rosy Moscato is quite different from others. It holds a rosy-pink appearance with a strong aroma of honeysuckle and caramel. You can feel some fresh white peaches with creamy texture dripping down your throat with every sip.

It makes your tongue feel like sipping heaven. It is a high-end competitive drink against the barefoot cellar pink Md’Asti. Although, whichever you choose, you can experience the pleasure that lies in its Rosé appearance and Muscat grapes from Italy. 

What is Pink Moscato’s alcohol content?

Pink Moscato alcohol content limits between 5% and 7%. It mostly depends on which pink Moscato you are preferring. For instance, Sutter home rosy Moscato alcohol content is 10.1%. On the other hand, barefoot pink Moscato alcohol content is 5%. Check out the list below to find out alcohol content in your Rosé Md’Asti:

  • Liberty Creek: 8%
  • Franzia: 12.5%
  • Yellowtail: 7.5%
  • Beringer: 11.5%
  • Gallo Family: 9%
  • Risata: 12%

Rosy Moscato is sweet in taste. It goes with spicy dishes. However, keeping in mind its alcohol percentage, it sets its status as a perfectly fine wine for lunch. It remains also a first-choice of wine during office parties and family gatherings.

To the reader’s surprise, it is a high-end category of wines with a pleasurable side that lies in the fruitiness and creamy texture rather than simply alcohol and its intoxicating impacts.

How many Barefoot Pink Moscato in a glass?

In 5 ounces Pink Moscato, there are approx 127 calories. Thus, in a single glass of Pink M. d’Asti with less than 5 ounces liquidity, you can expect to consume up to 100 calories per glass.

Thus, it is recommendable to drink 1 glass of Pink Moscato with patience. You can prefer to consume 1 glass per hour in order to avoid weight gain. Apart from this, if you are consuming this wine as a side of lunch or dinner, you shall sip it at a slower pace. 

Note: Sutter home pink Moscato calorie limit is 160 grams per 8 ounces. Thus, if you are looking for a low-calorie wine option, this one goes to your favor. 

Is Pink Moscato gluten-free?

In various cases among the wine-prime countries, there are fewer wines that contain gluten. Why? It is because of the fact that the wines are aged in oak-barrels which contain wheat.

In this case, some wheat nutritious qualities including gluten dissolve into wines. Thus, not all but some rare wine brands contain gluten. Luckily, blush Moscato is an entirely gluten-free alcoholic beverage. 

For the reader’s information, a pink Moscato mainly made using muscat grapes, merlot, pinot noir, creamy white peaches, pomegranate, passion fruit, raspberries, berries, red berries, strawberries, and tarts.

It is noteworthy to mention that every brand like Sutter home, risata, and barefoot have their personal ingredients list for the making of Rosé Moscato. For example, Sutter home also gives a touch of caramel and honeysuckle to its blush Moscato.

How do you make Pink Moscato cocktails?

Pink Moscato lemonade: It is a perfect drink to serve at your home party or celebratory cocktail. Let’s find out how to make blush M. d’Asti lemonade:

List of ingredients: 

  • Pink Moscato
  • Lime soda
  • Raspberries
  • Lemonade concentrate (in frozen Rosé texture)

Recipe: Take a large crock jar with open mouth. Pour Rosé Moscato, lime soda, and lemonade concentrate. Stir it well. Add raspberries. Chill it in the refrigerator for 1 hour before the party. Serve chilled.

Sunrise Moscato Mimosa

List of ingredients:

  • Pink Bubbly Sparkling Moscato
  • Orange juice
  • Pomegranate juice
  • Cranberries and orange slices

Recipe: Take a cocktail glass and orange juice to it (only ¾). Now, add pink bubbly sparkling Moscato. Then, pour pomegranate juice into it. Don’t stir, otherwise, there will be no “sunrise-like” appearance.

Garnish the drink with orange slices and cranberries. To the reader’s surprise, by using pink Md’Asti, some bartenders give the drink a three-colored appearance. Exciting, isn’t it?

 General FAQs

  • Is Pink Moscato a rose wine?

Well! Yes, Pink Moscato is a rose wine, however, the actual term used for Rosé Moscato is “blush wine” or “sparkling wine.” more often than not, rose wines are not very crisp in texture.

However, Pink Md’Asti is very crispy and sparkling. Thus, it is known as a blush-sparkling wine. It appears bewilderingly romantic.

  • Can Moscato get you drunk?

Not exactly! In case you are consuming a low quantity of wine per hour, you will not feel very much drunk. However, even in the case of Moscato wines, if you are consuming more than 2 glasses per hour, there’s a chance that you will find yourself under the impact of intoxication. 

Although, the blush Moscato is recommendable in these situations. It is because its alcohol content limit is quite low, I .e.., only 5-7%. 

  • Is Moscato a girl drink?

Again, there’s nothing that makes Moscato much more feminine than any other alcoholic beverage. More often, the stereotype that follows around in various countries is that “whatever’s Rosé, it is a girl thing!” however, that’s not the case with Moscato. 

In other words, we can say that Moscato is a drink that you and your partner can enjoy as a couple. Its low abv level prevents you from the temporary and permanent impacts of alcohol.

Apart from this, it is a perfect drink for a refreshing sunny day. You can enjoy it on the beach on any given day.

  • Is Moscato good for your heart?

In various research studies, the low alcohol by volume of Moscato has been standing as an advantage. Combined with not more than 5-7% alcohol content along with various nutritious fruits, Moscato delivers some health benefits. 

It prevents the body from becoming hypertensive. It also has concluded to improve the heart rate from high to normal. Apart from this, it is also very effective to overcome social anxiety and other mental illnesses.


Barefoot Pink d’Asti comes with a myth. More often people believe that it is called “barefoot” because it is made barefoot and a crushing technique. However, it is not.

Barefoot in rose Moscato is only a brand display method. In this reading, you have found out all the things that you must know about Pink Moscato before drinking it for the first time. We at Alcohol by volume recommend you to choose rosy-colored Moscato based on the ingredients you prefer in a drink. 

“Pink Moscato, the charm is on the way!”

BEER BRAND: Pink Moscato
ABV: 5-7%