What is Merlot Wine?

French refers to it as the little blackbird and one of the most renowned fruit in America is Merlot Red Wine. This unique variety of wine is made up of the deep blue colored grapefruit which is used in the process of blending and mixing for forming numerous types of wines.

The name of this tasty drink took birth from the French name, blackbird. The fruit owns a sense of softness in nature and sappiness that is accompanied by the prior ripening. Due to this same procedure, Merlot turns out to be a superb fruit for mixing and stirring activities.

merlot wine

Wine merlot is mainly the merrily drinking beverage which can be a sole or a group companion with food. It is a wide variety of fruit which is simply approachable plus taken into consideration as the number one red wine.


Attaching weight to the time, when grapes were used in the 1700s era for making wine, with the help of a winemaker who was French and referred to the grape as the finest ingredient for the Bordeaux blend. Well, from this time onwards Merlot received popularity and leading to a lot of production through the ripe grapefruit.

Even after being a famous brand on the internet and hearts of wine lovers, there are still so many questions that are still unanswered. Cite as an example, the fruit grape brought in a broader light towards every region in New York and states of Washington, giving rest to, is merlot a red wine question.

There are some places where the Merlot is not much preferred because of the negative heat it received some years back through a wine-based movie, namely Sideways. However, soon after it has been receiving applauds from millions of people, as it is one of the softest and fair kinds of drinks.


Merlot contains approximately 13% percent of alcohol, however, it can turn one percent more with the kind of environment one is growing in. For instance, in a warm climate like California, Australia, etc can raise the temperature level of the drink as well.


Not forgetting about the merlot wine price range, which begins from $4.99 and over it goes as per the level of quantity served, or in accordance with the bottle.

Nutritional Value

Seeking some knowledge about the calories in merlot wine that will be intake on every sip of wine is eight three calories. Normally, a customary bottle of Merlot which is 750 ml owns up to thirteen percent that further sums up to be five hundred and seventy numbers of calories.

Some of the famous Merlot wine brands are mentioned here below:

Petrus, Pomerol, Bordeaux.

Tenuta dell’Ornellaia, Masseto, Bolgheri, Tuscany.

La Mondotte, St-Emilion 1GCCB, Bordeaux.

Castello di Ama, L’Apparita, Tuscany.

Amuse Bouche, Napa, California.

Duckhorn Vineyards, Three Palms, Calistoga, California.

Conclusively, the best merlot wine depends completely upon the choice of the drinker. 

BEER BRAND: Merlot Wine
ABV: 13.5%

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