In the various fields, there are different types of wine as well. The booze lovers cannot always stick to a specific kind of drink and similarly there is a need to try something new at every hour of the occasion. So, better late than never here is an introduction of one of the most breezy drinks that is Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough.

Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc

Kim Crawford is regarded as the jaunty wine of New Zealand that has the richness of fruit’s sweet and a balanced level of luscious acid that wine lovers will wholeheartedly adore no matter what. The unaltering end is savory and fresh that makes the taste niggling on the tongue with the tangy fragrance alive. It owns some of the featured herbaceous notes that are useful for the lovers of the drink.


The origin of the beverage came in from the founder of the wine, as the brand was named on his name. At this point, the brand Kim Crawford is owned by n number of brands.

The color of the drink is extremely pale yellow with an aroma of herbs, tropical fruits, and citrus fruits. A sense of taste of fresh ripe wine accompanied by the great acidity of the weight and distance terms the palate. There is a tropical flavor of fruits like grapes, melon and passion fruit, thus giving a boost to the Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc Carbs.


All the different characteristics and factors in the variety of fruit flavors, acids involved and convolution of the alcohol have developed the same. For the ones, who are up for the celebration at any hour of the day can pick this drink from the larder, as it is constant for consecutive years.

Pairing Scenes  

Indubitably, there are a lot of foods that can be paired with the drink. Picking some of the best ones would be salads of summer, asparagus, fresh oysters, and lobsters.

Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc Nutrition

As we know, there are contrasting nutritional facts, that need to be known by the drinkers now and then. Like every alcohol, the drink contains 14% alcohol content and some amount of calories, the same way Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc Calories is 490 grams per bootle and twenty-five per serving. For a bottle served of 750 ml, there is an approximate number of four hundred and ninety calories.

Price Range

Well, being a crazy admirer of the beverage the price rate must be on the tips of the followers. Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc price starts from $15.99 and varies with every quantity of bottle.

Stop and try the amazingly tasty sip of the drink!

BEER BRAND: Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc
ABV: 14%

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