7 Moons Red Blend Wine is celebrating its 6th successful survival anniversary while beautifying itself as the Cabernet Sauvignon from California. Initially released in 2015 by Constellation Brands. Inc in California, 7 Moons Wine receives all the attention for its unique brand name and 7 moons’ exaggerated logo. So, the main question stands, Is 7 Moons Wine worth all the attention? You will find out ahead: 

7 Moons Wine

Nowadays, there are more than 10 vintage wineries in the market. Where do 7 Moons stand? There are many qualities that make it a controversial drink, but not in a bad way. Its making procedure is not amateur as classified under Constellations Brands. Inc., the makers of Cooper & Thief and Kim Crawford.

Hence, before you drink 7 Moons Wine, you must have some high expectations. To calm your brainstorming about 7 Moons, here are 10 facts that prove, 7 Moons Wine is genuinely a winner among the Generation Z consumers: 

1. It is not a beverage for Vegans

In the early 2000s, people were obsessed with going vegan because somehow, it was meant to provide a healthier lifestyle. However, when it comes to alcohol consumption, does “vegan” stature matter? Well! If you are planning on 7 Moons Red Blend Wine, you may ask, if it is vegan.

The answer is no. According to the 7 Moons Wine ingredients list, it includes non-vegetarian added substances such as food-grade gelatin, micronized potassium caseinate, and egg albumin. 

Apparently, inside research discloses the fact that non-veg added substances add to the quality of the drink. And, there’s no doubt that meat substances improvise one’s immunity system much quicker than a vegan diet unless your goal is weight loss. 

Hence, in any case, 7 Moons Wine is an authentically non-veg alcoholic beverage that fits Generation Z Alcohol consumers because the idea of going vegan has seen rejection by the people born in the 1990s. 

2. 7 moons wine alcohol content is smooth

As per the labeling, 7 Moons Wine Alcohol Content percentage is only 13.5% which gives you a smooth trip to pleasure. An inside resource confirms that an average wine’s ABV value can be anywhere between 15% to 18% in the United States.

But, having an alcohol content of less than 13.5% makes 7 Moons Wine a less alcoholic drink. You can dive into the taste of 7 Moons without getting too high or struggling through a hangover. 

It is especially a favorite drink among alcohol consumers who take real-time pleasure in wine tasting and discovering notes. For the most part, it is a real trip for them. 

3. What does “Seven” stand for? 

The name, 7 Moons is quite descriptive itself. However, do you know what seven stands for? Well! If you don’t know much about astrology, you may miss the basic concept of 7 Moons Red Blend Wine. But, don’t worry! You are going to find out: 

The logo on the bottle of 7 Moons Wine is 7 phases of the moon in a vertical line. According to “behind the scene” of 7 Moons’ launch, it is indeed a wine that you can preferably drink throughout the year irrespective of the season. It will blend into your taste and preference well.

Another meaning of “seven” in 7 Moons’ reference is that this red blend wine is made using the blend of seven different types of Californian Grape Wine notes including Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Petite Sirah, Merlot, Zinfandel, Malbec, and Grenache Grapes. 

During an interview, the makers of 7 Moons disclosed that all seven Californian grape notes make a perfectly balanced wine which only contains 13.5% of alcohol substance. The world has seen very few quality alcoholic drinks which are not simply about high and hangovers. 7 Moons is a drink that dances on your tongue. 

4. Spoiler Alert: It has strong aromatic qualities

Before you sip the first gulp of 7 Moons Wine, review its aromatic qualities. You will find its aroma very soothing. But, bet you cannot tell all of the substances that make it so good. The reason being, the complexity of 7 Moons Red Blend makes it an elite choice. It holds a strong touch of cherry cola, chocolate cherries, vanilla essence, and baking spices. 

The addition of Baking Spices to 7 Moons Wine makes it a healthier choice for consumers. The reason being, baking spices like cinnamon, ground ginger, cloves, and cardamom are acknowledged for their real-time health benefits.

Hence, next time you are anxious about your alcohol choice, whether it is healthy or not, pick 7 Moons, it has everything you need. 

5. It is rich in Ripe Fruit and jammy

The fact that 7 Moons Wine is filled with rich ripe fruit and jammy makes up for the fact that it is a good red blend wine as compared to any other. Unlike vintage wines, 7 Moons can fill up your need for a smooth, fruity, and tarty flavor, all in a single sip.

The overtones of chocolate and vanilla make the redness of the wine appealing. The question of whether 7 Moons is sweet or dry is common because it contains Cabernet Sauvignon which is dry in taste. 

In 2007, Dave Matthews and Dan Aykroyd gave Cabernet Sauvignon 82 points for tardy and jammy flavors in addition to vanilla and butterscotch. When it comes to 7 Moons Wine, the butterscotch note is replaced with chocolate-covered cherries. But, till today, Cabernet Sauvignon receives more ratings from celebrities than any other wine. 

6. Does it kill your appetite? 

Are you looking for food elements to pair your 7 Moons Wine-complemented dinner with? Here are some amazing choices, you can have 7 moons of wine with a bacon cheeseburger, a Thailand-specialized drink, and/or Mushroom risotto.

Since Seven Moons Red Blend Wine is not all about alcohol but it is about taste, it increases your appetite. In addition to baking spices and toasty oak, it revises your flavor every time you take a sip. 

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BEER BRAND: 7 Moons Wine
ABV: 13.5