Exposure to heavy and non-branded drinks is taking over the world. It is contaminating the consumers all over the place with a high-end intoxicating effect. Well! Quite a problem, isn’t it? What’s the solution? The solution is red wine. However, we are not talking about any non-branded wine. We are bending your taste and preference towards the real-time Cabernet Sauvignon spirit. It is a premier drink to make your day.

This vin ordinaire has its array of prominence at an international level. To the reader’s surprise, it comes from the 1900s which is an uncommonly small time for any newly discovered wine to win over the hearts of alcohol fanatics. What is Cabernet Sauvignon? The question must be pounding in your mind. It is more than a glass of grapes red spirit. It is a classic vino. But, let’s find out more.

Introduction to Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon was first discovered in Bordeaux in southern France. In this city of France, all richly-known wines blend including Cabernet and Merlot. The journey of this exclusive red wine, from France to Europe, Napa Valley, New Zealand, and California had not been long. As per the fact, this red vin ordinaire is made using Sauvignon grapes. These are black and mostly grow in areas with gravel soil.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Today, these grapes grow in France Bordeaux, South Africa, Australia, Santa Cruz Mountains, and Napa Valley. One of the amazing qualities of these grapes is that it gives respective wines different tastes when it comes to different regions.

That’s correct! During a general climate, Cabernet remains dark, solid and tannic. Tannic quality of spirit occurs when there are tannins present in wine. These tannins divulge polyphenols in the wine.

It makes it more bitter, astringence and complex. Hence, when you drink a glass of Sauvignon wine in the general climate, you may experience a dry mouthfeel. It is fun though.

Apart from this, vino made in cool climate contains bell pepper, asparagus, and vegetals. These contents make the vin ordinaire metallic and harsh in taste. In other words, you would feel crisp in your mouth every time you gulp it down.

At last, in medium climate, the spirit is made using mint, bell pepper, and eucalyptus. It divulges essential oils in the drink. It provides an attractive aroma to the wine.

Whereas, in a hot climate, the vin ordianaire contains Jam. Of course, it becomes a heavy drink after the divulgation of Jam because of all the sugary qualities. If you do not know, alcohol and sugar are quite a combination to make a drink complex in nature.

List of Cabernet Sauvignon Brands

Cabernet has become the king of wines. No, not just by quality but also by the variety of flavors and brands. That’s right. To your surprise, you can choose among 15 exclusive flavors of Sauvignon wine with an extreme touch of Cabernet grapes.

  • Joseph Phelps Insignia

Napa Valley’s special 2015 Joseph Phelps is the extreme drink taste of the USA. It runs in the bloodstreams of wine lovers. This wine tops the Sauvignon brands list with its high-end blackberry blending with a combination of cocoa, cassis, cedar, graphites, and tannins. This drink is over 90% cabernet, rest is Merlot and Petit Verdot. It is one of the costly wines with a price range of up to $275. Along with it, its ABV level is higher than average, i.e.., 14.5%.

  • Tenuta San Guido Sassicaia DOC

It is a 2014 Italian vintage Cabernet exclusive vino with a double twist of blackberry and raspberry. It gives a chilling vibe to the soul as it contains baking spices for exotic flavoring. It is a combination of the blending of franc and sauvignon in ratio 1:8 (approx). It costs $160 with an ABV level of 13%.

  • LVE

You cannot make it finish the list of best wines without LVE in it. It is an exclusive cabernet wine from Napa Valley. Do you feel an urge to taste something pinpricked? Well, here is a great alternative. LVE is loaded with black currant fruit and blackberries. It gives a sparky feeling to the soul. It costs $85. It has 15% alcohol content which is higher than other wines.

  • Chateau Mouton Rothschild

France makes the best wines in the world. It is the best of 2015 vin ordinaire France. It has a vintageous flavor with extravasated black fruits and spices. There’s no better wine than one that gives you goosebumps! It is the most expensive cabernet wine with a price range of $650. It contains 14% alcohol content.

  • Château Pichon-Longueville Baron

It comes from the 2015 wine collection from Paullina, France. One of the amazing characteristics of this spirit is that it suits every season when it comes to drinking. Hence, you no longer need to let go off your favorite spirit because it’s summer and it is a winter wine. No! Château Pichon-Longueville Baron is for always and forever. It contains summer berries and winter spices, just so you know the secret behind all-season-drink!

  • Penley Estate Phoenix

It is a pure Cabernet drink with no added verlot, merlot or Franc. It is especially in Coonawarra in Australia. It is a concentrated wine with a complex dark and dense nature. It mainly contains tannins, blackberry, curry spices, and cassis. Above all, it is quite affordable, $17 per bottle.

  • 50 Harvests

50 Harvests drink has a hint of being an old-classic wine. Even though it is a 2014 collection, it contains a robust combination of tar and tea leaves. It has an aroma like raspberry and blackberry fruit pies. Apart from aromatic qualities, its delicate taste is more than tolerable.

  • Robert Mondavi

When it comes to red spirits, it is always an expensive choice that’s better. But, let’s accept the fact that 2016 Robert Mondavi is exceptional. This wine is known for its exact representation of the original taste of Napa Valley. Grapes in use to make Robert Mondavi especially comes from Napa Oakville, Stag Leaps and appellations. You can choose this vino for the exclusive tang of ripe fruits. It is a win among all Cabernet eminence.

  • Penfolds Bin 407

Take it from the long-lasting experience of the alcohol lovers, what is flawed, becomes the definition of best. In other words, Penfolds Bin 407 is flawed with a touch of tobacco; however, it makes it an extreme choice among the drinkers. Tobacco in negotiable amount combined with spices, black currant, and olives make the drink barriable. It soothes the skin.

  • Louis M. Martini

Do you wonder what else amazing cabernet wines come from? Well! These come from Sonoma county near Napa. It is a $20 martini bottle with rich-fruit wine. Its main flavor comes from wild forest fruits. But, that’s not all. It has a finishing of cocoa powder which makes its taste delightful and refreshing.

  • Ancient Peaks

It is called Ancient peak not because it is a historical spirit but yes, it passes for a victory over Paso wines. It contains blackberry, black currant and a touch of soy sauce. Along with it, it also has a note finishing by tobacco, leather, chalky tannins, and dark chocolate. It is too much for one recipe, but without a doubt, it blows in the market for $22 price.

  • Falesco Tellus

It is an epic drinkable wine with a price range as low as $15. It contains blueberry and cranberry aromatic qualities along with mixed flavors of estate fruit. Its finishing is deep. Hence, you can expect a smooth and soft mouthfeel. It adds up an additional flavor of black plum for an exotic sweet finish.

  • Vina Tarapaca Gran Reserva

This upmarket vino is 90% cabernet and only 10% syrah. I bet, before this list, you may have thought that cabernets are expensive drinks. But, this is a vindicate choice for you. It is produced in Maipo Valley. It is a mix of cherry plums, tobacco notes, tannins, vegetals, spices, and black plums. It is all in one with an affordable price range.

  • Obsidian Ridge Half-Mile

If you think that the sauvignon grapes varietal goes any lower than 90% in any of the listed drinks. This is the end. Because half a mile contains only 80% sauvignon and rests it contains Sirah and Verdot. It is a graceful drink with spices notes, plum (various flavors), oak notes, blackberry, and chocolate. It tastes as if heaven has dripped down into your body. It is mainly produced in Lake County.

  • DAOU Vineyards Reserve

When do you think your day could not be any better? We present 2016 DAOU spirit with over 70% cabernet and rest Verdot and merlot. It is quite prominent for its Paso alike flavor. It contains olives, mushrooms, cedar, black plum, cherry, and spice notes. It gives you compassion to compliment the beauty of nature and what it presents for the tongue-pleasure of wine lovers.

Note: all 15 given brands of Sauvignon wines are internationally available. Yet, the ABV level of all the brands can be different. It is recommendable to check the average ABV level of these wines before making a choice.

What is Cabernet Sauvignon Alcohol content?

Cabernet ABV level limits up to 13.5%. Wines like joseph Insignia, Mouton Rothschild, LVE, Vineyards Reserve, Penley Estate phoenix, Half a mile, Robert Mondavi, 50 Harvests, Penfolds Bin 407, and Ancient Peak may contain alcohol content more than 13.5%. Its maximum limit is up to 16%. It is still an average ABV percentage for a wine. Thus, you can choose whichever wine without any high alcohol content risk of damage.

How many Cabernet Sauvignon Calories in a bottle?

Cabernet calories amount to 123 grams per serving. Hence, one bottle of cabernet drink contains up to 650 calories (approx). Hence, if you are following a diet, it is recommendable to drink not more than 1 serving of sauvignon vino per hour.

Apart from this, calories limit also may depend on different cabernet sauvignon brands. Some wines of respective brands contain sugary natural content like fruits. Especially, the drinks manufactured in a hot climate contains jam as the main ingredient. Thus, it is safe to expect calories more than 650 per bottle. The above-given calorie limit is only an average limit.

How many cabernet sauvignon carbs in a bottle?

Cabernet Sauvignon carbs limit up to 5 grams per serving. Hence, in one bottle of this wine, you can expect over 25 grams of carbs. It is an acceptable carbs limit that does not lead to an over-the-top weight gain. If you are following a diet, it is recommendable to drink not more than 1 glass of wine per hour. It gives enough time and energy for the human body to digest.

Is Cabernet Sauvignon gluten-free?

Wines are healthy for the skin. It allows the human body to drink without confronting the impact of alcohol content. Apart from this, the main question that majorly rises is whether the cabernet is gluten-free or not! Well! It depends on the brand of sauvignon that you are preferring.

As mentioned earlier, some cabernet wines contain oak barrels, spices notes, and tobacco. Hence, there is a chance that oak barrels sealed with wheat paste. Thus, wheat passes gluten qualities into the wine. Thus, if you prefer a diet in the context of gluten, you must check the ingredients before opting for any wine.


But, at this point, it must be clear that this wine comes in various categories with a variety of price ranges. Exciting, is not it? Well! Are you ready to order your first sauvignon? Before you do, do not forget to catch up on the right cabernet sauvignon pronunciation. It is pronounced as kab-er-nay soh-VIN-Yohn (Kabernay sohvinyohn).

This astounding wine is ready to take you to the parallel world of pleasure. It exposes your tastebuds to the international flavor of blackberries, plums, wild fruits, and most of all spices, dark chocolate and notes of tobacco. It is heaven in your head and real-time experience at your hand. Enjoy it to the fullest.

BEER BRAND: Cabernet Sauvignon
ABV: 13.5%

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