I wasn’t quite a fan of wines. I am not anymore sticking to my favoritism as the range of Apothic Red wine has helped me to evolve in the context of alcohol. We all desire to make better and exclusive choices when it comes to alcoholic beverages. I have made mine. Today, at this platform by the means of Alcohol by Volume, I am presenting all the things you need to know about the blended wine, RED!

What wine comes with rich red blends? Well! Apothic comes first in this race because it contains the real-time qualities of the intangible asset, a.k.a a positive influence.

That’s right! In actual fact, Apothic red wine attracts immense influence on social media via celebrities, bloggers, alcohol lovers and whatnot. 

What is Apothic Red Blend? Are you curious to know? Let’s not hold back and start with a brief introduction. Take a glimpse:

What is Apothic Red Wine?

apothic red wine

By the official definition, Apothic Red wine is a smooth red wine with a hint of intrigue. From the hand-picked blackberries to vanilla and mocha finishing, this exclusive spirit has brought the world closer to grasping pleasure in dry liquors. Like Hollywood says “RED WINE FOR WHEN I WAS NAUGHTY!” 

For our readers’ information, the branded spirits Apothic were introduced by the E & J Gallo Winery in the 2000s. You would be surprised to acknowledge that till 2020, this respective winery has introduced or taken over more than eighty branded wines.

Without a doubt, the successful journey of the E & J Gallo wine production is full-on suspicious, yet, inspiring for the members of the alcohol industry. 

Coming to the point, Apothic also has five varieties of wines available. One of them is Apothic red. As the founders of this wine mentions, ‘it is anything but ordinary.’ Indeed it is. 

What are the different types of Apothic Red wines?

Originally, Apothic is acknowledged for its power-infusing red blend wines. Although, it matters which wine you are choosing. That’s right! Red blend that’s available in six different flavors, it’s your lucky day! Let’s countdown these flavors of the Red Blend Wine:

  • CRUSH: Made with Passion

When you don’t feel like going for an adventure, the Apothic crush makes you feel passionate and refreshed. It has a genteel flavor that allows you to take pleasure in its light taste and caramel aroma.

No wine can beat Apothic for a decent spirit as it contains ripe berries and raspberry jam to balance a sweet-exotic flavor for the drinker. 

With a full-body spirit, it has a much-dry mouthfeel that enhances your craving for a late-night appetite. PERFECT for a refreshing weekend!

  • Sparkling Red

Sparkling Red flavor of Apothic promotes “A sparkling red that breaks the rules” Era for the lovers of alcohol. Well! Who does not like breaking decent rules once in a while? Today, break your rule with this sparkling wine that is complemented with bright cherries.

This hip-happening spirit gives you a crispy feeling in the mouth due to the blending of fresh apples. UMM! Nutritious… not only this, zingy citrus delivers a tangy flavor that you appreciate for a longer time. 

With the introduction of this sparkling liquor, the coming generation will remain pleased and satisfied.

  • CAB

Have you ever tasted a mysterious Cabernet? If not, it is time to get your hands on the real-time Apothic CAB that gives you chills! It is known for its smooth and immense taste corresponding to the Cabernet wine.

With its high-end hinting of jammy dark fruit, you can take pride in California’s best nutritional fruity-liquids. 

The drink treats your nose with the aromatic qualities of vanilla. It pours down into the wine glasses like a silky red spirit. With its bold full-body, you can achieve a pleasing dry mouthfeel.

  • RED

This flavored wine is known as the treasure of alcohol fascination. Do you know? Apothic red is the major pride of the founder. It is called the legendary apothic wine.

It is because of its black cherry and dark red fruit caliber. You can enjoy this exclusive wine to experience a refreshing summer evening at the beach. Alongside this, you can also take Apothic to your date on a snowy night. It is suitable in every situation of intimacy. 

Aforementioned, it treats your sense of smell with a smooth aroma of vanilla and mocha. BOLD!


Apothic Red Winemaker’s blend presents the INFERNO. This red wine is glamorized with the barreling method. That’s right! Wine made using whiskey, that’s a little intriguing. Indeed, the founders of the brand call it “WINE with a WHISKY Soul.” I would agree with that. 

Do you know? Apothic Inferno wine ages in a whiskey charred barrels for two months. It gives the ride a touch of the cocktail. It is the first-ever Apothic cocktail that comes in a bottle.

Apart from this, inferno also contains both red and dark fruits that make it taste like heaven. The smooth touch of charred spices allows the consumer to recognize the roaring fire in their heart and mind.

  • DARK

Akin to the dark knight, this flavored red wine presents a chocolate sensation. Yes! With combined tasting notes of coffee, dark chocolate, blueberries and blackberries, you can count yourself in for a gloomy glass of drink.

The Apothic Dark attracts alcohol consumers for a strong and relaxful drinking night. It is a complete package drink for your celebratory day. Go for it!

  • BREW

Don’t want Apothic red smooth, yet, desire for something lighter than Apothic Dark, here’s Apothic Brew for you. Land your cravings on Brew by Apothic which is a red blend infused with cold brew coffee.

This wine is chilled as compared to the others. It contains the aroma of oaks, that too, toasted. In the form of chief tasting notes, it contains coffee and red fruit. 

  • Apothic Rose

Are you craving for a smooth pinkish red-wine? It is time to grasp your hands on Apothic rose, the fine strawberry wine that compliments your mouthfeel with dry, yet, vibrant.

The tasting notes of raspberry and watermelon make the drink highly preferred for decent celebratory occasions like formal office gatherings.

  • White

This glamorized white wine is a rare drink at Apothic. It is the first-ever product by the founding winery that contains floral aromatic qualities. It contains peach and apricot that makes it a light body wine with the dry mouthfeel.

What is Apothic Red Alcohol Content?

Are you looking for a low-alcohol content wine? Today, you are in for a treat. It is because the Apothic red wine alcohol percentage amounts to 13.1%. As compared to other high-end expensive wines, Apothic red wine reviews as a reasonable alternative. 

To the reader’s surprise, being a completely blended wine with a touch of whiskey, the founders of Apothic branded wines have managed to make the spirit low on alcohol, yet, tasteful.

For a healthy drinking routine, it is recommendable to drink one shot/glass per hour. It allows the body to digest alcohol content to avoid the delivery of the content into bloodstreams. It may lead to BAC, blood alcohol concentration.

How much Apothic Red calories per bottle?

As per the nutritional chart of Apothic Red, it contains 122 calories per glass. One bottle of the wine contains a volume capacity of 4 glasses (not full). Thus, you can expect an approximate consumption of 500 calories per bottle.

Alcohol medical experts mention that an alcohol consumer must prefer to drink low-calorie wines. If not available, one can prefer drinking 1 glass per 1 hour and 20 minutes to avoid any impact on the physique. 

Is Apothic Red gluten-free wine?

Yes! Apothic red wine is a gluten-free alcohol beverage. The main official website of the Apothic confirms so. It only contains ingredients such as charred spices, dark fruits, red fruits, dark chocolate, coffee, mocha, and vanilla.

On any given occasion, you can serve your valuable guests or clientele with previous Apothic Red wine. With its gluten-free quality, it contains zero risks of celiac disease (which is common in alcohol). 

How to drink Apothic red wine?

Well! Well! When it comes to wines, more often the consumers feel embarrassed to order a wine ‘chilled’ when it is not supposed to be drunk chilled. On other occasions, you get your wine warm and non-chilled which makes it taste weird. 

To avoid the same awkward moments while ordering Apothic red blend wine, people ask “do you drink Apothic red chilled?” The answer is NO! The Apothic official website and my personal experience speak that this exclusive wine tastes best when drunk at room temperature.

General FAQs

  • What food goes with Apothic Red?

Aforementioned, Apothic wines are generally dry. Thus, there are selected food items that go with it. Our snacks items include snacks with blue cheese, most prominent are stilton. You can also go for a dark chocolate pudding, desserts, cakes, and brownies. In California, consumers also prefer roasted figs and corn chips.

  • Is Apothic red wine sweet or dry?

Take it as something sweet as well as dry. That’s right! Apothic wine gives a sweet taste to the tongue. Yet, it compliments mouth with a dry sensation. As per the recipe of Apothic wine, it contains residual sugar that makes it sweet. 

It is noteworthy to mention that residual sugar is one of the most common ingredients in red wines. Without a doubt, we all expect our red wines to taste sweet somewhere to distinguish it with our regular whiskey. 

  • How much is Apothic Red?

Are you looking for an Apothic red price online? For your information, one bottle of Apothic wine costs $9.99 in the United States. In India, it costs approximately 700 INR which is a very reasonable price. You can find Apothic red in any nearby beer and wine shop. 

  • What is a good red wine for a beginner?

If you are drinking wine for the first time and your body is not capable of handling alcohol content as high as 40%. You must go to Apothic wine. It is a high-end wine with a sweet taste. It contains only 13.9% alcohol content that makes it a more attractive and healthy choice. 

You can choose Apothic Red that is bold. For a smooth taste, you can prefer Apothic Crush. Apart from this, you can choose the Apothic inferno if you want a mixed whiskey flavor with wine. 

  • What does Apothic Red taste like?

Trying to compare apothic wine taste… you must consider its well-acknowledged fruity qualities. Apart from this, you can assume its taste is a little similar to Merlot. Merlot is a very famous red wine. 

Only apothic is complemented with a little touch of mocha and vanilla that makes a rare combination. Any experienced alcohol consumer would choose the affordable apothic red over Merlot or Chardonnay

  • What does the word Apothic mean?

The word Apothic comes from the American furniture category called Apothecary. However, on the north side of the US, apoth stands for silly. Yet, the experts compare the word Apothic with Aphotic which means “unfathomable depth” a.k.a something deep and mysterious. 


Apothic has been enjoying its success among the young generation. It has shelled the alcohol industry with its world-class categories of dry wines with full and light bodies.

Choose your Apothic wine wisely. For more information, you can reach out to us on Alcohol by volume comment section. At this platform, we ensure that it provides you 100% true information.

“With Apothic, treat your lifestyle better!”

ABV: 13.5%