List of The Best Wine In India

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Wine in India is still majorly an undiscovered world, so only the most interested individuals show any interest in the basic quality and taste of actual wine.

India still isn’t well-versed with the production of vintage wine, that’s why even prime quality wines in India still tastes very similar to each other even though the year of production is different. The major reason for this issue is, in India, most wines aren’t stored long enough to acquire a distinctive taste that can help distinguish the difference between one another.

But with time India has become much more experienced in production, the quality of wine and wineries here are developing magnificent specimens for some time now. 

Here are a few of the magnificent wines that are currently considered the best wine in India.


This wine is produced in the York Winery of Nashik Valley, Maharashtra. This wine is developed by a younger winemaking group and it contains and an insufficient blend of York winery’s best grapes like Cabernet Sauvignon (45%) and Shiraz (55%), it is one of the best red wine in India.


The wine is aged 13 months in French and American oak and after that about 12 months within a bottle before releasing it to the market. This delicacy has a prominent note of vanilla due to it’s aging in American oak, and along with that there are bright fruits added to it such as cherries, raspberries, and strawberries, it also contains Indian cinnamon spice.

Before consuming this particular wine it should be opened and relaxed. The York ARROS is mostly paired up with heavy foods such as Indian cuisines or Italian cuisines because it contains about 14.3% alcohol. 



This wine is also known as Rasa Shiraz, it is a complex and powerful solution. This wine is best served at 16° Celsius because it is aged for 12 months within premium French oak barrels and later matured in glass bottles before discharge.

This red wine Sula Rasa was made to be served with Gouda Parmesan cheese, barbeque, and chocolate. To properly enjoy the aroma of this wine it should be uncorked at least 30 minutes before serving to help make it decent.

The Sula Vineyards winery in Nashik Valley produces this delicacy. The general bottle size is 750 ml with an alcohol content of 13%.


This wine is a luxurious delicacy that has the scent of berries, plums and dark cherries which is fused along with black pepper and cocoa. This wine is boiled in medium and has a slightly dry texture due to the soft tannins.


Big Banyan can be easily paired with light Indian dishes, pasta, grilled veggies, and grilled meats which don’t have too many spices in them.

4) Four Seasons Barrique, Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

The Four seasons Barrique red wine from Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon is quite popular in India due to the magnificent infusion of soft tannins and rich fruity berries along with black currants and vanilla spices.

Four Seasons Barrique, Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

To enjoy this beautiful delicacy properly it has to be served at a temperature of 18 to 20 degrees Celsius and can be paired with roasted or grilled vegetables, a platter of aged delicious ham, or any aged expensive cheese.

This red wine is quite a robust concoction and will easily go with any Indian food items.

5) SDU DEVA, Cabernet Sauvignon

SDU DEVA comes in a sleek black elegant bottle and is significantly popular amongst wine lovers. This wine is produced in the SDU winery close to Nandi Valley near Bangalore, Karnataka.

SDU DEVA Cabernet Sauvignon

SDU DEVA wine is aged in premium French oak barrels which gives it a spicy flavor perfect to be consumed with lighter Indian cuisines. An elegant masterpiece with strong notes of tobacco, dark fruits and toffee, along with that it also has a hint of soft tannins which gives it a smooth silky finish.

This wine has a stunning Ruby red color and it pairs brilliantly with fruits, cheese, grilled veggies some light Indian food items. 

6) Chateau D’ori Cabernet Merlot

This wine has a dark red lustrous Ruby color which gives the impression of depth and flavor. The  Chateau D’ori Cabernet Merlot red wine has a dryer texture with concentrated fruity flavor due to the infusion of blackcurrant, BlackBerry, fig, Cherry, and it also comes with medium acidity.

The wine also has slite notes of leather, cedar, and vanilla. This wine can be perfectly paired with strong spicy, smoky and heavy Indian cuisines or even barbeque, especially due to its strong masculine personality.

This is a  Bordeaux style wine that contains an asymmetrical combination of softer tannins of the Merlot grapes and strong tannins Carbernet grapes, which helps in producing a beautiful rich aromatic wine.


This rose-colored lustrous wine is a proportionately well-balanced concoction of black pepper flavors and raspberry. This is one of the most delicious and cheapest foreign wines that can be purchased in India with just INR. 1189.


This wine is produced in Santiago, Maule Valley, Chile. The production procedure of this wine is complicated, first, the must is kept in contact with low temperatures to help extract aromas and color before it is left for fermentation.

After that, the must is fermented within stainless steel tanks with the help of premium quality yeast in the midst of controlled temperature. Then the solution is left for days within oak barrels to let it macerate to help extract tannins.

And before bottling the Sol De Chile Syrah Merlot red wine is filtered and stabilized carefully to retain its integrity. This wine is generally paired with meat items, especially red meat.

8) Seagram’s Nine Hills

The Seagram’s brand is one of the best wine brands in India, and its product the Nine Hills has become quite popular in this country. The Nine Hills has a unique fruity flavor due to that it can be perfectly paired with spicy, dry, and deep-fried Indian food items.

Seagram’s Nine Hills

This wine also has different flavor options such as Cherry and strawberry. The wine has notes of cherry, vanilla, and strawberry into it, with a long memorable aftertaste due to its spicy flavor.

9) Chateau d’Ori Merlot

This wine is produced in the Chateau d’Ori winery and it is one of their most popular flavors. This wine is made of special kinds of grapes such as the Cabernet Sauvignon and the Merlot that is why this wine has a distinctive flavor and beautiful aroma.

The reason for such a beautiful aroma of this wine is due to the storing process, as it is aged in premium oak barrels.

This is one of the best red wine in India online available and can be purchased directly from the retail distributors.

10) Grover La’ Reserve

Grover La’ Reserve

Grover La’ Reserve is developed by the Grover Zampa brand which is one of the most reputed wineries in India. This wine is developed in the region of Nashik and made of premium quality Shiraz grapes which are delivered from the cabernet sauvignon, a French winemaker Bordeaux.

This is a premium quality wine perfect for classic parties and can be paired nicely with biryani, kebabs and soft cheese. The wine has notes of vanilla, coffee beans and chocolate flavor which is added along with the pure ingredients.

This wine has an amazing quality and tastes phenomenal due to the utilization of pure and simple ingredients.Red wine is the epitome of class and beauty that is why the combination of its color, flavor, and texture is extremely essential to be considered delicious.

India has produced several delicious wines since the 90s, and the above mentioned are the best red wine in India. Wines in India are specially developed so that it can be paired perfectly with the heavy and spicy Indian flavors.

The depth of flavor in these wines is due to its fermentation in different kinds of oak barrels which helps each wine taste different. India utilizes imported French and American oak barrels for fermentation and the process can only be done in the areas which enjoy a moderate climate.