Everything You Need To Know About The White Russian Cocktail

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I bet, everyone’s mood gets more pleasant and amusing when Russian tang adds to the day. Yes! Today, we are talking about no other than the White Russian Cocktail that has trending akin to a blaze among the drinkers who find pleasure in the night.

The grizzled White Russian recipe has an infinite number of searchers, however, very few percentages of the users find out “How to make a white Russian drink” properly. Although, the White Russian recipe might be available at various platforms.

But, before you make it, you need to know all the things and facts about the White Russian Cocktail. Are you ready? Collect all your inspiration to make white Russian today, because, by the end of this blog, you will know it. Let’s start.

Introduction to the White Russian Cocktail

The White Russian Cocktail is a legendary alcoholic beverage that imparts the occasion of alcohol consumers with a long-lasting memory of satisfaction. To the reader’s surprise, the White Russian was indeed a black Russian cocktail that was introduced in the 1900s.

In 1965, in California, the world-class and very prominent white Russian was discovered when a bartender from Oakland Tribune had crowned the drink with white cream. In the history of the White Russian cocktail, it caught real-time attention of consumers from different corners of the world in 1998 when the movie The Big Lebowski introduced drink in one of the scenes.

To the readers who are going to check out the scene, the protagonist in the movie called the drink “Caucasian.” The name defines the quality and color of the White Russian drink aka European and white. Let’s learn how to make a perfect white Russian cocktail for an over-the-hills pleasure of night.

How to make a White Russian Cocktail?

how to make a white russian

To make a white Russian cocktail, first of all, gather the significant white Russian ingredients. Follow the below list of ingredients that are added in a White Russian cocktail.

  • Rocks glasses (as per the number of drinkers in the room)
  • Ice Cubes
  • Absolut Vodka (you can use other as per your taste and preference)
  • Coffee liqueur (if you are allergic to vodka)
  • Kahlua (Mexico famous Coffee-flavoured Liqueur)
  • Whip Cream OR
  • Vanilla Ice cream (for exotic and sweet flavor)

What’s in White Russian in different Bars?

In the context of cream, you can replace whip cream with Irish eatable cream, they called it Blind Russian. Some famous bars also use skimmed milk to give White Russian a skinny texture. Apart from this, prominent and creativity bartenders from all over the world, also replace cream with chocolate milk, they call it Dirty Russian aka dark flavor of White Russian drink.

Now, let’s take a glimpse of:

The best White Russian Recipe. Are you ready with all the ingredients? Let’s prepare—

  • Step1: Take a rock glass and put some countable number of ice cubes in it. Remember, it shall fill 50% to 70% of the glass.
  • Step2: Take 2 fluid ounces of Absolut Vodka (Grey Goose is recommendable) and pour it into the glass.
  • Step3: Take 1 fluid ounce of coffee-flavored liqueur (or Kahlua) and pour it into the glass.
  • Step4: Crown the glass filling with heavy cream or Irish cream (whichever you prefer).
  • Step5: Take a straw and stir it well.
  • Step6: Your White Russian drink is ready.

For those readers who are following a fat-less diet. You can replace cream with skimmed milk, soymilk or toned milk. For instance, in White Canadian Goat’s milk has been used. You can also follow the same while applying the recipe for White Russian.

Amazing facts about the White Russian Cocktail

  • Diner’s Club Drink Book: Well! The White Russian is no original drink. Indeed, it is quite famous. As per the history of the liqueur industry, the White Russian drink never introduced or discovered officially. It is because, in reality, the White Russian cocktail comes from the Diner’s Club Drink book in the 1960s. It was mentioned like the Black Russian with an additional topping of cream. In the menu, the footnote said: “after the addition of dairy products, the drink would be called White Russian.”
  • Obscurity phase for the White Russian: Back in the times, the White Russian cocktail’s prominent was quite limited to European bars and cities. However, the movie “The Big Lebowski” advertises the drink with the name of caucasian. It meant to highlight the regional origin of the drink. As per the movie script, the actor called “The Dude” had drunk the White Russian over 8 times. He also took a trip to the store to find cream. It helped the viewers from all over the world to become more attentive for its unique White Russian recipe and of course, the cream sweet-sour classic taste of the gone world. 
  • A warm version of the White Russian: In some regions, the warm version of the White Russian is favorable in the winter. How to prepare a hot white Russian? It is very simple. Take 4 fluid ounces of coffee (brewed), 2 fluid ounces of Kahlua, 2 ounces of milk (skimmed or chocolate) and 1 fluid ounce Absolut Vodka or Grey Goose and whipped cream. Take a saucepan and pour all the given ingredients. Once, it is warm and aromatic, pour it into a mug and serve it to the guests and enjoy the wintery view.
  • White Russian Frozen version: If you are first time acknowledging to White Russian frozen, you may have goosebumps because it frozen sounds WOW!! What’s in White Russian Frozen version? To be precise about the history, Ben & Jerry Ice cream flavor that has been retired is called the White Russian Cocktail ice cream. In white Russian Frozen Ice cream, the usual white Russian recipe is followed. The only difference is that cream is replaced with dark coffee ice cream flavor. You can also explore your taste by using vanilla ice cream flavor or espresso-fudge chips. 
  • White Russian—combo of White Canadian and White Mexican: White Russian has been part of big international controversy which has of course given some uncountable attention to the drink. Indeed, White Russian has been called a combination of the White Canadian cocktail and white Mexican cocktail. Why? This is because White Russian contains both the main ingredients of white Canadian and white Mexican aka goat’s milk and Horchata (a milk beverage from Mexico) respectively. Although, the international sensation on this subject calmed down soon. Thank God! And as a result, the prominence of White Russian survived and grew. 
  • White Russian is not Russian at all!: When you hear white Russian, you may generally assume that it originally comes from Russia. However, that’s not right! White Russian has no connection with Russia. It originally comes from an old-fashioned drink modification called Black Russian. As mentioned earlier, it is called white Russian because dairy products like cream or milked are added to the Black Russian. Although, it is noteworthy to mention that the Black Russian had been introduced by a Belgian Bartender. He had given a tribute to the American Ambassador to Luxembourg. It indeed excites everyone!

What is the alcohol percentage of the White Russian?

White Russian is a Cocktail. It is quite common that the cocktail contains numerous liqueurs. Similarly, the White Russian cocktail contains 2 kinds of liqueurs which make it a strong drink. Hence, the drinkers need to consider knowing the Alcohol by Volume of the White Russian before consuming it. If you order the White Russian Cocktail in a Bar, make sure either it is 80 proof or 48 proof Vodka.

What’s the alcohol content of White Russian? ABV of White Russian Cocktail 48 proof limits to 24% per shot. Alcohol consumers who prefer the taste of prominent White Russian, please keep in mind to take it slow. It is without a doubt an amazing drink with a tang of coffee, chocolate and whip cream. However, a combination of two liqueurs can go beyond your capacity to handle alcohol.

Are there calories in the White Russian Cocktail?

Men and women with more attentive nature towards physical fitness may not prefer the White Russian Cocktail as a regular drink. It is because there are quite high calories in a White Russian Drink. That’s correct! If our readers anyway feel discomfort in losing physical fitness or fear going out of shape, you should not prefer the White Russian. In one drink of White Russian, there are 500 grams of calories.

The aesthetic appearance of the White Russian Cocktail

The White Russian cocktail has an aesthetic appearance. In the world, the White Russian is quite prominent for its exquisite flavor along with an attractive appearance. It has many chemistries and controversies related to it.

From the Big Lebowski to the combo of white Canadian and Mexican international controversies, the White Russian has generated a delightful desire among the worldwide alcohol consumers. The crowning of the White Russian Cocktail with heavy cream gives it a 3-layered look—the liqueur, the milk, and crown of heavy cream.

This Old-fashioned glass filled with Kahlua and Tia Maria for the expensive flavor of coffee-liqueur. The classical display for ice-cube rocks in the rock glasses top its world-class layout.

Are there carbohydrates in the White Russian Cocktail?

Are you not willing to control your appetite while drinking? Luckily! The White Russian is the best alternative for you. The source of amazement here is that the White Russian cocktail has 12.2 grams of carbs per drink. The A-rated White Russian falls in the list of healthy cocktail that helps one to control insulin level and helps to lose weight. It burns unwanted fat from the human body that puts an exquisite effect in the shape.

Among alcohol consumers, high blood pressure is common. It prevents alcohol consumers to taste the best cocktails in the world and explore. However, that seems impossible. Now, with the White Russian, you can enjoy the tang of the White Russian cocktail that has low carbohydrates.

It is as low as 12.2 grams per glass of the White Russian Cocktail without rushing your blood pressure any higher. The White Russian cocktail helps to reduce the potential risk of high blood pressure. It drops down the high blood pressure to low, and balance it to neutral.

Don’ts and Do’s of “How to make a White Russian drink?”

List of Do’s

  • Ingredients measurement: While making the White Russian, take a proper measurement of the white Russian ingredients as per the recipe. You can always increase or decrease the fluid ounces of liqueurs and vodka as per taste. But, do it at your own risk.
  • Quality Liqueur: Always remember that making a White Russian Cocktail is not a formality. It an expression of love towards the creativity of the discoverer. Thus, it is recommendable to choose the best quality liqueurs and Vodka to experience the best.

List of Don’ts

  • Do not try to make it zero Fat Drink: Yes! to the readers who are following a low-carb diet, it is recommendable to use milk. However, do not make it a zero-fat diet by using no cream. It would ruin the original flavor of the drink that is the creative discovery of Belgian bartender.
  • A long night with the White Russian is a NO! The White Russian Cocktail is a heavy and boozy cocktail. It is quite a complex drink with an intoxication effect. Hence, it is recommendable for the readers to not start a longlasting and sober-demanded night with the White Russian cocktail. The White Russian contains coffee-liqueur which has caffeine that can double the intoxication effect.


The White Russian has the amazing touch of coffee-flavor that creates a unique liqueur for the consumers to enjoy. It has a hint of Belgian dairy that generates a cream-like texture of the drink. It feels like you are sipping on a cold coffee.

“Good luck with the exquisite cocktail in the world—The White Russian!”

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