What Is Soju Alcohol Content And History About Soju

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The fundamental element of soju is rice, quite often in the mix with different fixings, for example, wheat, grain, or sweet potatoes. Soju is clear-hued and soju alcohol content regularly differs from 10% to 25%. It was first known to have been refined around 1300 A.D.

Soju is the best-known of alcohol from Korea. It is refined, vodka-like, rice alcohol with high intensity and regularly enhanced also. It is smooth and clean in taste, which makes it simple to drink in blend with different Korean dishes.

In the event that you haven’t known about it, well at that point you have a vulnerable side since it’s been the top of the soju drink on the planet, as indicated by CNN.

Maybe that shouldn’t come as amazement considering South Koreans drink a normal of 13.7 shots of alcohol every week, more than anyplace else around the world.

Soju is what could be compared to the Japanese purpose. So, Jinro is known to be the biggest maker of soju which recorded a clearance of 70 million cases in 2004. During that year, only south Koreans people have consumed around 3 billion a soju bottle.

As a result of its prepared accessibility and its low value with respect to other mixed drinks, soju drink has turned out to be one of the most well-known mixed refreshments in both Korea and Asian eateries and bars off seas.

Soju cocktail, for example, lemon, watermelon soju, and apple are known to be famous. Likewise, other mixed drinks that are prevalent from Korea are its mekjus (Beers); OB, Hite, and Cass.

Soju is presumably the most prominent soul that most Americans know besides nothing about. Many individuals consider it the Korean form of purpose. Packaging of the soju bottle can differ in terms of alcohol as low as 16 percent and as high as 53 percent. There’s additional variety in its principle fixings.

Preparation theory of Soju drink

soju drink

Soju is regularly made with rice as a base, but in 1960 there was a shortage of rice that occurred so rice was banned to use in production Soju Drink, therefore, they started using starched like sweet potatoes, wheat or grain.

Even though the ban was not for a longer time but soju makers keep looking for an alternative to make the drink more innovative and tasty. If you want to prepare your own soju you can follow the below steps:

Stage 1: To blend your very own soju liquor, you should initially absorb 2 cups white rice water for 60 minutes, at that point steam.

Stage 2: Once cooked, place the rice in a sealable holder and include 4 cups of cold water, yeast, and 8 tablespoons of Nuruk compound, which is sold explicitly for making rice wine.

Stage 3: Stir the blend two times every day for seven days, at that point let it be as it is for fourteen days.

Stage 4: When prepared, strain the blend, and pour two cups of water through the strainer into the fluid.

Stage 5: Lastly, break up 4 tablespoons of sugar in your drink and serve fantastic Soju alcohol Content!

Ways to consume Soju drink

Well, there are many different ways to consume Soju alcohol Content, there is no doubt in that. Like wine, soju is intended to be overwhelmed with food, and the other way as well.

Some people served as neat with a variety of meats. Some prefer in the form of cocktail, Soju cocktail is also famous all over the world.

when we use it as cocktails since it’s around 20-percent ABV, sits somewhere close to wine and harder alcohol like gin and bourbon as far as strength.

The way of serving soju is traditionally varying. you never pour your own soju; it’s constantly expanded as a common beverage. For the main beverage, a mostly older person from the gathering will start pouring some soju drink into a shot glass and hand it to you.

You take that shot glass with two hands, turn your face to the side so you aren’t looking at the individual who gave you the glass and shoot it.

After the main drink, glasses are filled again at whatever point they’re finished with the left one, and individuals pass the Soju bottle around the table. You can taste it in the event that you need, however shooting it is increasingly normal.

Various types of Soju drink in the market

Refined Soju Drink

Customary soju drink marks all fall into this classification. Initially, soju was refined and packaged with no different strides to the procedure to deliver a, for the most part, well-refine rice wine with a high liquor content.

The normal ABV of a refined soju liquor is around 25%, making it a moderately solid soul when taken in enormous sums as it as a rule as.

Not all brands in South Korea offer a straight refined adaptation of soju any longer as the lighter spirits are winding up progressively mainstream, however, you can, in any case, discover it with a portion of the more conventional fermenting organizations.

Modified/ Diluted Soju drink

Diluted soju is made similarly as refined soju with the exemption that water is added to lower to liquor content. At the outset brewers would just lower the ABV of soju alcohol Content percentage is 20%, more deliberate Koreans are searching for an even lower content, moving a few brewers to make the ABV as low as 14%.

The transition to bring down liquor substance of numerous brands of soju makes it progressively drinkable. Modified soju drink can be a progressively charming tasting soul that you can take all through supper without overdrinking.

Mixed drink Soju / Cocktail

To satisfy the need for increasingly delightful drinks the world over, soju is now and again delivered with fruity flavors.

These are called mixed drink soju and keeping in mind that they are not extremely mainstream all over the place, they are increasing some friction in South Korea and in the US.

Since the kind of a plain soju is extremely sensitive, blending it with juices can once in a while cover the genuine beverage itself and transform it into, best case scenario a light vodka substitute.

By making an enhanced soju/soju cocktails from the begin, blending isn’t important and soju taste is uncompromised.

Variety wise in soju drink, you can get Tokki, Yobo, Hwa Yo 23, Hwa Yo 41.

Benefits of drinking Soju

The advantages of drinking soju of a kind eastern liquor extend from stroke avoidance to ear health issues:

  • Analysts have discovered that at any rate one beverage of Soju liquor every day averted strokes.
  • Blending this alcohol well with water is taken to help with puke and other stomach related issues.
  • Remotely, this liquor is utilized to help break down ear blockage.
  • Blending it with salt is taken to diminish chest torment, chocking, swelling, and irritation.
  • This solid alcohol is additionally prescribed as a treatment for looseness of the bowels/ diarrhea and excretory framework issues.

Cost of Soju Drink

Besides nothing, which most likely clarifies its prominence. “Cash is never an issue with regards to drinking in Korea since you generally have soju”. In Korea, it’s about $3 per 375-millilitre bottle.


Therefore, there are numerous reasons that individuals drink Korean soju. Some appreciate getting alcoholic with dear companions. Others drink soju to get rid of their worries and stress.

The alcohol is likewise prevalent on the grounds that it additionally goes well with numerous dishes.

Soju represents almost 40 percent of the all-out liquor taken by individuals in Korea every year, as per some recent reports.

Despite the fact that Koreans drink more brew than soju as far as outright volume, soju remains the most prominent alcohol when comparing volume and soju alcohol Content percentage.


What is soju similar to?

Well, soju differs in fragrance/ aroma and flavor. Soju has frequently used a drink with food, similar to wine, but on the other hand is utilized in mixed drinks, similar to a soul.

It has an unbiased flavor, similar to vodka, yet a large portion of the soju liquor content — it commonly drifts somewhere in the range of 20 and 34 percent ABV, contrasted with vodka’s 40 percent ABV.

Soju is the top-selling alcohol by volume on the planet, however, it’s not legitimately considered a soul all over the place

Is Soju drink stronger than sake?

Sake and Soju are drinks that are local to Japan and South Korea. Sake, which is ordinarily known as “rice wine,” is a blended refreshment that has been refined from rice.

It is made like wine or beer and is aged and matured. Soju is essentially a Korean beverage that is viewed as simply like Vodka or bourbon.

Which soju is best?

Jinro Soju, Chum Churum, Saan, Andong, Lee Gang Ju.

Is Soju stronger than tequila?

Tequila is much stronger than Soju. In tequila, alcohol percentage is about 40 percent, while Soju has about 20%. Tequila is more famous among Mexican people because of its strong taste.

On the other hand, Soju is relatively thin and its smell is also not as strong as that of Tequilas. Many Koreans think Soju taste and aroma are bitter. Even many who love Soju don’t want to smell it.

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