What Is Grain Alcohol? How To Make Spirit Using This?

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You walk up to a bartender and demand for first-class grain alcohol mixed a cocktail, the first best alternative that the bartender will serve you with is ever clear Grain Alcohol. It combines with a classic alcoholic beverage to generate a juicy and delightful cocktail. That’s correct, everclear grain alcohol makes a fine blend with rum, whiskey, vodka or other any other preferable alcohol type.

Grain Alcohol generates an arousing cocktail by improving the quality of blended drinks together. It is amazing what a small 190 proof grain alcohol does to your drink. Let’s learn more.

Introduction To Grain Alcohol

As the name suggests, this is a type of alcohol which is produced by distilling the fermented grains. Yes! Now, whether you are choosing to drink vodka or rum, you always give your drink an ever-grain look. This is the purification outcome of ethyl alcohol.

To make grain alcohol, the ethyl alcohol is purified and further, grains are added to give it a finishing touch. However, it only a short description of “how to make grain alcohol?”

everclear grain alcohol

To the reader’s surprise, this alcohol does not have any added tang. while you taste this, all you find is the 100% bitter taste of alcohol. Among the professionals, grain alcohol is called a neutral spirit as it is used to make advanced spirits by blending few finely brewed drinks.

How to make spirits using Grain Alcohol?

Create Clear Liquid or Grain Alcohol

When you go to a bar, the bar charges you over 3-times the actual price of the drink for a single cocktail or spirit. This is because it is all a matter of creativity. The heavenly taste and ecstasy of cocktails do not come easy. Bartenders apply their brewing and blending techniques to make these world-class spirits.

Everclear grain alcohol is prominent for its neutral nature and graceful blending capabilities. Grain alcohol is not less than ethyl alcohol. It can be said that this is an advanced and purified version of ethyl alcohol using which ultimate cocktails are made.

Do you know? you can prepare your desirable cocktail at home by using this. Yes! you heard it right. It is time to explore your knowledge of alcohol and be a little creativity. Of course, by making spirits at home, you can save upon countable bucks by avoiding overpriced cocktails in bars. Let’s see how to make spirits using everclear grain alcohol.

List of Ingredients:

  • Liqueurs for flavor—rum, vodka, and whiskey
  • Sugar—to give spirits a classic sweet taste
  • Turbo Carbon and Turbo Yeast for spirit’s fermentation process
  • Grain alcohol brands like everclear grain alcohol 190 proof (as per desire)
  • Turbo Clear for the clearing process

Note: Always remember to purchase a sealed bottle of everclear grain alcohol 190 proof. You may not love to risk your health as few unsealed grain alcohol bottles cannot be 100% pure.

Have you gathered all the ingredients? Relax your mind and let’s start with the process.

Step 1: Take a bucket and add 21 liters of clean water to it. Set the temperature of the water up to 30-degree Celcius. Take six kilos of sugar and add to the water. Stir well and allow it enough to dissolve up to 90%.

Step 2: For the readers who are on a sugar-diet, you can replace the sugar with glucose which helps in creating a clean-blue dissolution. Once the sugar or glucose has been brewed move further.

Step 3: Do you see Turbo Yeast in Ingredients? Take it and add up to 3 small packets of Turbo yeast to the prepared sugar water in the bucket. Do you see any lumps after adding yeast? Well! It means the solution is not well-stirred. Take Turbo carbon and blend it well to finely blend the solution. Remember, it should not have any lumps before you go any further.

Step 4: Once the solution is ready, it may look dark black due to carbon. Now is the time to ferment the prepared solution for generating a clear liquid. Leave the solution for a week at room temperature. Check after 7 days, if the fermentation requires more time, allow it!

Step 5: After fermentation, stir the solution well for 30 minutes to remove the carbon content from it. Further, add turbo clear to improve the purity of the solution. It will remove the harmful carbon content from the solution. Keep the solution at a temperature of 30-45 degree Celcius and wait for 24 hours.

Step 6: After 24 hours, the clear solution will look blacker than before. If yes! your neutral spirit is ready. It has no taste containing between 10-14% of the alcohol percentage.

Your grain alcohol is ready now. However, it is an impure version of this. Wait! there’s more. It is time to explore the fine blending of grain alcohol with your favorite liqueur. Let’s see.

Make cocktail or spirits with clear water solution (prepared before)

Step 1: Take the above prepared clear water solution and add 4 liters of it to the air still. What is Air still? Air still is a kitchen appliance that can be used to make spirits. Remember, not to put more than 4 liters of clear water-alcohol solution at a time.

Step 2: In the Air still put a ceramic boil enhancer and distilling conditions for the improved brewing experience. Fill the clear alcohol solution or organic grain alcohol in the air still. Place the lid correctly and switch it on.

Step 3: Once the distillation process starts, the alcohol starts to drip. Place a glass or jug under the dripping part of Air still to collect the distillate alcohol solution. It may take up to 120 minutes for the solution to produce at least 700 ml of the alcohol.

Step 4: Collect the alcohol up to your needs. Add 50% water to the alcohol produced. It will reduce the alcohol by volume by 20%. For example, if 700 ml of alcohol contains 60% of alcohol, after water dilution, abv will be only 40%.

Step 5: 40% of the alcohol percentage is not a safe value of abv. Hence, put the alcohol diluted with water through the carbon cartridge. It will make the alcohol solution smooth and juicy.

Congratulations! you have prepared pure grain alcohol successfully. Now, let’s take it to the next step.

Step 6: Add your favorite still spirits to the prepared grain alcohol. It is noteworthy to mention that always check for “how much to add” and method of adding beforehand. It is available at the back of the liqueur bottles.

Step 7: Switch on the air still to dilute or brew the prepared spirit completely. Allow the spirit mixture to cool down before removing the lid placed on the Air Still.

Step 8: Your Spirit is ready! You can enjoy the pleasure of cocktail at best. It is how you make grain alcohol and blended spirits using organic grain alcohol.

What makes grain alcohol dangerous?

Alcohol consumption should be less than average as anything beyond the limit can be dangerous for one’s health. In the earlier medical researches, this is has been discovered to be dangerous. Grain alcohol usually contains more than 40% of alcohol by volume. It is also not 100% pure type of alcohol.

What are the side effects of grain alcohol 190 proof or higher?

The side effects of grain alcohol 190 proof or higher are—

Alcoholism: Drinking type of alcohol with abv higher or equivalent to 40% causes the human body to become an addict of such level of alcohol consumption. It may result in alcoholism in the future. Alcoholism causes alcohol consumption to become compulsive behavior-wise. It causes the brain to function slowly and lost control of abusive activities.

Alcohol Poisoning: Alcohol poisoning is the most dangerous side effect of this. Not all types of human bodies can handle such a high level of alcohol. Overdose of alcohol can cause on-the-spot death, brain damage, and cardiac arrest.

Impure Nature of alcohol: The nature and appearance of the grain alcohol 151-proof, 190 proof or higher are not 100% pure. This is because during the making of this alcohol, the ratio in which alcohol and water balances are 96:4. It means one bottle of everclear grain alcohol may contain 96% of alcohol and 4% of water. Hence, it is important to purify this completely before using it in making any kind of cocktail.


If you are preparing this alcohol at home, make sure that you are capable of handling such a high level of alcohol content. Consumption of high ABV grain alcohol can cause the generation of Blood alcohol concentration valued more than 0.40%. It leads to death or brain damage.

To the alcohol consumers who are going through alcoholism, this is not the best alternative for you to choose. It may damage your controlling power on alcohol consumption. Ensure you are mentally and physically fit to consume such strong alcohol.

“Good Luck!”

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