What Is Gin Made From?

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Times are gone when any beer would have looked pleasant to people on the table. Today, people make classic choices, when it comes to drinks. And one of the all-time classic drinks is Gin. Yes! It has some world-famous cocktails named after its initial name. If you are hearing about it for the first time, I bet you have made some messed up choices in the past concerning alcohol.

To your surprise, this amazing cocktail gives out some unique and refreshing feeling to the consumer. You must wonder “what is Gin made from?” But that mystery is for later in this blog. For starters, it contains a leaf.

It makes it different from other drinks. Hence, before we go any further and discover all the spoilers, let’s start with “what is Gin?”


It is a type of cocktail. It contains fruit liqueurs and sugar syrups. Indeed, It comes from the 17th century. It had introduced by Franciscus Sylvius. It is noteworthy to mention that it was the first Gin drink ever introduced.

Today, you can find over 100 types of cocktails invented by different bartenders and alcohol companies by using Gin as base. Yet, original remains original for endless time.

what grain is gin made from

It is made from Juniper berries and other ingredients. To describe in a single line, these cocktails from different countries contain different ingredients. Of course, innovation in the alcohol industry has become quite common.

One of the greatest pleasures of drinking this spirit is that it tastes never the same. Something is always slightly different about its flavor and mouthfeel. That’s the beauty of this cocktail.

What are the different types of Gin?

As mentioned earlier, it has an uncountable number of versions. Yet, if we cut down to the main ones, there are four main types of this drink. To brush up, the first that comes is Juniper-flavoured spirit, then comes, natural Gin distilled spirit and London Dry.

  • Juniper-flavored Gin: These types of cocktails count among the original class of Gin from ancient times. Production of this drink includes the pot distillation of a fermented grain mash at a high level. Indeed, botanicals also add up during the re-distillation process along with Juniper berries. Its ABV drops down to 30% from 68% after the re-distillation process. Wacolder is a prominent drink brand in the alcohol industry.
  • Gin: In this drink, the main flavor remains the flavor of juniper berries. However, during the re-distillation process, no botanicals are used. In this drink, natural substances added to make it a natural drink. It’s ABV minimum value remains 37.5%. It increases as per the brand of production.
  • Distilled Gin: It is one of the strongest versions of this drink. This outstanding spirit is quite strong. Its redistilling process includes the distilling of pure ethanol. At the stage of distilling, it’s ABV remains up to 96%. Along with pure ethanol, it also has juniper berries and botanicals for flavor and aromatic qualities. It’s minimum ABV is 37.5%, however, it can more as per the brand preferences.
  • London Dry: This is a unique version of Gin drink. It contains only 0.1 grams of sugar per liter as many natural ingredients are added to give this drink a sweet-exotic flavor.

In other countries, it is also called London Dry. It’s ABV minimum limit is 37.5%. On the other hand, in countries other than the US, it’s minimum ABV remains 40%.

Some of the famous cocktails are:

  • Moon river
  • Gimlet
  • 20th Century
  • Fallen Angel
  • Tom Collins
  • White Lady
  • Gibson
  • French 75
  • Negroni
  • Martini
  • Vasper
  • The last word
  • Singapore Sling

Note: What is gin made from? It has been quite clear from the given categories of the spirits. It predominantly contains juniper berries, ethanol/methanol, fermented mash, botanicals, natural plants and more.

History of Gin

It is an exclusive drink with a long-long history. In short, it had fought through the world wars and its legacy has passed from one country to another. But, if you see, it is prominent in all the countries and people love its mouthfeel. Read here, all Gin controversies. I bet you a shocking reaction.

What do we recommend?

Are you trying Gin for the first time? If yes, let’s make it more fun, see here, What are some amazing facts about the Gin cocktails? Let’s not forget, every drink has its bright side and dark side. Hence, we make a flip and read both sides of the coin. Apart from this, it is recommendable to drink one shot of a drink cocktail per hour. It’s minimum ABV is 40% which can be quite high for first-time drinkers.

Alongside this, it is recommendable to avoid this spirit, if you are allergic to wheat or barley, it can give you some hard times. You can choose to drink substitutes like a vodka martini, vodka gimlet, Vodka Collins and more. It is noteworthy to mention that there is no treat is better than the treat of precaution for humans.


It has been an amazing drink for decades. Yet, a new generation desires a healthy and light way of life. Without a doubt, It is perfect for the young generation but only if the right amount of spirit pours into the glass.

Gin ingredients are light and natural. There’s no harm in consuming grain drink with distilled botanicals and original juniper berries. It all depends on the ABV or alcohol content of the spirit.

It is recommendable to prefer it with less ABV value. 40% is a common and recommendable alcohol content limit. However, Gin with over 70% ABV like Strane Uncut London Dry is unrecommended. Its alcohol content percentage remains up to 76% at a minimum.

“Do you want to have some good times in your life? Order your healthy Gin cocktail with a fresh mind because now you know about it all. And, that’s what precautious mind demands!”

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