What is Denatured Alcohol? Is It Popularly Known For Good?

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Fans of Alcohol! We desire to know all the benefits of the glasses of drinks. Without a doubt, a healthy drinking lifestyle is an experience of ecstasy. From amazing pure alcohol branded bottles of wines to exclusively designed alcohols. Our excitement to taste the best of sips has brought us today at “what is denatured alcohol?” Let’s have a look:

Introduction To Denatured Alcohol

Denatured Alcohol is an especially designed alcohol made with a mixture of methanol and denaturants. This “special” excites every drinker worldwide to try a poisonous taste of alcohol. However, it is dangerous. Denaturants are the chemical substances that allow the segregation of protein and other biological elements present in ethanol. This is why; its also called Ethyl Alcohol.

what is denatured alcohol

It is noteworthy to mention that human consumption of pure ethanol can cause blindness and death of the consumer. Thus, in Denatured Alcohol Uses, the dangerous impurities of the ethanol abstract. Examination of Branded Denatured Alcohols has been done before public use. Denaturants transform the ethanol or Ethyl Alcohol safe for human consumption.

Curiosity among the Drinkers

“Curiosity is common when it comes to alcohols and flavors among the drinkers.” Many customers question concerning Denatured alcohol and isopropyl alcohol. But, why? To cut to a long fact short, both denatured and isopropyl alcohols are made of chemical compounds. Hence, to the reader’s attention, we bring:

What is the difference between Denatured Alcohol and Isopropyl Alcohol?

Isopropyl Alcohol is also known as Rubbing Alcohol. Thus, if you are researching “what is the difference between denatured alcohol and rubbing alcohol?” you are in the right column.

  • Drinkable and non-drinkable alcohol

Denatured Alcohol or grain alcohol is consumable by humans if the alcohol is not denatured. For the reader’s clarity, ethyl alcohol goes through a denaturing process.

Denaturing process of ethyl alcohol includes the merging of poisonous chemicals to the alcohol. These chemicals mainly include benzene, iodine, and formaldehyde. Hence, its drinkable without risking the survival of the human body.

On the other hand, Isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol is non-drinkable. This is because the consumption of isopropyl alcohol causes severe health issues. It causes nausea, internal bleeding in the intestines, and on-the-spot death. This high-risk characteristic of isopropyl alcohol arises from the infusion of propylene, sulphuric acid, and petroleum products.

  • Utilized in medical and cosmetic industries

As a shocking fact, denatured alcohol has been considered as a highly harmful type of alcohol. Even though, denatured alcohol is drinkable before the denaturing process as it is made of grain, corn, and sugarcane.

It is an extremely chemicalized product that industries steer clear of. Denatured alcohol is toxic and affects the human skin if come into direct contact.

Thus, it is not available in the market for manufacturing purposes as well. Injection of denatured alcohol into any medicines or cosmetic products creates the human risk of survival. And thus, it was a non-utilized product yet.

In contrast, Isopropyl alcohol does not create any harmful effect on human skin. It’s utilization in the manufacturing of medicines and cosmetic products are common.

Indeed, hardware and software engineer more often carry isopropyl alcohol for cleaning purposes. It has sensitive evaporating features that do not create any harmful effect on electronic facets and used as a sterilizer.

  • Methylated Spirit and Surgical Spirit

Denatured Alcohol is Methylated Spirit. We know, in your mind the question must arise! What is Methylated Spirit? According to the definition, Methylated Spirits are a category of alcohol which intentionally transforms into unfit alcohol.

This transformation has been discovered to protect human generation from drinking the dangerously produced alcohol. It transforms by adding 10% of methanol (or wood alcohol) to it.

Isopropyl Alcohol is surgical spirit. Now, what’s a surgical spirit? The definition states that surgical spirits are alcohols which are used for medical purposes by surgeons and doctors. Surgeons worldwide apply isopropyl alcohol on general surgery instruments during surgeries to protect it from infection. This is because isopropyl is discovered as a cleaning agent.

The question among the readers, “what is the difference between denatured alcohol and isopropyl alcohol?” must be resolved. It is noteworthy to mention that both alcohols are unfit for human consumption.

What Is Denatured Alcohol Used For?

Existence of even the most toxic content in the world has its reasons. Similarly, its harmful and poisonous alcohol but it is utilized for good. Let’s take a look at the different utilizations of denatured alcohol—

  • Industrial Product Manufacturing

Denatured alcohol is an A-rated input among industrial product manufacture. It is used for the product of different domestic and medical products including printing inks, perfumes, cosmetics and cleaning products. Indeed, the perfume substances are added to the products. It does not have any unique odor.

  • One of the Pesticides

That’s right! On one hand, where consumption of its non-recommendable for human consumption, on the other, it is used to kill harmful pests. Among the lovers of nature, its utilized for protecting plants from infection. Applying denatured alcohol over the infected area allows it to heal. Not recommendable for skin infections.

  • Cleaning agent

Denatured alcohol has natural qualities to be discovered as a cleaning agent. From wax removal to the removal of stains on clothes, it works excellently. However, precautions are significant while using this without any professional guidance.


Denatured Alcohol is not prominently known for its taste. However, it is known for its additional qualities as explained earlier. For the alcohol consumers out there, this is not recommendable for drinking. It causes burning sensation akin to acid within the body.

It also tastes bitter to an extent due to the addition of chemical substances. Ethyl Alcohol is not available for direct customer purchase due to its poisonous nature. It is rather different from rubbing alcohol in nature but the utilization of both in the manufacturing industry is equivalent.

Note: In manufacturing industries, the utilization of denatured alcohol is done in a very small amount for the prevention of side-effects.

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