10 Amazing Facts About Western Son Vodka You Can’t Turn Down

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American crafted spirits speed up your desire to execute a relaxing night. Yes! This vodka is known as Western Son Vodka. In its glory of multiple flavors, this vodka brings your fondness from alcohol-loaded drink to the one that contains sweet-exotic savor.

This liquor is the pre-eminent category of flavored vodkas that you can enjoy on a celebratory night at a bar or simply, at a formal occasion where colored drinks make a substantial impression. 

Western son spirit brings you closer to real-time firewater experience in any alcohol premises all over the world. You can buy this luscious liquor online and greet your body with a morsel of western son vodka shots. It guarantees a good time and a healthy drinking adventure. Let’s take a glimpse at what is Western Son?

Introduction to Western Son Vodka

This craft spirit has been introduced by the Western Son Distillery in Texas at Pilot point. It is a celebratory drink for Western Mindset that allows a consumer to enjoy more than a colorful drink. That is the “independent” nature of this liquor. 

The stunning spirit of a western son from North Texas has rewarded the modernistic generation with the joyous 10X distilled spirit. That was a NO in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Today, consumers can enjoy vodka made with wheat, yet, remaining gluten-free. It is noteworthy to mention that the makers of this vodka have triumphed over the entire alcohol industry with its uniquely distilled liquor. 

Here’s a fun fact, the distillery that introduced the western son has been rewarded with various awards such as the 2017 Sip Gold Awards for its blueberry western vodka flavor, Platinum award in 2018 Sip Awards for Prickly Pear western son vodka and Double Gold 2018 Sip Awards for lime-flavored vodka. 

What are the different varieties of Western Son Vodka?

varieties of Western Son Vodka

Our readers would be surprised to acknowledge that their favorite Western Son Vodka is now available in over ten different flavors.

That’s right! From spicy & citric to sweet & exotic, the drink provides an exquisite choice of flavors to its customers all over the world. Take a glimpse of what flavors you can choose in the context of Western Son Vodka.

  • Western Son Vodka Texas Original

American made original western son serves the consumers’ body with the adventure of alcohol. With every sip of the original vodka, one can enjoy the grain-based averagely textured drink with 100% distilled mouthfeel. 

  • Western son Prickly pear Vodka

This vodka made using fresh prickly pear fruits deliver a citric taste down the consumer’s throat and make it possible to take pleasure in its tangy mouthfeel that lasts long.

Its purple-mixed-violet appearance gives away the impression of the classiest drink on the table. This drink also distributes assorted flavors of lime, syrup, tequila, and tarts that make it incredibly tasteful.

  • Western Son blueberry vodka

When it comes to spirits, blueberry flavors are one of the leading preferences in the alcohol industry. Yet, there’s something rare about the blueberry-flavored vodka by the WS distillery.

That’s right! This vodka contains a vibrant mouthfeel that allows your body to stick to this pleasing experience for a longer time. It also contains an additional sweetness of syrup that one can only imagine in any other branded vodka.

Some other amazing flavor drinks of Western son vodka are:

  • Peach vodka: served with club soda and ice. 
  • Cucumber vodka: crispy spirit with a clean finish. It is highly refreshing for summer evenings.
  • Lime vodka: Lime essence greets your body with enlivening energy. 
  • Raspberry vodka: Tasting notes of Raspberry jam and original berries with many nutritious qualities. 
  • Watermelon vodka: A finish drink made with combined qualities of strawberries, and vine ripen melons for tastefulness of fruits.
  • Grapefruit vodka: A finish drink made using red ruby grapefruits. It keeps you connected with the original texture and aroma of vodka. 

10 amazing facts about Western Son Vodka


Do you know? In the past, various branded vodka manufacturing companies and distilleries have introduced multiple flavored vodkas. However, western son vodka is one of the only brands that cover all the flavors possible.

For instance, it has peach, lime, cucumber, original, raspberry, watermelon, grapefruit, blueberry, and prickly pear. If there were a vodka rainbow, it would promote the ecstasy that WS Vodka brings into reality. Cheers to that!


While acknowledging the fact that the Western son vodkas are 10-times distilled, you would find the other manufacturers quite lazy. LOL! But, jokes apart; this spirit brings into the world a healthy alcoholic beverage impression.

That’s right! With the quality of being distilled 10-times, all the negative qualities of alcohol vanish and what’s left is 100% healthy and drinkable. 

Apart from this, among the thousand branded vodkas, whiskeys, rums, and other liquors, the Western son is solely known for 10X distillation. 


To the readers’ surprise, every flavor of the western son vodka has grasped its hooks in the industry by winning awards. Take a glimpse of the list of awards in the name of WS.

  • 95 rating from Cigar & Spirits magazine’s 2017 World Spirits Competition for Original WS.
  • Gold Award at the 2017 Sip Awards for Blueberry WS.
  • 2017 Beverage Dynamics Magazine’s Growth Brands Award
  • 2016 Market Watch Magazine’s Hot Prospect Award
  • Double Gold Award at the 2018 Sip Awards flavored vodkas to the lime-flavored WS.
  • 93 rating, Cigar & Spirits 2017 World Spirits Competition to the Watermelon flavored WS.
  • Platinum Award at the 2018 Sip Awards flavored vodkas to the Prickly pear WS.
  • Double Gold at the Fifty best Awards for flavored vodkas to the Cucumber WS.
  • Best of Class Award at the 2018 Sip Awards for flavored vodkas to the peach WS.
  • Best of Class Award at the 2018 Sip Awards for Gin to the GIN WS. 
  • Gold Award at the 2018 Sip Awards for flavored Vodkas to the Red Ruby Grapefruit WS.


  • SALES HIKE IN 2017

When it comes to the success of liquors, their sales hike as soon as they become either declared as the best, awarded or controversial. In this case, Western Son Vodka reviews as the awarded one.

In 2017, after being announced as the winner of Beverage Dynamics Magazine’s Growth Brands Award, the sales of the liquor doubled. That’s right! In order to put the accurate numbers for you, the distillery sold over 101, 000 cases of the vodka at a worldwide level. If this is not the definition of overnight success, no one knows what is!


Today when I look back, I find myself assuming a drink to contain the highest level of pure alcohol just because of its name-fame. However, Western Son Vodkas has changed my viewpoint forever.

Do you know? Western Son Vodka alcohol content amounts to 40% only for 80 proof bottles. That’s right! It is the average-level alcohol limit that most consumers don’t find attractive as such low alcohol limit builds opinions such as the drink would be pale and dull. 

But, not in the case of WS. WS contains all the alcohol qualities at a subtle level and you can enjoy its strong fruity essence and average alcohol volume as much as you would enjoy an 80% alcoholic beverage. There’s no difference.

  • 100% GLUTEN-FREE?

Is Western Son Blueberry Vodka gluten-free? Every branded alcoholic beverage holds some advantages and disadvantages because of its nutritive qualities.

However, not when it comes to Western Son Vodka. That’s right! Now you can enjoy a grain-based liquor without worrying over the presence of gluten. 

The producers of the vodka guarantee the drink to be 10-times distilled. During this distillation, all the qualities of the gluten discharge and 0-gluten presence is assured. Thus, now take pleasure in your vodka without assuming any side-effect to your sensitive skin. WS with zero risks of celiac disease. 


When it comes to affordability, the Western Son Vodka is counted among the most affordable vodkas in the USA. It costs between 0.99 US dollars to 20.99 US dollars in the United States.

In India, they cost around 70 INR to 1500 INR depending on the size and volume of the bottle. You can purchase this drink online on various wine & beer eCommerce platforms such as Crown Wine & Spirits.


Recently in 2019, one of the most famous magazines in the United States featured Western Son Vodkas in the Essence of Texas. It mentioned “Western Son Distillery leverages its talented team to make a splash in the premium vodka market.”

The article briefly depicted the story of the vodka and its successful journey towards hitting the international alcohol industry. It also defined the brand as first-ever vodka as well as gin.


The magazine called Cigar & Spirits in its 2019 edition mentioned the Western Son Vodka as the high-end spirits that have been breaking the stereotypes in the industry. It ranked the WS on the 95th best among the 100 best spirits to try in 2019. 


How many calories are in Western Son Vodka? Western Son Vodka calories limit to 95 grams per bottle. It is a low-calorie condition. This benefits the consumer in many ways. For instance, low-calorie drink WS keeps the appetite alive and prevents the body against the temporary effects of alcohol. 

To the reader’s surprise, in the blueberry flavor of the vodka, the calorie limit drops down to 69. 

Apart from this, many people question “how many western son vodka carbs in a bottle?” it is noteworthy to mention that the western son vodka is a 100% American corn liquor and thus, its carbs limit remain slightly off. It is only 4g per can. Hence, there’s no risk of unrecoverable weight gain. 

General FAQs

  • What is Western Son Vodka made from?

Western Son Vodka is a grain-based spirit. It is also made using 100% American fermented corn which improves its quality of protein. Apart from this, it is also considered as a healthy spirit because it is distilled 10 times before finally entering into the market. Thus, it is considered 100% gluten-free.

  • What is the most distilled Vodka?

Western Son Vodka is the most distilled liquor in the history of the alcohol industry. As the official website of WS mentions “10X distilled.”

This distillation process improves the texture of the spirit and makes it smooth enough to be taken as a side-drink during lunch. It is also a perfect drink to be served at Barbeques as it comes in various flavors to match everyone’s taste and preferences. 

  • What is the best vodka for the price?

Aforementioned, Western Son Vodka is one of the most affordable American liquor. In the United States, you can purchase 100ml cans of WS for only.99 US dollars. For 750ml, the online stores charge up to 9.99 US dollars. 

The vodka is widely available in 40 states including Texas, Arizona, Hawaii, Maine, Alabama, Nevada, Ohio, Vermont, and Pennsylvania. 

  • What is the cleanest vodka?

Western Son Vodka Original from Texas is acknowledged for its clean finish. That’s right! While pouring the drink down into your glass, you can observe the transparency as the drink is distilled 10 times. Thus, it contains a clean finish and is assumed to be healthier than any other distilled vodka. 


Western Son Vodka reviews as the most prominent vodkas of all times. To its credit, the main distillery in Texas stands. Since ever introduction, this respective alcoholic beverage has been rewarded with high-end awards that have led to name and fame.

Without a doubt, the brand deserves such fame as it has introduced the first-ever vodka rainbow to the alcohol fanatics. It is a light-smooth drink that one can enjoy on any given night, celebratory or not. Refreshment after drink seems like a promising deal with WS. 

“Put your hands up in the air and point to order the top-notch vodka in the world, a.k.a Western Son. the colorful liquor that soothes your spirit with tranquility.”