Why Victory Golden Monkey Is Famous Among People

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A magical beer named as a mystical monkey which glows with the passage of time. This radiant ale is traditionally very rich among the Belgian-inspired brewing. This golden monkey is very delightful and satisfying to give relaxation to your body and mind. The exotic spice from the east rounds out this global journey to joy. Golden monkey Victory is sweet light baking spice with the touch of apple. Clear gold with a decent white head. Bubblegum and a touch of spice. Ester as hell and a bit too sweet. This one was typical translucent straw-colored sweet.

This beer is absolutely unlike anything else people have tasted. In fact, when they first tried it a few years ago, they hated it. But now that their taste in beer has grown up a bit, we decided to give this spicy, fruity beer another shot.

victory brewing golden monkey

Victory brewing Golden monkey company in Downingtown, Pennsylvania is the hub of it. This is a Belgian tripel ale, meaning that it is brewed with the triple amount of malts typical of Belgian ales.

The beer is a rich gold color and very clear in the glass, foamy head, and we can see beads of carbonation streaming up through the liquid. Spicy and heady. The aroma reminds us a lot of mead we also get a strong yeastiness, like rising bread dough. People taste honey and ginger, sweet and hot.

It is then used in the flavor of fresh orange juice and brown sugar while maintaining a balance of bitterness so that user could taste the warmth of the alcohol on his/her tongue as well as in the throat after a few sips.

In fact, the alcohol is very well-hidden. It has creamy, full-bodied feeling in your mouths. There is a lot of carbonation, which gives the beer a crispness that works well with the heavy malts and keeps them from being overwhelming.

So the main conclusion says, it is a big and complex beer as it’s every sip feels like revealing something interesting, especially in the case when the beer warmed up a bit.

We have not had a lot of other tripels to compare this too, but our reaction is positive. This is not that we would keep stocked in our fridge for everyday drinking, but it is a good choice for special occasions.

There is much going on is this victory golden monkey that we would not want to pair it with anything that would distract or complicate.

A normal dinner salad having an acidic form would taste really well, just like simple seafood or steamed fish. This combination will perform even better with desserts and caramel.

Victory Golden Monkey Beer- Nutritional Value:

Carbs                                       21g

Dietary fiber                            0g

Sugar                                       0 g

Fat                                            0 g

Saturated                                 0 g

Monounsaturated                   0 g

Trans                                       0 g

Protein                                    1 g

Sodium                                    11mg

Potassium                               0 g

Cholesterol                             0 g

Vitamin a                                0 g

Vitamin c                                0g

Calcium                                   0g

Iron                                          0g

Victory Golden Monkey Calories

This beer was produced by the victory brewing company in victory, located in Pennsylvania which is Belgian- style malt and clove flavors. This ale can get either bottled or in the form of draft in all over the year.


A 12-oz serving of victory golden monkey ale contains 274 calories, 21.9g of carbohydrates and 1g of protein. 96% of the calories in this beer extracted from carbohydrates with protein. It includes no fat content.


Most beers are known as energy-dense, which means it includes much calories by volume. There is no dietary fiber in this monkey calories beer.


Consuming more calories than your body can burn will cause weight gain. If you want to try this beer, make sure that a big part of your caloric intake should come from vegetables, lean protein, and fruits. Don’t drive a vehicle after drinking the beer as it contains 9.5% alcohol.

Victory Golden Monkey Review

Review of victory brewing victory golden monkey. Belgian styles are one of the best platforms for the yeast to really show off. These beers will have strong spice, fruit, and alcohol flavors compared to other styles of beer. The victory golden monkey is a Belgian style tripel with an ABV of 9.5% and IBU of 25.

The reviews of people regarding this beer are very much positive, and they like it very much because its taste and color are more mesmerizing than another kind of beers.

The consumption of this beer is not much detrimental because it has some minerals and vitamins which are good I quantity, as well as they, are inadequate quantity. This beer is Belgian style beer, which is famous all over the world, and its sale is also more than other beers or alcohol, which make it more favorite.

Victory Golden Monkey ABV

(5.25%) ABV. Victory golden monkey, a Belgian style tripel brewed with Belgian yeast, banana, and clove. (9.5 ABV)

Victory Golden Monkey Alcohol Content 

The alcohol content of Stella Artois and Stella Artois cider is similar. Stella Artois contains 5 percent alcohol by volume. The amount of time the juice remains in your body depends on how much you drink. In general, however, it takes several hours before your body can completely metabolize even a small amount of alcohol.

Sam Adams Utopias- 29% ABV

Brew dog Tactical nuclear penguin-32% ABV

Struise black damnation vi messy-39%ABV

Brew dog sink the Bismarck-41%

Schorschbrau –  42% ABV

Brewmeister Armageddon – 65% ABV

Brewmeister snake venom- 67.5% ABV

As this drink has no side-effect but avoids driving on the road after drinking this beer as there is some proportion of alcohol in this drink, and it might be risky for driving. Moreover, there is no health loss with this beer as it contains only a less amount of calories. But make sure to try a newly manufactured beer to enjoy the real taste.

It contains no fats, so there is no chance of heart health issues. Because of this amazing taste and harmless effect, this drink can be served even in parties, festivals also but as there is some content of alcohol, avoid such activities that can make you feel awkward.

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