Here Is The Secret Recipe of The Tom Collins Drink

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Many among you who might be reading this, love to drink and try a different cocktail. If you are among those lovers, then here is something great for you, The Tom Collins.

Wondering about the drink and curious to know what is Tom Collins?

Here we are to provide you the complete information. Learn how to make Tom Collins and about the Tom Collins mix.

We assure you that after reading the information about the drink you will not able to resist yourself from adding the drink in your list.

Tom Collins Drink

Tom Collins, a Collins Vodka prepared using Gin, Lemon Juice, Sugar and Carbonated water and served in Collins glass over ice.

It belongs to the “Collins’ family of mixed drinks with the primary difference in the base liquor used to prepare the drink.

In case, of Tom Collins the base liquor is gin. The drink is transparent and therefore the whole flavor of the drink revolves around the choice of gin. Don’t look for the best gin, instead opt for the one that has the least mid-shelf.

The drink was introduced by Tom Collins in 1898. He was the one who took the drink to the American Bars in England, France, and Germany.

At that time the drink was popular among Americans and was served in the barrooms of New York City.

Tom Collins Recipe

Tom Collins Recipe

A single sip of Tom Collins will offer you the answer to why the drink is so famous among Americans. It is a tall, refreshing gin sour.

Before moving the modern-day recipe of Tom Collins, here we are with the original Tom Collins recipe.

Jerry Thomas’ Tom Collins Gin (1876)

The traditional and classical taste of drink all belongs to its unique ingredients. Here is the secret of the popular drink. 

  • Large Bar Glass
  • 5-6 dashes of Gum Syrup
  • Juice of a small lemon
  • 1 large wine-glass of gin
  • 2-3 lumps of ice

Stir the mixture well and strain them into the large bar-glass. Add plain soda into the drink and serve it.  

The word sour represents the addition of lemon juice. Apart from the base liquor (gin) and lemon juice, one need to add simple syrup and club soda to complete the perfectly tasty drink.

The ingredients and simple preparation of the drink are another reason for the popularity of the drink.

If you are eager to learn the exact Tom Collins Cocktail here is the list of the complete mix up that one should add to make the perfect drink for the evening.

Tom Collins Ingredients

Here is the complete ingredient list of preparing the Tom Collins Drink. Follow the recipe and add ingredients in the right volume and you will get the perfect drink in your hand within a minute. 

  • Gin: one and a half ounces
  • Simple Syrup: half ounce
  • Lemon Juice: one ounce
  • Club soda: To fill (3 ounces)
  • Garnish the Maraschino Cherry on the top
  • Garnish Lemon and Orange Slice

How to Make Tom Collins?

  • Keep all ingredients ready
  • Take a Collins glass and add ice cubes, gin, lemon juice, and simple syrup into it.
  • Stir it thoroughly.
  • Fill up the cocktail glass with club soda.
  • In the end garnish it with cherry, orange and lemon slice.
  • Serve and enjoy the drink.

Useful Tips to Get the Perfect Drink

To make the drink more mouth-watering and appetizing you can shake the gin, juice, and syrup first and then strain them into the glass with fresh ice.

Enhance the taste With the Right Choice

Sugar and Lemon

Since the drink add the sugar, and lemon juice to taste it sweet along with the little sourness. The addition of the right kind of ingredient will prepare the drink with perfect taste.

Earlier or at the time the drink was introduced, granulated sugar was used. If you are about to use the granulated sugar in your drink, then go for the superfine sugar instead of picking the regular cane sugar. The fine particle of sugar will mix properly leaving no scope for leaving the unsightly clumps in the bottom of the glass.

To avoid mixing problem pick the simple syrup, the essential sweetener in the modern bar.

After adding the sweetness, it is the time to create a sour mix. A right combination of lemon juice and syrup is easily available and can be used to prepare different types of cocktails.

The choice of sweetness and sourness depends on the person’s choice and therefore the quantity varies. Go for the right volume to make the drink taste more fascinating.

The Soda

Since Tom Collins is all about the popular gin and soda drinks when it comes to the choice of soda many leave the choice on the bartender.

Club soda is commonly used for preparing the Tom Collins drink but one can use any carbonated drink available in the stock.

Although choosing the sweeter soda like Ginger Ale or Lemon-lime is not a bad option but adding it into the drink makes it a little too sweet. So make a wise choice and give your tongue a long-lasting taste.

Tom Collins: An Old Fashioned or Modern Gin

The birth of Tom Collins dated back to 1800s with the great recipes and popularity during 1877.

If you want to taste the classic style of Tom Collins than opt for the perfect gin companion like Old Tom Gin, Plymouth Gin, or Holland Gin to prepare the mixture.

Apart from this, you can try it with other options available like London Dry Gin, Bombay Sapphire, Tanqueray, etc. The best part of the drink is it you will get the best profile of the drink with every new type of base liquor (gin) you add into it.

Tom Collins Recipe Variation

John Collins: Replace gin with whiskey. This will give you another popular drink in your hand, John Collins.

Tom Collins Vodka: Replacing gin with vodka gives you the Tom Collins Vodka.

Charlie Collins: When gin in the drink is replaced with rum you would get the Chalie Collins. Use the white rum but it taste the best when prepared with Jamaican Rum. 

Rhubarb Collins: The best drink with the fascinating taste can be prepared at home using the rhubarb syrup. 

*Make the best use of the Collins formula to prepare the fascinating cocktails like American Collins (add bing cherries and blueberries to the gin recipe), Lavender Sapphire Collins (Lavender flavor syrup).

*Try something new on your own and share your experience. Let people know about your discovery and keep adding taste and ingredients to make the drink of your kind.

Is Tom Collins Strong?

Similar to other soda highballs, Tom Collins is the light drink. When Tom Collins’s alcoholic strength is compared to wine, it comes out to be light.

Generally prepared with the 80-proof gin, the drink is 9% ABV or 18 proof thus making it the right one for the happy hours.

Bottom Line

Drinking Tom Collins, give you the long-lasting experience of the cocktail drink. Try it at your home this weekend and enjoy this with your friends. 

Tom Collins taste all depends on the gin you add into it to make the drink. We bet you will enjoy its awesome taste and add it permanently in the favorite list. 

Do not forget to share your experience of drink and the variations you tried with the drink.

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