Is Tanqueray Gin A Good Choice of Drink?

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Branded spirits of Gin are quite prominent all over the world. A bartender tells you “good choice, sir” upon ordering a Tanquerey gin. Does he mean “It is a good drink!” or Is it because you are wasting your energy and money over a bad spirit. Without a doubt, you would never know what’s in his mind. But today, with the help of this blog, we will tell you whether Tanquerey gin is the right type of alcohol.

Introduction to Tanqueray gin

It is a high-end branded drink with availability at the international level. Diageo incorporation manufactures this liqueur and markets it at a very wide level. While exploring different countries, you will find out a shocking fact.

It is that there are no bars and stores without this wonderful green bottled liquor at the counter. What is so good about this spirit? Let’s find out.

It is also called the London dry gin. It is quite clear that its manufacturing includes a distillation process. This is why it has given the name London dry. This distillation takes place in Bloomsbury, London. Behind the introduction of this firewater, the credit goes to Charles Tanqueray.

Yes! In the year 1830, Charles has distilled the drink with double distilling grains and botanicals. It was originally introduced in England. Later in 1838, Charles gave the drink an official presence in the alcohol industry. To the reader’s surprise, this hard stuff liquor used to be light in the past. Today, it has a wildfire going on within the mind and cravings of alcohol consumers.

What is Tanqueray Gin Alcohol Content?

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It is a heavy liqueur. Hence, being a heavy liqueur, it is not significant that it harms the consumer. It’s alcohol content percentage amounts between 40% to 47%. It mostly depends on the flavor of the drink you are preferring.

More often, the imported version of this drink holds a high percentage of alcohol. It remains a 47.3% ABV level. The exported ones like in the UK, Norway, and Sweden, the ABV level remains 43.1%. At last, in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, the ABV level remains only 40%.

We cannot define the harmful nature of this liquid based on the given percentages. It is because all the countries bind their largest ABV limit at legal. This highlights the importance of convenience, taste, preference, and safety of its people.

Thus, next time you are in Australia, do not crib over the dropped alcohol content of Tanqueray gin. Why? Because if it is set by the law & order, it is the best alternative for you as per the country’s atmosphere.

Are there calories in Tanqueray gin?

Yes, there are calories present in this alcohol. In one shot of the spirit, there are 115 grams of Tanqueray gin calories. Amazing, isn’t it? It is noteworthy to mention that if you compare this spirit with others, it contains the least number of calories.

The one-shot is equivalent to 1.5 fluid ounces. Hence, you can say that there are 115 calories per 1.5 fluid ounces of this spiriy. But, in bars, more often only 1 fluid ounce of the shot has served. It means that you consume only 75 calories per serving of this spirit. That’s an attractive fact.

Is Tanqueray Gin Gluten-free?

You find a hard stuffed alcohol with absolutely perfect alcohol content and low-calorie quality. However, later you find out it has gluten. It may freak you out. But let’s not come to the conclusion this early.

Yes! it contains grain that is one form of gluten. But, one the exclusive part of this spirit’s manufacturing is that the grains ingredient goes through the double distilling process.

In the first distilling, gluten-content removal takes place. This process makes the filled glass quite drinkable for the consumers who have sensitivity towards the gluten element. Now, let’s look at the bigger picture.

In the second distilling process of this liquor, various botanicals added up. These include juniper, licorice, angelica root, and coriander. Consider yourself lucky to be served with the greatest alcohol-loaded beverage of all times by Charles in this generation.

Amazing Facts About Tanqueray Gin

  • The founder Charles came from a family of generations of clergymen. But, look how Charles found success, with the introduction of alcoholic beverage and building a distillery.
  • While modifying the beverage for presenting into alcohol markets, Charles used many botanicals to make the liquor better than vodka.
  • It has come out as the best spirit ever with the use of only four botanicals. Many alcohol breweries find it hard to with, even though they have hundreds of original botanicals present.
  • It is nicknamed the “Old Tom.” It is because of light sweet-exotic flavor.
  • It is 200 years old. It has survived through World War II. I bet that the warriors enjoyed it at their best and healed with it at their worse.
  • In actual, it contains 8 kinds of botanicals. All of these botanicals are not known. But, the 5th one is fragrant citrus notes.
  • In America, this liquor is consumed at the highest level. Whether it is the president or a rat packs, this liquor is the first priority.
  • The packaging bottle of this liquor is different. Most people consider it to be complementing the fire hydrant quality of the beverage. However, it is not. This bottle’s structure matches that of a cocktail shaker.


It is the right choice of alcohol. Yes, the ABV limit of the solution is quite high. However, adopting a healthy drinking habit can help you taking pleasure in it without losing consciousness. It is recommendable to consume 1 shot of liquor per hour. 1 shot is equivalent to 1 fl. Oz or 1.5 at maximum. This lesser filled and small shots allow the body to fight the temporary impact of alcohol.

“From being a masculine drinker to being a healthy drink, the journey can be longer. Add Tanqueray gin to your drinking schedules and you can be on your way to a safe and sound drinking voyage.”

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