Sula Wine: The One Affordable Indian Wine

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Where Is The Sula Vineyard?

Situated in the Nashik region of India (3-hour drive from Mumbai), the Sula Wine Yard was founded by Mr. Rajeev Samant in 1998. One can visit these vineyards anytime between 11:30 am to 6:30 pm according to Indian Standard Time. The best time to visit them and taste the Sula Wine is between December to January. Although anyone can visit these vineyards, there is some entry fee per person who wishes to visit them and taste the vine.

Fun-loving and party animals are surely going to love the Sula Vineyards.

More About Sula Vineyards:

One can stay at Sula Vineyards for as long as they prefer. It is a beautiful place with grapevines and has aromas of fresh berries. There is this Sula Guest House for the visitors where they get the three-time meal with a Sula Wine. Stay at the Sula Guest House can be a bit expensive but definitely worth a try.

In Sula Vineyards, you can hire a guide to show you around and narrate you the history of the settling of these vineries. One can easily check out the winemaking that the theories. The process is a little sublime and satisfying at the same time to watch. Spending over a couple of hours in the is enough for the wine yards.

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History and Origin of Sula

Rajeev Samant initially had a corporate job that he had to quit to establish the Sula after returning from California. The Sula vineyards were established in 1998 which means that the Wine is not too old but it has possessed the Wine industry and now holds the 65% share in it. Sula launched its first wine in 1999. Today, Sula exports its wine to 26 foreign countries.

How does your favorite wine taste?

The aroma of Sula Wine is breathtakingly amazing. It smells like hard apices and black pepper followed by the taste of mashed cherries and dark chocolate. The perfect blend of light bitterness and sweetness is what gives Sula the life.

Sula Wine

One can get a hangover of the aftertaste that this wine leaves on their tongues even after 2 hours of consumption. However, the flavor of Sula Wine can depend on one type to another yet the aroma and taste somehow resemble each type. The bitterness of the wine totally depends upon the alcohol content in the recipe.

Types of Sula Wine

Focused on the color of the wine, Sula is divided into 4 main types namely; red, white, rose and sparkling. Another type of Sula Wine is a dessert wine. These are further divided into various types:

Sula Red Wine: The color of these wines is crystal red with a minor change in the shade. These wines include Rasa Shiraz, Rasa Cabernet Sauvignon, Dindori Reserve Shiraz, Sula Cabernet Shiraz, Sula Zinfandel, Satori Merlot Malbec, Mosaic Grenache Syrah and Dia Red.

Sula White Wine: Most healthy and skin-friendly of all, this wine is divided into Dindori Reserve Viognier, Sula Sauvignon blanc, Sula Chenin blanc, Sula Riesling, Sula Chenin blanc Reserve, Mosaic Chenin Sauvignon and Dia White.

Sula Rose Wine: With a fresh aroma of rose, these wines are sweeter than others. The Sula Rose Wines include Sula Zinfandel Rosé and Mosaic Grenache-Syrah Rosé

Sula Sparkling Wine: A wine without glister is no wine at all. Sula sparkling wine is the shiniest of all including Sula Brut, Sula Brut Rosé, Sula Seco, Sula Seco Rosé and Brut Tropicale.

Sula Dessert Wine: Late Harvest Chenin Blanc

How to Drink Sula Wine?

One can have a good question mark on How to drink Sula Wine. Well, stop worrying about people. We know that you have spent your pennies to buy this heavenly tasting wine and are now literally dying to try it out so here is a little how-

Open the bottle as usual and serve the wine chilled. Let the liqueur breathe in fresh air by the time you adore its aroma and crystal clear color.

  1. Drink it directly and chilled,
  2. Have it after a meal,
  3. Try out with tandoori dishes,
  4. Have the hard wines at parties.

Health Benefits

Even when it is just 8%, the alcohol makes its place to the Sula. Now that we know that consumption of too much alcohol is no good in any way so it is advised to consume it in a considerable amount.

Sula, when consumed in an appropriate amount, can prove to be very healthy.

Some of the health benefits of Sula are:

  • Healthier and spotless skin,
  • Healthy heart,
  • Prevents vision loss,
  • Saves one from cancer and other similar chronic diseases,
  • Keeps you warm in cold weather,
  • It makes one feel younger.

Alcohol Content

Usually, wines have low alcohol content in them because they are made to be a healthy beverage rather than a liqueur. The Sula Wine has only 8% alcohol by volume which is considerably less but alcohol is alcohol so it is a liqueur anyway. The alcohol content varies from type to type and can rise to about 14% in Red Wine.

Where can you buy

Wines can be easily bought from any nearby liqueur shops or from online shopping sites. Sula is among those liqueurs which are available anywhere easily. One can buy them from the liqueur store at a metro station or from a bus station. Impressive? Yeah! It is because of the reasonable price of the wine that makes it affordable and accessible to all.

If you buy the Wine from a retailer, the price will be comparatively less and reasonable.

Sula Wine Price List

Usually, wines are expensive but Sula is among the most affordable wines of all. The 345ml bottle is easily available at the price of INR 500. Although the price range of this wine can vary from type to type, it stays affordable overall. Sula Wine price can rise from as low as $4 to as high as $11. Pretty inexpensive? This is what Sula is known for and why you must have it in your wine collection.

Sula Red Wine price in Delhi and Sula Red Wine price in Hyderabad are considerably low if you purchase them in stock. The reason why people prefer to buy it from different cities is that Sula Red Wine Price can be a little high and less affordable for all.

Sula Wine Review

Sula is among the top affordable wines with variable alcohol content. It can be served chilled directly or paired with your favorite non-veg meal.

This vegan liqueur has its own health benefits and comes in various prices and types. Sula is crystal clear with a perfect blend of various flavors that can leave a long-lasting aftertaste on your tongue. One good thing about Sula is that it is accessible to all and has no health hazards at all given that you drink it in a considerable amount.

Did you know?

  • Sula means Sweaty Upper Lip Alert.
  • The Sula Winemaker is an American man named Kerry Damskey.
  • Sula is named after the owner, Rajeev Samant’s monther ‘Sulatha’.
  • The color of wine has got nothing to do with the color of grapes. You can produce white wine from green or purple grapes and vice versa.
  • A wine can belong to the 16th century or back to three days it doesn’t make it any less wine. Although older wine is more expensive.
  • SulaFest is an annual live music festival that takes places every year at the Nashik vinery.
  • Brut Tropical was launched as a limited edition by Sula to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the vineyard.


First-ever affordable Indian wine, Sula was first launched in 2000. The business spread its wings and now the wine holds a 65℅ share in the Indian Wine business. The taste of Sula is sweet and fresh. The aroma of black pepper and other hard spices is the main reason why most of the people like this liqueur.

With very little alcohol content, Sula is a healthy drink that can be consumed as a beverage or liqueur. It is easily available in nearby liqueur stores at cheap rates. What one needs to know about the Sula wines is all easily available in Sula vineyards in Nashik, Maharashtra. The Sula vineries are open 7 days a week for tasting.

The entry fee is very less and anyone can stay there at a reasonable price to taste the wines and check out the wind makes. Sula wines come in various sizes and types. Red wines are way too expensive and hard while others are comparatively soft. If you are the one looking for a perfect blend that matches the requirements of your pocket, Sula is the right choice for you.

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