Scooby Snack Shot – All You Want To Know!

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Scooby dooby doo, where are you? Ah, the famous cartoon Scooby doo, who can ever forget that favorite dog from our childhood? That green van and those mysterious episodes we used to watch for hours, that was a lot of fun, right? So is this fruity tropical shooter – SCOOBY SNACK SHOT!

A green-colored concoction, just like that green van, this is a drink to be served at the poolside. It is perfect for a beach lounging and it also goes well on formal events. A creamy fruity tropical shot topped with whipped cream, it is infact a good choice for the summers.

Why is it called a Scooby snack shot?

The snow-capped drink was originally known as “Scooby Doo Pa Pa Shots”. A basic conclusion that most people draw is that this concoction has something to do with those Scooby snacks in the cartoon.

Well, that’s not quite true! The drink got its name from its founder – Dr. Nishiwaki Scooby who was a famous Japanese holistic medicine doctor.

The doctor here made this drink for its health benefits. What he prepared was a mix of aged Japanese goat milk with some pineapple, coconut, and bananas, plus some of his secrets distilled grain liquor. According to Nisiwaki, this mixture has certain healing properties and it boosts one’s energy levels.

Zoinks! That’s quite a story, right? Well, there’s no fun if nothing’s mysterious and vague. Thanks to Dr. Scooby we have a refreshing concoction that gives the energy to dance out hard at those loud parties.

What is in a Scooby snack shot?

scooby snack shot recipe

This sweet refreshing shooter is a mix of fruity liqueurs and juices. All the required ingredients are easily available in the market. So this makes one half of preparing the drink quite easy. Here are the details of the main ingredients you’ll need to make the Scooby snack shot –

  • Coconut rum 

There are a lot of varieties of coconut rum, but quality rum like Malibu will be the best one. Since the drink has already got a lot of sweet juices and liqueur, this one’s less sweet and has a creamy touch of coconut. It has 21% ABV which seems perfect for the shooter.

  • Melon liqueur 

Extracted from muskmelons, this is a green-colored liqueur and is very sweet. It gives the shot its mysterious Scooby van green color. The best quality of melon liqueur that can be used goes by the name Midori melon liqueur. This is easily available in stores all over the world. There are various other options too.  

  • Crème de banana

As the name says this is all about bananas! A very rich banana-flavored liqueur, it is normally an ingredient in many drinks and desserts. It has a very mild fruity flavor and is easily available in stores.  

How to make a Scooby snack shot? 

Coming to the later part of preparing these shots. It’s quite convenient to make them. The whole process takes around 3 minutes.

Scooby snack shot ingredients

Here’s a list of ingredients you’ll need to make one shot –

  1. Coconut rum – 0.5 oz
  2. Crème de banana – 0.5 oz
  3. Melon liqueur – 0.5 oz
  4. Pineapple juice – 0.5 oz
  5. Whipped cream – 1.5 oz
  6. Ice cubes

Scooby snack shot recipe

To make one serving you need to follow a simple process listed below –

  1. First, take a cocktail shaker and put some ice in it.
  2. Next add coconut rum to it. Pour crème de banana, melon liqueur and pineapple juice in the shaker.
  3. You can add the whipped cream now to make it creamier, or you can top it at the end. However, the taste in either of the cases will remain the same.
  4. Now shake it well and strain it in a glass to serve.
  5. At last top it with whipped cream, cherries or fruit wedges.

How many calories in a Scooby snack shot?

One serving as per the ingredients listed above contains 203 calories. And now it’s clearer why it got the name ‘snack shot’. You can avoid cream if you want to lessen the calories. Apart from that, it consists of 18% fats, 14% cholesterol, and 5% carbohydrates of all the nutrients. Also, it has 13 grams of sugar that accounts for all the sweetness.

Well if you are lactose intolerant that it is suggested not to add whipped cream in it, or you can add other forms of creams like coconut cream. Dairy-free products will make it a lot healthier.

Scooby snack shot variations

Here we have a slight variation of the shot. If you like milk in our drinks then this might interest you. This is perhaps not a shot it is a drink and goes by the name ‘Scooby snack#3’. Not for those who are lactose intolerant because this has got a lot of milk into it.

To prepare the drink you’ll need –

  1. Coconut rum – 1 shot
  2. Melon liqueur – 1 shot
  3. Milk – 1 glass

Gather all the ingredients and then follow these simple steps –

  1. First, take a cocktail shaker and put some ice into it.
  2. Next add coconut rum, melon liqueur and milk to it.
  3. Shake it and strain it in a highball glass.
  4. At last, top it with some fruit wedges and serve chilled.

There are various other variations of this concoction with extravagant flavors, you can even try to make one of your own. Moreover, you may find similar green colored drinks like Scooby snack cocktail, the zombie Scooby snack, and the Scooby snack jello shots you can give them a try too.

Some tips 

The Scooby snack shot is quite popular in the Caribbean and Mexico. It goes by different names in different places. So, if you are thinking to order it in a bar, don’t forget to mention its ingredients clearly to the bartender, just to make the process easy,

If you are not into sweet alcoholic drinks or do not like coconut or melon flavors then this drink is certainly not for you. Other things can be skipped but coconut rum and melon liqueur is quite an important part of it.  

This tropical booze is full of refreshing flavors and can kick a lot of energy into you.

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