What Is Sake Alcohol Content And The Famous Sake Types?

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Have a dinner plan with friends? Looking for a fermented beverage that will ignite your party? If so, Sake alcohol is what you need to uplift the party mood. Sake is a well known Japanese alcoholic beverage made by fermenting rice. But, Sake is no longer a staple Japanese drink only. It’s on its way to enter the mainstream alcohol market. But, many people have a lot of confusion regarding what is Sake Alcohol Content Percentage. The drink is often referred to as the rice wines; hence people assume it will heave comparable alcohol content.

Sake has a sweet and sour flavor, so most of the people, especially in western countries, feel that the drink is not very strong. To clear your confusion we are heart to answer the burning question of how much alcohol content is present in Sake.

The Average Alcohol Content In Sake

alcohol content of sake

Talking about the alcohol content in average Sake, the drink comes in the category of high alcohol content drinks but not at the same level as that of the hard liquor.  The alcohol by volume (ABV) in Sake is 15-16 %. Sake has the highest alcohol content among the world’s best-fermented drinks like wine, beer, and cider. While spirit and liquor are distilled from fermented beverages to increase the alcohol content, Sake is brewed to 20 % of alcohol content.

Once it is brewed it is diluted with water to decrease the alcohol content to 15-16 %.  The reason for the high alcohol content in the Saki drink is due to the parallel fermentation.  In parallel fermentation, the starch in rice is converted to sugar and sugar in turn to alcohol. Due to this process, sugar density in the drink reaches the balanced level and the alcohol content increases.

Sake With The High ABV

For those who want a stiffer Sake experience, Genshu is a good option. Unlike other stakes, Genshu is not diluted with water. As a result of this, it has a much stronger flavor than the other types of Sake. The ABV content of Genshu is 18 % on average.

But, with all said users can dilute Genshu themselves if they want to reduce the alcohol content. So, you can fine-tune the drink according to your taste, toss in those ice cubes and get ready to enjoy your favorite Sake drink. If you talk about the highest alcohol content Sake, Genshu always tops the list.

Behold the Samurai-worlds strongest stake offering

The highest ABV content in Sake is 18 %-22 %, however, Samurai made by Tamagawa Sake Brewery has whopping 46 % ABV content. But, as the legal limit for ABV content in Sake is 22 %, Samurai is categorized as a liqueur. But, unlike the usual Sake, Samurai doesn’t taste sweet and takes the Sake to the dry extremes.

With 44 % of ABV, Samurai can warm your belly on the chilly winter day. If you want to indulge in the strongest Sake, Samurai is the one you need to drink next. But, if you are reluctant to consume a drink with high ABV, worry not. Some breweries provide Sake with lower ABV content.

Lightest Sake offering you needs to try

Suzune, the signature brand of Ichinokura brewery is known for its low alcohol content. The hot Sake alcohol content is 5 %. The low alcohol content drink is popular amongst women drinkers. The alcohol content of Suzune is equivalent to an average beer. The low alcohol content Sake comes as the sparkling Sake with a sweet flavor and clean texture. Along with the low alcohol content, it’s also low in calories and crabs.

Other famous types of Sakes you need to know about

If it’s your first time with the Japanese drink, you need to have a clear idea about the various types of Sakes. Each of the Sakes is brewed in different ways and contains a different percentage of alcohol content. The fermented drink is made with Sake rice from which bran is stripped to remove the protein and oils. There are 5 main types of Sakes namely:

  1. Junmai-Shu: It is the unadulterated Sake with no presence of brewer’s alcohol. It does not contain any added sugar or starch. The drink contains 70 % of milled rice and only 30 % of the rice has its outer layer removed. It has a full and rich body and is usually served hot.
  2. Ginjo-Shu: The drink is made with rice, out of which 40 % is milled and 60 % retains its original size. The drink has a fantastic aroma and contains delicate and light flavor that will take your taste buds to the next level. To prepare the drink, special yeast and rice mash is used which is then fermented at low temperatures. To get the best flavor you should drink it chilled.
  3. Daiginjo-Shu: It is a special type of Ginjo-Shu and uses a rice mesh with Sake rice. The percentage of milled rice is between 35%-50%. If you like strong fragrance, then you need to drink it next. In addition to the high fragrance, it contains a delicate taste and a brief tail.
  4. Honjozo-Shu: The drink comes with 70 % degree of milling. This means only 30 % of rice is milled while 70 % retains its original size. This type of Sake contains brewer’s alcohol and is not as strong as other Sakes. The drink has a light and smooth body and flavor. The aroma of the drink is distinct.
  5. Namazake: This type of alcohol is not pasteurized. Hence, all other types of Sakes can be Namazake. Also, this type of alcohol should be chilled to keep the flavor of the aroma intact.

Now as we move towards the end of the tour of Sake, you will get the clear idea about what is the alcohol content of Sake.  So, take time out and try out the wonderful array of flavors and make sure to taste as much as possible.

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