Here Is The Best Rye Whiskey: Reviews, Brands, Cocktails

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Are you the whiskey lover and looking for the best Rye whiskey?

If yes, then you are in the right place!

Here we are with the best information for what is Rye whiskey.

Read the complete information below and end with the great knowledge of the best drinks that you can prepare with it. 

Rye Whiskey Reviews

Since the whiskey is made with rye it tastes little spicy, with a good version of bourbon. 

Although many remain aware of Bourbon and Scotch no wonder Rye whiskey is gaining popularity and is becoming one of the best choices.

The drink lost its name but is now regaining its position back in the liquor world. Its spicy, brash flavor attracts many whiskey lovers towards it. 

To enhance its taste, make Rye whiskey as the primary ingredient for making some of the fancy drinks like Old Fashioned, Sazerac, Manhattan. 

You can also pair it with club soda or ginger ale if you are not willing to drink it straight.

To give the drink a great taste, it is aged in charred. The drink has an ABV below 80%. While bottling the ABV is at least 40%.

So we hope that you get a brief idea of the drink. So let’s move ahead and talk about the top brands of this Whiskey.  

Rye Whiskey Recipe

This great drink is gaining everyone’s attention and therefore here is its recipe right from scratch. All whiskey is similar, the only difference lies in the type of mash (corn, rye, wheat, oats, maize, and barley) ingredients.

rye whiskey cocktails

Using the different percentages of these mashes you can prepare the whiskey of your choice.

Here we are talking about the Rye whiskey and therefore will opt for the rye as the primary ingredients.

Check the complete list of ingredients for preparing the drink in the list below:

  • Water: 5 Gallons
  • Rye Malt: 6 Pounds
  • Flaked Maize: 3.5 Pounds
  • Malted Barley: 0.5 Pound
  • Whiskey Turbo Yeast
  • Brew Mash Pot
  • Fermentation Bucket


  • Place the brew pot on the heat source and pour water into it.
  • Heat the water until the temperature reaches to 1650F. Turn off the heat source.
  • Stir Rye Malt and Flakes Maize for 5 minutes after every 30 seconds.
  • Stir the mixture for 7 minutes and until the temperature reaches 1520F.
  • Now add malted barley and stir for 30 seconds after every 20 minutes. Continue stirring until temperature cool to 700F.
  • Add whiskey turbo yeast to the mixture continue by aeration.
  • For proper aeration dump the mixture back and forth in two different containers.
  • Now pour the mixture in the fermentation bucket followed by distillation.

Top Rye Whiskey Brands

Here is the best pack of knowledge of the Rye whiskey brand. Scroll one by one and choose the one that goes best with your taste and budget. 

  1. Journeyman Distillery

With the famous slogan ‘The Adventure of Spirit’ goes the best with its taste and flavor.

It is known for delivering the handcrafted brews and artisan spirits and focus more on the whiskey that is prepared using organic rye.

  1. Knob Creek

With an average ABV of 10%, Knob Creek offers the best Rye whiskey with the rich flavor, aromatic distillate and the perfect blend of spices and vanilla. 

No wonder its perfect recipe gives it a warm and smooth finish.  

  1. Crown Royal

Many among you who drink whiskey frequently, might come across Crown Royal. It is an award-winning brand. The drink is produced in the Northern Harvest and is blended with 90% rye that makes it different. 

It makes use of Canadian rye grain with the featured taste of oak, butterscotch, and subtle peppery vanilla. 

  1. Pikesville Rye

The straight Rye whiskey with a classic distillate dated back to 1895 is known for delivering pale pale-colored classic flavored drink with the great taste of rye and clove. 

The drink has the best aroma of blended cocoa and smoke giving it a smooth finish of spiced vanilla. 

  1. Angel’s Envy

Implementing the traditional distilling methods, Angle’s Craft is known for providing complete reinvention that is stored in Caribbean rum cakes for 18 months.

The proper finish results in the absorbance of cask’s flavor thus offering the complex taste whiskey with the mixed taste of earthy, spiced, and sweet taste.

  1. Union Horse

A caramel delight Rye whiskey aged in the distilleries signature oak barrels.

The drink has many different ingredients like butterscotch, ginger, and cinnamon. These powerful ingredients give it a pleasing and impressive taste that last long. 

  1. Few Spirits

It provides the rye-whiskey with ninety-three proof and a mixture of rye and corn. The drink distillates in the great state of Illinois and is famous for the use fo the best grains. 

  1. Templeton Rye

The historic flavor of the Rye whiskey is what one can find in Templeton Rye. 

You can now find it in a distillation unit of Lawrenceburg, IN. It has an of caramel and butterscotch. In all, you will get the perfect balance of clean and smooth taste of the drink. 

  1. Rabbit Hole

Rabbit Hole gives the rich flavor of Rye whiskey is the product of Kentucky. 

It is prepared with 95% rye and 5% malted barley. 

Talking about its taste, it has a sweet and spicy taste that stays in the tongue for long.

  1. Sagamore Spirit

Delivering the Rye whiskey in four different varieties follow its own distilling process and thus has its own flavor profiles. 

You can enjoy the taste of rich blended sweet and dark fruits.  

Rye whiskey Cocktails

Pick the right brand from the list above and either drink it straight or use it for preparing the best Rye whiskey drinks. 

It is a featured liquor that has evolved with time and has a good list of classic to modern drinks. 

Here are the best-known drinks prepared with Rye whiskey but before that make sure that you have all the important ingredients necessary to prepare different drinks.

Following is the complete list of ingredients you must have for Rye whiskey recipe. 

  • Rye whiskey (Choose any one form the above list)
  • Sweet Vermouth
  • Angostura Bitters
  • Lemon
  • Oranges
  • Luxardo Cherries
  • Eggs and Sugar

You can prepare the syrup to get the process done faster. For this take water and sugar in the ratio of 1:1 and boil it until the sugar is completely mixed into it. Cool the mixture and keep it for future use. 

  1. Old Fashioned 

To prepare this great drink pour one-fourth ounces simple syrup into the rock-glass. Add 2 dashes of Angostura bitter and 2 ounces of Rye whiskey. Fill the glass with ice and stir the mixture well for 20 minutes.

Make the drink more alluring by peeling the orange on the top. This will give the drink an orange twist.

  1. The Manhattan

The drink created in the late 19th century in New York City, it is the first popular cocktail containing vermouth. 

The drink has a simple recipe with the perfect combination of Rye whiskey (2 ounces) sweet vermouth (1 ounce), Angostura Bitters ( 2 dashes).

Mix all the ingredients int mixing glass and add ice. Stir the mixture for 20 seconds and pour it in the stemmed cocktail glass. 

Garnish it with cherry and enjoy the drink, 

  1. The Whiskey Sour

The classic, delicious and satisfying drink associated with somewhat sour taste is what known as the Whiskey Sour

Mix 2 ounces of Rye whiskey, 1 ounce of lemon juice, and 1 ounce of simple syrup in a shaker to prepare the drink.

Shake the mixture for 15 seconds and strain it into a rock glass.

Garnish it with the orange slice and cherry to make it tastier. 

  1. The Boston Sour

Whiskey sour, when served with the egg white, is known by the name Boston Sour. No wonder many famous cocktails uses egg whites.

To prepare the drink mix all the above-mentioned ingredients as for preparing the Boston Sour in the shaker and add ½ ounce of egg whites. Avoid adding ice and shake the mixture well. 

After proper mixing for 10 seconds open the shake and add ice. Shake again for 15 seconds. 

Strain the drink in the coupe and enjoy the taste. 

  1. Vieux Carre

It is the popular rye cocktail with the right mixture of perfect ingredients like rye, Cognac, Benedictine, Sweet vermouth, and bitters. 

You can try it with Sazerac Straight to transform its complex taste into genuine.

Bottom Line

In all, it is the best alcohol that you would enjoy drinking. Although you can know its recipe but better to avoid its preparation at home as it is not a good option if not underwent with the proper fermentation and distillation.

But do try different cocktails prepared with the drink.

Share your views and the experience you have after trying this delicious drink.


What is a good Rye whiskey?

Since Rye whiskey comes under the hottest whiskey many liquor lovers have either already taste it or are looking for a good product to stimulate their taste buds. 

You can find the great taste and mouth-watering drink by spending the least from your pocket. Here is the list of some good Rye whiskey. 

  • Old Overholt
  • Rittenhouse Rye 
  • High West Double Rye
  • George Dickel Rye whiskey
  • KO Distilling Bare Knuckle American Rye whiskey

Why is Rye whiskey Popular?

The first feature of the drink that attracts drinkers towards it, is the taste, the other is the aroma and of course its ABV.

This whiskey is taking over the American market at an accelerated rate because of its super easily available ingredients, use in preparing different types of drinks, etc.

Where is Rye whiskey mostly produced?

Rye whiskey although popular in America but is the largest producer of the drink is Sinnott’s distillery, Moore and Sinnott. The distillery is located in Monongahela, Pennsylvania.

The distillery has a capacity of 30,000 barrels a year. 

How to make Rye whiskey?

It is prepared using a mashing process by using important ingredients like rye, flaked maize, etc.

The important point to keep in mind while preparing this whiskey is to maintain the temperature. 

Read the preparation method in the above information. 

It is prepared using the American rye. The drink contains 51% rye along with other ingredients; corn and malted barley. The overall alcohol content in the drink is 160 proof or 80%ABV. The drink tastes the best because of aging that is done in charred, new oak barrels. 

What is the difference between bourbon and rye?

The biggest difference between these two famous whiskeys is their flavor. The bourbon is prepared with corn mash that makes the drink a little sweeter while the Rye whiskey has a spicy ton and drier taste. 

What is the best way to drink Rye whiskey?

Either you can drink the Rye whiskey like Old Fashioned, Sazerac or Manhattan without rye or straight on the rocks or you can combine your drink with club soda, or ginger ale.

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