What Is Rumplemintz? How To Drink It?

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Rumplemintz liquor holds the crowd that drives the silent vibes of the bars to entertaining. To begin with, Rumplemintz’s proof is the Brad Pitt of spirits across the globe. With its peppermint finishing, it is the most prominent german-styled alcoholic beverage that delivers refined drinking experience. 

Here’s a tip for our readers, when you walk into a bar and see Rumple Minze instead of Rumplemintz, that’s alright! It is because Rumple Minze liquor is shortly known as the Rumplemintz.

Well! To be honest, this liquor has something Abracadabra about its taste. It is full of allurement and magic.

Are you drinking Rumple Minze for the first time? This brings us to the gratification of presenting a brief introduction to Rumplemintz and everything you need to know about this precious peppermint complimented liquor. 

Let’s get started then!

What is Rumplemintz liquor?

rumplemintz shot

Aforementioned, Rumplemintz is a short-form for Rumple Minze liquor. The term Rumplemintz comes from the portmanteau (name-combining) of Rumple Minze and peppermint schnapps, its primary ingredient.

Thus, it is known as Rumplemintz. However, moving on! This liquor was introduced in the early 2000s. It’s simple packaging, yet, the eccentric flavor has impressed uncountable alcohol fanatics all over the world at that time.

Even today, the liquor is well-known for its strong relish to the tongue and minty sustenance that it delivers with every sip. 

To the reader’s surprise, the Rumple Minze was introduced by the Diageo Plc in London. Do you know? It is one of the largest and real-time rankings of alcoholic beverage companies with many rewards.

Of course, the creativity of this liquor has caused the world to bow-down and appreciate the contrasting classification among the unlimited list of alcoholic beverages at a global level. 

How to drink Rumplemintz proof liquor?

Rumple Minze liquor is served chilled. Therefore, before the big night, it is recommendable to refrigerate Rumplemintz proof for two hours. Apart from this, you can also prepare some arousing cocktails using Rumple minze.

Here’s a fun fact, some years after the introduction of Rumplemintz proof liquor, it also made its concurrent reputation as a cocktail ingredient. Some of the prominent liquors made using this outstanding spirits are:

  • Rumplesnuggler
  • Peppermint Patty Shots
  • Horny Leprechaun
  • Baileys Minty Mistletoe
  • Black Ice
  • Liquid Cocaine
  • Soapy Tits
  • Junior Mint shots
  • Thin Mint shooters

From being an immodest cocktail liquor ingredient to delivering a mouthfeel akin to a fortune, Rumple Minze excites alcohol lovers to another level.

How to make Rumplemintz shot cocktails?

Rumplesnuggler: This contrasting-milky chocolate appears like you are drinking a decent-fancy cold coffee in a restaurant. However, it is just an example of an illusion that Rumple minze offers. Take a glimpse of Rumplesnuggler recipe:

List of ingredients (Serve 2)

Recipe: Take Irish Coffee Mugs (2). Pour all ingredients together except whipped cream in both glasses equal in measurement. Stir well! Garnish the drink with whipped cream. Your real-time liquorish coffee is ready.

Horny Leprechaun: This cocktail is also creamy, however, it appears itty-bitty pink/sandy. It holds a thick texture that gives you the most pleasure while sipping. Let’s view the recipe of Horny Leprechaun.

List of ingredients: 

  • Heavy cream
  • Ice cubes/crushed
  • Baileys Irish cream liquor (3 ounces)
  • Rumple Minze 100 proof liquor (2 ounces)

Recipe: Take fancy cocktail glasses with open mouth. Pour Baileys Irish cream liqueur and Rumplemintz. Stir well. Add heavy cream and stir until it’s thick. Add ice to it. Serve chilled. 

Liquid Cocaine: No! No! We are not talking about drugs. However, Liquid cocaine takes you to another heaven. This top-notch cocktail made using Rumple Minze serves vibrant drinks on the table. Let’s view the recipe for Liquid cocaine:

List of ingredients:

Recipe: Take a cocktail shaker and mix all the ingredients together. Shake well. Add ice to it. It is noteworthy to mention that this cocktail is served very chilled. However, if you experience brain freeze, you can make it less chilling. 

Thin Mint Shooters: This cocktail is perfect for a girls-night-out or a romantic evening with your other half. This cocktail creates a seductive vibe in the room with its complimented aromatic qualities of chocolate syrup and peppermint that comes from the Rumplemintz proof. 

List of ingredients:

  • Chocolate Syrup (Duh! It was a spoiler alert): 1 Tspn. 
  • Mint cookies (on the side)
  • Any chocolate liquor (like Baileys Chocolate Cherry, Patron X or Godiva): 2 ounces
  • Peppermint Schnapps Rumple Minze (1.5 ounces)
  • Creamy Milk (1 ounce)

Recipe: Take a flat plate and pour chocolate syrup over it. Crush the cookies and place them in another place. Now, take a cocktail glass and dip its mouth (rim) into the poured chocolate syrup and then repeat the same with the crushed cookies on the other plate. 

Now, take a cocktail shaker and pour the rest of the ingredients together. Shake well until the solution turns into thick drinkable chocolate milk. Fill the drink into cocktail glasses with chocolatey rims and serve chilled. 

24k Nightmare: Well! You may relate this to the Columbian tie nightmare, however, that’s old. Now, it is time to prepare a world-class glass of 24k nightmare with an extra thin texture that makes you feel refreshed.

List of ingredients:

  • 151 Bacardi Rum (1.5 ounces)
  • Jagermeister (1.5 ounces)
  • Goldschlager (1.5 ounces)
  • Rumple minze (1.5 ounces)

Recipe: Take a cocktail shaker and mix all the ingredients together. Shake well. Add ice to it. It is noteworthy to mention that this cocktail is served very chilled. However, if you experience brain freeze, you can make it less chilling. 

What proof is Rumplemintz liquor?

Rumple Minze is 100 proof liquor. In some countries, it also comes in 80 proof that deducts the Rumplemintz alcohol content down to 40%. For the most part, it is a very strong liquor and thus, a consumer may find it difficult to deal with such strong liquor for the first-time. Thus, it is recommendable to try rumplemintz shots, one at a time. 

Apart from this, if you are ordering a rumplemintz cocktail, you must have the capacity to hold such a high level of alcohol content in your body. As a matter of fact, rumple minze cocktails contain high-end liquors as additional ingredients such as:

  • 151 Bacardi Rum
  • Baileys Irish Cream Liquor
  • Jagermeister
  • Goldschlager
  • Chocolate liquors

What is Rumplemintz alcohol content?

Rumple Minze alcohol content limits up to 50%. Since it is a 100 proof alcoholic beverage, its alcohol content is higher than the average alcohol by volume. Such high levels of alcohol content can lead to BAC generation.

Thus, the drinkers are recommendable to drink 1 shot per hour in order to allow the body to digest drink and prevent from generating blood alcohol concentration.

You can calculate ABV by finding out the proof of the liquor. For example, if the spirit is 90 proof, its alcohol content level will be 45%. Similarly, for 100 proof Rumplemintz, alcohol content percentage is 50%.

You can also check the label at the bottom or back-side of the bottle to view accurate alcohol content in bars or wine & beer stores. 

How many Rumplemintz calories per rumplemintz shot?

The rumplemintz calorie limit per shot is 172 grams. However, it also depends on the measurement of liquor per shot. For example, 1.5 ounces of rumplemintz shot leads to 172 calories.

Alongside this, one shot of Rumplemintz leads to the consumption of 13-gram carbs. It is because of the candy-cane flavor of the rumple minze. It comes from sugary ingredients and such.

Is Rumplemintz gluten-free?

No! Rumplemintz liquor is not a gluten-free drink. It is because it is made of schnapps peppermints. It is noteworthy to mention that the schnapps liquors are made using additional grain spirits and so.

Thus, in the absence of any barrelling process, grain’s gluten qualities remain in the liquor. Therefore, if you are on a gluten diet or under the risk of any skin diseases or insensitivity reactions, unluckily, Rumple Minze proof is not for you. 

You can choose some other gluten-free liquors such as:

General FAQs

  • What type of alcohol is Rumplemintz?

Rumple Minze is a german-styled spirit with peppermint schnapps taste and refined relish of candy-cane. It is a 100 proof liquor with only 50% alcohol content percentage. This spirit is a fine competitor of Baileys Irish cream liqueur and chocolate liqueurs like Godiva. Without a doubt, it is not the highest proof liquor, however, it is one of the top 10 highest proof liquors in the world with a license to trade internationally.

  • How many shots are in a bottle of Rumplemintz?

A single bottle of Rumple minze measures up to 750 ml. The one-shot is approx 1.5 ounces, I .e.., 44 ml. Thus, one bottle of Rumpleminze is equivalent to 17 shots. It is noteworthy to mention that one shot of Rumple Minze can be strongly intoxicating. Thus, you must drink one-shot in an hour. The shot game with Rumplemintz can be extremely risky as it contains accurately 50% alcohol content. Thus, the generation of blood alcohol concentration is a very common outcome. 

  • Does Rumple Minze get you drunk?

Well! Yes. Rumplemintz proof is 100. Thus, it can be a very strong liquor for a consumer with low alcohol capacity. A customer must not try to consistently consume more than one shot of rumple Minze in an hour. It can lead to some serious health issues in the short as well as in the long run. 

More than 4 shots of Rumple Minze can change your classy appearance to the appearance of an alcoholic. Therefore, drink Rumplemintz with class. 1 shot per hour. Also, here’s a little tip, eat something before you drink it to avoid hugging the toilet. 

Closure for Rumplemintz Liquor

Rumple Minze has a long way to go as it is one of the favorites among the modern generation. In between the crowd of ancient spirits like Bacardi 151 rum and Baileys Irish Cream, Rumple Minze has grasped a special place for it with its high proof and smooth candy-cane flavor. 

You can prefer to drink this outstanding and strong liquor in a safe place such as on weekend nights at home. This way, you can make sure you won’t end up on the streets like a homeless person. Although criticism aside, you can without a doubt, enjoy the Rumplemintz and the innovative cocktail recipes that we have presented with an open heart and mouth craving for sugary alcohol. 

“RumpleMintz wishes you good luck!”