Remy Martin: Why It Is Special and Some Myths

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Augustin Depardon, the global executive director of Remy Martin explained the company’s symbol. The half-man, half-horse symbol, the centaur is what defines Rémy Martin. Over the years Remy Martin VSOP remains one of the biggest selling VSOP cognac in the world. Rémy Martin, founded in 1724, but the centaur emblem was introduced in 1870.

Almost a century later by Paul-Emile Rémy Martin. He was the grandson of the founder Rémy Martin. The emblem represented the Sagittarius symbol, which was Rémy’s zodiac sign.

The half horse and half man sign led to name ‘réntóumă’ in China. It means ‘man-headed horse’ in Chinese. Globally Rémy Martin has become synonymous as one of the finest and best Cognac Champagne among the wine and cognac connoisseurs.

The Roots and Heritage of Rémy Martin

The cognac producers kept re-inventing the cognac to be relevant. All the while keeping their roots and uniqueness intact. As a tribute to their heritage in 1997, they launched Remy Martin 1738 Accord Royal. Rémy Martin for their craftsmanship in 1738 received a royal decree from King Loius XV. To pay homage to their roots, Rémy Martin 1738 was launched.

As mentioned earlier, the company was started in the early 18th century by Rémy Martin, a winegrower. It was started in the city of Cognac and later started specializing in Cognac Fine Champagne.

Over the generations till 1910, Rémy Martin’s family ran the company. Only 1927 after André Renaud took over the realms of the Rémy Martin business launched their first famous VSOP Fine Champagne. André Renaud was a partner in E. Rémy Martin & Co., was a merchant and a trained lawyer.

Under him, the company flourished immensely. Even during and after the Second World War, the business of Rémy Martin continued to grow. The business was soon started to be overseen by the family of André Renaud.

What Makes Rémy Martin Special?

All the expensive and special champagnes and the bubbles produced around the world have something exclusive. However, there are quite a few aspects that set Rémy Martin apart from all the other champagnes in the world.

  • Unique Bland: Cognac Fine Champagne appellation is there for all Remy Martin cognacs. The exclusive blend of eaux-de-vie found in all Rémy Martin is from Petite Champagne crus and Grande Champagne. The eaux-de-vie’s at least 50 percent of the blend is Grande Champagne.
  • The Eaux-De-Vie: The intense aroma that is so unique to Rémy Martin cognac champagne is the result of the chalky soils and the aging quality of the eaux-de-vie. This unique blend has resulted in the high demand of the eaux-de-vie among the Fine champagne Cognac.
  • The Cooperative: To ensure that the demand meets the supply l’Alliance Fine Champagne (the Fine Champagne Alliance) was established byHouse of Rémy Martin’s André Hériard Dubreill in the 1960s. The cooperative brought together over thousands of Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne winegrowers.
  • Demand & Supply: These winegrowers now supplies the House’s 90% of the eaux-de-vie. This massive supply has enabled Rémy Martin to meet the demand for their Fine Champagne Cognac. They produce about 80 percent of the market’s demand.
  • Traditional Distillation: Many winegrowers and cognac makers now use machines for distillation. However, Rémy Martin is proof that traditional distillation still has a place in the market, and nothing beats it. The distillation of Rémy Martin is still done on the lees. Meaning there is a small amount of sedimentation retention in copper stills.
  • Aging: The aging process is done with oak barrels of a specific type, which is Limousin. The oak barrels allow the alcohol to evaporate, often termed as the angel’s share. During the process, the walls of the cellar get blackened. The evolution of the eaux-de-vie occurs over time. This changes with resting periods and changing the barrels. The constant factor is the exchanges that occur between the wood, oxygen, and eaux-de-vie.

Cognac can be aged in young and old barrels that either has an oak stave that is finer or stronger. The preparation of the cognac determines the aging. After the aging, the cognac is created by blending different barrels.

Rémy Martin For Today

Rémy Martin

This entire job of Rémy Martin is being looked after by Baptiste Loiseau. He is the current Cellar Master of the House. Loiseau follows the path paved by legendary cellar masters of Rémy Martin House. The likes of Georges Clot, Pierrette Trichet, André Renaud, and André Giraud.

In 1981 Giraud created Remy Martin XO, which is one of the most popular bottles. The bled is of 400 eaux-de-vie. In 2010 Rémy Martin introduced their first clear spirit as Rémy Marin V, though it is not a cognac it is an eau-de vie de vin.

Rémy Martin and Popular Culture

Over the years Rémy Martin has partnered and collaborated with several popular culture artists from various fields to establish themselves among the masses. Be it actors, singers, and photographers. Hollywood actor Jeremy Renner became their brand ambassador in 2015.

The Cognac Fine Champagne brand has a huge market in China too. For which they started working with Huang Xiaoming, the Chinese singer, and actor. Rémy Martin also collaborated with Jolin Tsai, the Taiwanese mandopop singer.

To launch Rémy Martin limited-edition VSOP, the House worked with US-Canadian singer Robin Thicke. In 2008 David LaChapelle, American director, and photographer designed some bottles for them. The world of American rappers also keeps mentioning Rémy Martin in their works.

The presence of Rémy Martin in popular culture has also resulted in seeing a steady rise in the demand for the products. Over the years across the world, Rémy Martin continues as the best cognac. But still, many are apprehensive about drinking Rémy Martin cognac for entertainment.

Myths Busted About Rémy Martin

It is a drink that comes with lots of myths. Let’s get rid of those myths so that you can enjoy your next Rémy Martin without feeling guilty. After knowing it’s a rich heritage and the unique preparation, it would be a shame not to try Remy Martin cognac.

  • It is expensive: Well, it can be expensive, but not all Rémy Martin is. the eaux-de-vie blend used in Rémy Martin product determines the price. The other factor that determines the price is its an aging period. One of the most expensive cognacs in the world is Remy Martin Louis XIII because if it blended from 1200 eaux-de-vie. Typically between 40 and 100 years in a Limousin barrel, Rémy Martin Louis XIII is aged. But a Rémy Martin can start from $50 and can go up to $500 plus if it is not a special one like Rémy Martin Louis XIII.
  • It Is To Be Sipped: Well, by sipping the Rémy Martin cognac neat you can appreciate its aroma and the rich, layered taste. Another truth is for many classic cocktails bases Remy Martin VSOP is used. For example, Aperol Spritz. It is a mix of VSOP with ginger ale that is topped with ice cream and garnished with some citrus.
  • It Is Winter Drink: One of the biggest misconceptions about drinking Rémy Martin is that it is a winter drink. It is believed one can enjoy it only during that time of the year.  To enjoy the rich flavor you do not have to have a cold temperature. You can enjoy the nutty, flowery and fruity flavour as a cocktail base on a summer day as a refreshing drink. Also, the best way to enjoy the aroma of Rémy Martin is to have it in a champagne flute or a tulip glass. A snifter glasses allow the aroma to escape, leaving the alcohol behind. Hence often a 1738 Remy Martin is said to leave in the mouth a burnt aftertaste.
  • It Is A Man’s Drink: Nothing could be farthest from the truth, Remy Martin bottle is to be enjoyed by every sex. The traditional imagery of Remy Martin is of a rob-clad gentleman sipping the cognac with a cigar in hand. Often sitting in front of a fireplace has been imprinted in our minds. But the elegant, sophisticated and smooth flavor that Rémy Martin cognac offers can appeal to both men and women alike and enjoy by both. Rémy Martin has been encouraging both men and women to taste their drink for ages now. In 2017 the Opulence Revealed Table was debuted by the company to offer an immersive food tasting experience with their award-winning Remy Martin XO.
  • Should Be Had After Dinner: Often Rémy Martin is associated king of digestifs. Since it helps to bring out the creamy and bitter tastes of the desserts, it also helps in digesting a hearty meal. Yet, Rémy Martin XO complements an aged cheese and pairs beautifully with fatty meats. When used as a base for cocktails, a Rémy Martin bottle can be an exceptional addition to canapés and snacks.

All these make Rémy Martin still one of the most sought after cognacs and Cognac Fine Champagnes. According to Depardon, the success of the brand is because Rémy Martin has ‘it’s feet firmly on the ground and its head in the sky.

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