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Puppers Premium Lager, ordinarily eluded to just as Puppers beer, is the favored beer of the characters on Letterkenny. In fact, to date, it is the main brand of beer referenced by name on the show.

Beginning with Season 2, pretty much every scene has highlighted at least one of the Hicks, specifically, drinking a Puppers or wanting for one, or saying in exasperation “Get this guy a fuckin’ Puppers.”

It was in the year 2017 that the craft brewer Stack Brewing came up with the authorized American-style lager, Puppers, which simply means a puppy. Then in the year 2018, the brand came up with the production of another batch and even that sold exclusively in Ontario.

Since then, it has been known that there’s no stopping of the popularity of the Puppers beer in the USA as more and more beer lovers stated giving the beer a try and was eventually loved for its appearance and flavors.

What makes Puppers beer so popular?

Though there are a number of beer brands that come and go since Puppers came out in the market, it had been growing in terms of popularity and people had been loving it a lot.

The main reason for the popularity of this amazing American Lager found out to be its exceptional flavor and appearance. The beer is quite smooth in its texture which is making is quite popular among the people. People in bars or in some get-togethers are very much seen having the can of Puppers in their hand which they enjoy at any occasion.

puppers beer usa

Pours a clear, pale straw yellow color; looks somewhat bubbly, with about an inch of smooth, soapy white head assembling on before settling off inside the following three minutes.

A wide neckline of foamy froth endures on, alongside an appealing swath of untidy lacing; look incredible for a light lager. The aroma is for the most part raw, bready pale malts, with traces of wheat grain, bubbled vegetables, and honeyed sweetness. Not getting any similarity to hops off the nose, simply malt sweetness (of which there might be excessively much, IMO).

The flavors are similarly as the aroma, with doughy-sweet pale malts and bready wheat notes doing the majority of the legwork from the beginning of the taste to the finish. Light hints of the cereal grain, with some faintly weedy hops, scarcely coming through towards the finish, while the delayed flavor impression has some quickly lingering doughy sweetness that before long blurs.

Light in body, with normal carbonation levels for a pale lager – they give a little piece of crispness, yet the general surface is genuinely smooth. This amazing flavor and the smoothness of Puppers beer become the main reason that it is very much liked by people in Ontario as well as in the whole of the USA.

Is Puppers a real beer?

Being an American Lager, people usually get a lot of confusion regarding the Puppers. Usually, people don’t take it as a real beer. But if you also have such a question in your mind that is Puppers a real beer then you should know that yes, it is.

Being quite a light alcoholic beverage, people don’t consider it to be a beer and some of them even turn their backs on Puppers but when tried and tested, the flavors of doughy-sweet pale malts can catch anyone’s attention and make them believe that Puppers is one of the versions of light beer that one needs to try out when you are planning to hold a can of a beer.

Is Puppers beer light or hard alcoholic beverage?

When it is about beer, most of people get conscious due to the fact that normally the beers are quite heavy which even adds on to the weight of their body but the case is not the same with the Puppers beer.

Puppers beer is one of the most famous versions of light beers which people are preferring a lot in the USA. Being a light beer, people don’t stay much conscious regarding beer consumption when they have Puppers beer in their hands.

ABV of Puppers beer

When it comes to beer or any other alcoholic beverage, it becomes very much necessary to have an idea about the alcohol by volume percentage of the drink, i.e. ABV of the beverage. Usually, beers are known to have less ABV in comparison to any other alcoholic drink.

When the discussion is specifically about Puppers beer in the USA, it is essential for the beer lovers to know that the ABV of Puppers beer is only 4%.

This alcohol by volume percentage of the drink makes it a lighter beer than any of the beer brands. Thus, people who prefer light beer, Puppers can easily be their preferred choice of beer which they can drink and enjoy to the fullest without worrying about the alcohol content.

Other aspects of Puppers beer

Just like knowing the alcohol by volume percentage of a beer is necessary the same goes for the number of carbohydrates in it. It is known that beers usually become of the major cause of increasing fats and weight gain among the people.

All those who drink beer a lot usually end up observing the potential increase in their weight which even affects their health in an adverse way. Talking about the number of carbohydrates in Puppers beer, it is known that a can of the beer tends to contain 120 calories. This amount of calories is known to be quite lesser than the number of calories in other beer brands.

Even though the alcohol by volume percentage and carbohydrates in Puppers beer is less, that doesn’t mean that you can drink this beer limitlessly.

All these aspects about beer are necessary to know so that anyone who’s drinking the beer should have the idea about his consumption and should take only that much content which doesn’t end up harming their body. Knowing all of this will help a person to drink in limits and responsibly.

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