Everything You Need To Know About Pornstar Martini Prosecco

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Do you desire to feel a light-crunchy and cold passion feeling of drink dripping down into your throat? You feel the real-time pleasure of the drunk night which gives you a relaxed mind and body. Let’s try the Pornstar Martini Prosecco cocktail. Pornstar Martini tree is a world-class combination of drinks that make a cocktail that tastes like wildfire.

It has been trending among the A-rated bars all over the world and the alcohol consumers which a picky taste finds Pornstar Martini as the most classical and evergreen cocktail.

Introduction to Pornstar Martini Prosecco

What is a Pornstar Martini?

Pornstar Martini is well-known for its taste-alike champagne but it has been made with a very negligible amount of brut champagne. To the reader’s surprise, Pornstar Martini contains brewing and fermentation of fresh fruits which keep the spirit of the drink up all the time.

Discovery of amazing cocktail—Pornstar Martini!

The 16 years old Pornstar Martini is a spick-and-span alcohol discovery by Douglas Ankarah in London. It is noteworthy to mention that Pornstar Martini is called a unique cocktail because it comes with shots of champagne as a side drink. That’s correct! If you are going to order Pornstar Martini prosecco, you may get bit of a shock to see the combo of drinks at your table.

What’s in a Pornstar Martini?

Well! This question more often arises among alcohol consumers who are tending to old-fashioned drinks. This is because; alcohol consumers like to discover everything about a newly trending drink before trying it. Fair enough! For our user’s information, Pornstar Martini has been garnished with fresh passion fruits.

What are Pornstar Martini ingredients?

The other five major ingredients used to make a coupe of Pornstar Martini are Absolut Vanilia, Passoa Liqueur, Vanilla syrup, brut champagne, and lime juice. As mentioned earlier, brut champagne has been served as a side drink with Pornstar Martini.

How to make a Pornstar Martini?

To make Pornstar Martini at home, collect the following Pornstar Martini Ingredients.

  • Fresh passion fruit—quantity two
  • Passoa Liqueur—quantity half (in shots)
  • Brut champagne—quantity two (in shots)
  • Vanilla sugar syrup—quantity half (in shots)
  • Fresh Lime juice—quantity half (in shots)

Once you have collected all these ingredients for your homemade Pornstar Martini recipe. You are ready to make the world-class drink for yourself and guests. Let’s start.

pornstar martini recipe

  • Step1: Wash passion fruit, split it into two pieces and squeeze into a coupe glass.
  • Step2: Carefully take out all the seeds of the fruit.
  • Step3: Add the other four ingredients together into the glass i.e.., passoa liqueur, vanilla syrup, absolut vanilla, and lime juice shots.
  • Step4: Shake the prepared drink properly and carefully.
  • Step5: Add chilled water or ice into the drink and shake again using a cocktail shaker.
  • Step6: Your Pornstar Martini is ready.
  • Step7: Prepare a half shot of Brut Champagne in another glass.
  • Step8: Serve chilled Pornstar Martini with Brut Champagne.
  • Step9: Enjoy a drink and experience the ecstasy of classic Pornstar Martini.

Now, you know, Pornstar Martini and how to make it. Shake the perfect vodka-based pornstar martini with passoa cocktail with this recipe. Before you go and make the amazing Pornstar Martini for your valuable guests or yourself, do you know how to drink it? If No, let’s move on and learn!

How to drink a Pornstar Martini?

The subject of Pornstar Martini is quite confusing for some consumers because it is served with a side drink. Are you also wondering Pornstar Martini how to drink when champagne is served with it?

To drink Pornstar martini, it is recommendable to sip it at gaps. Do not gulp down the complete glass in one or two days. To enjoy the astonishing combination of Pornstar Martini and Brut Champagne, choose to drink it alternatively.

For instance, take a sip of Pornstar Martini and later, sip brut champagne. It surely will give you goosebumps. But, it leads to an excruciating drinking experience.

To the reader’s surprise, in some prominent Bars all over the world, Pornstar Martini has also been served with Prosecco on the side. Prosecco is Italian grape wine. It is made of prosecco grapes. However, it is not universally available. Although, if you want to taste Pornstar Martini prosecco, simply order Pornstar martini prosecco next time you walk into your favorite bar.

What else Pornstar Martini combines with?

James Bond’s prominent choice of drink i.e.., Martini has been a center of creativity and experiment for the alcohol production companies all over the world. Yes! Slug and Lettuce company in London mainly focuses on creating new cocktails every season.

What is Pornstar Martini Tree?

This imaginative and innovative alcohol company in the UK discovered Pornstar Martini Tree. Sounds pastoral, does not it? Well! It kind of is. To disclose the shocking part, the Pornstar Martini tree is not another flavor of Pornstar Martini but it is a theme category of Pornstar Martini.

You must have heard how out-of-the-box or a creative presentation of alcoholic drinks can excite the drinkers. That’s what Slug and Lettuce have done. Pornstar Martini tree is a form of serving the cocktail where it has been served wineglasses that together make a tree. Yes! Pornstar Martini served in a treestand alike contrivance.

Thus, next time you go with your group of friends, do enjoy the drinking experience with a Pornstar Martini Tree. It could be a once in a season opportunity to explore the classic world of Pornstar Martini, to be honest!

Facts to know about Douglas Ankarah Pornstar Martini

  • Cocktail with Passion: Do you know, Pornstar Martini’s second name is Cocktail with passion? Why? Well! If you see, it is quite a logical name. Pornstar Martini cocktail recipe includes Passion fruit which is cut into half for the drinkers to taste it before sipping the cocktail. Alongside, Pornstar martini half passion fruit makes it a unique drink.

Apart from this, it is noteworthy to mention that in many bars all over the world, your bartender may skip upon the passion fruit and champagne as it makes the cocktail quite knotty on the pocket.

  • Liqueur substitutes

Are you making homemade Pornstar martini? Oops! You missed on Vodka or Passoa liqueur. Do not worry! Your plan has not been ruined because of Surprise! You can use white rum, dark rum or tequila as a substitute for Vodka. Of course, the taste of Pornstar Martini would be different but it would not taste any less passionate than original Pornstar Martini.

  • James Bond’s shaken not stirred Drink

Pornstar Martini’s recipe indeed relates to James Bond’s drink in a movie. In this movie, James Bond has been asked by the bartender about “how would he like his martini—shaken or stirred?” To this James Bond replies “shaken not stirred.”

The dialogue caught quite the attention of worldwide lovers of alcohol. The amazing Pornstar Martini is called the modern shaken not stirred Martini, the choice of 007.

  • London’s Legend Drink

In London, Douglas Ankrah, the original creator of Pornstar Martini is known as the “legend of the bartending world.” This is because of the idea of serving a cocktail with an additional glass of champagne and passion fruit to enjoy three taste at gaps.

The idea quite came out like a bolt from the blue. However, the drink attracted worldwide alcohol tasters who admire the creativity of Douglas. In the United Kingdom, Pornstar Martini is a universal choice for matured alcohol consumers.

Bar Soho for the best experience

Are you planning a trip to London and taste the world-class real-time cocktail aka Pornstar Martini? It is time to put “Bar Soho—in the heart of the London west end” where you can find the best and original Pornstar Martini. How does that sound? Give all of us chills!

What are the nutritional values of Pornstar Martini?

From alcohol by volume (ABV) to pornstar martini calories, alcohol consumers stay concerned about the impact on their health. It is without a doubt, a good effort to keep the need for alcohol and the health of the human body parallel. However, do you know the alcohol percentage and other nutritional values of Pornstar Martini—

ABV of Pornstar Martini: Pornstar Martini contains more than 2 liqueurs combination which tends to improve the alcohol by volume of the drink. To the reader’s surprise, Pornstar Martini passionfruit alcohol percentage limits to 14.9 per glass bottle or coupe glass. Or, 700 ml Pornstar cocktail.

One of the amazing aspects of the Pornstar Martini alcohol content is that it catches up with the flavor of lime juice and passionfruit. It complements the sweet-sour flavor of the cocktail. It prevents BAC or Blood Alcohol concentration from generating.

Calories in Pornstar Martini: A coupe glass of Pornstar Martini contains 224 grams of calories. Among these, 16 grams of sugar calories are present. For the user’s information, it is recommendable to consume the drink at gaps. Drinkers who have been suffering from sugar abnormalities like diabetes type-2 are suggested to take more pleasure in Pornstar Martini’s passionfruit.

Carbohydrates in Pornstar Martini: Are you worried if Pornstar Martini may lead to weight gain? No worries! Pornstar Martini carbs do not exist. It means there are zero carbs in Pornstar Martini. It helps to overcome the anxiety in the context of the physical impacts of the cocktail.

Note: In homemade Pornstar Martini, the alcohol by volume or alcohol percentage can improve or disprove based on the types of liqueur used. To calculate alcohol by volume of your homemade Pornstar martini, use the ABV calculator formula.

ABV= OG-FG*131.25, where OG is equaled to Original gravity of drink (gravity before fermentation) and FG stands for Final gravity (or gravity after fermentation).

What are fun tips and tricks to make Pornstar Martini at home?

Chill before you Spill: To make the A-rated Pornstar martini at home, do chill the liqueurs and vanilla syrup in the freezer. It helps to transfer a chilling pleasure into the drink.

Present Pornstar Martini with Passion fruit: Before serving Pornstar Martini to your valuable and loving guest, do not forget to present it classically. That’s right! Cut the passionfruit in a Round-V shape like a semi-triangle cut out of a circle. Place it at the upper surface of the glass. To become more presenting, rim the cocktail glass with lime flesh or passion fruit. You can also rim it with salt, only if that’s your guest’s favorite.

Use a cocktail shaker: Some cocktail lovers still follow the old-fashioned technique of shaking a cocktail. However, in this modern time, it has become easy to create the best out of alcohol creation. Use a cocktail shaker to mix-and-match all the four liqueurs together at best.

Give it a Hint of Dark Chocolate: Are you not a fan of vanilla syrup flavor? Well! To your surprise, Dark chocolate is the new Pornstar martini ingredient. You can add up two shots of Dark chocolate to the combination of liqueurs and vanilla. It gives the cocktail an exquisite flavor along with a dark brown tint.

Use Martini tree: One of the amazing presentations of Pornstar Martini for a group of friends on a friend’s night is the Pornstar Martini tree. The tree of Pornstar Martini is a beautiful theme of presenting the drink with a classic look. You can purchase the Martini tree online or any liqueur stores.


Pornstar Martini cocktail discovered in 2002 in London by Douglas Ankrah is another level of the tang of the cocktail. The first-rate 007 Martini “shaken not stirred” shall be your first choice as it has an average alcohol percentage up to 14.9.

It gives outstanding drinking pleasure with a combination of 2 liqueurs and syrup. The touch of passionfruit gives nutritional values to the drink. Consumption of the drink with passionfruit prevents a negative impact on health like high-rate intoxication or nausea.

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