Michelob Ultra Carbs: Know The Reason Behind The Popularity of The Drink!

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The refreshing taste of the Michelob Ultra with fruity essence is something that makes it popular among the people.

People love to taste and crispiness of the drink. Michelob Ultra beer has succeeded in being the largest share gainer in the US continuously for the last seven years. Even after this many people remain eager to know Michelob Ultra Carbs.

So, those who love the taste of the drink and want to chill with their friends and this refreshing beer, here is the full information of the drink including the alcohol content, calories, and carbs in Michelob Ultra.

How Many Carbs in Michelob Ultra Light and Bud Light

Light beer is the beer with low calorie and alcohol content. The light beer is growing as the bestseller beer as compared to others because of its crucial role in weight loss. The basic characteristics of all the light beers are their low, pale body with very low calories.

Generally, the light beer has calorie equal to 4% which is much less than other beer that contains 5% to 10%, calorie count.

carbs in michelob ultra

Among many light beers available the two most famous that leads the US market are Michelob Ultra and Bud Light Beer. These two are favorite beer among people of the US and here is something that differentiates the two.

The famous triple-layered Michelob Ultra is free from any artificial flavors and colors, but do you know how many carbs in a Michelob Ultra as compared to Bud Light. Well, both have their uniqueness in flavor, but when focusing on their nutrients, the carbs in Michelob Ultra Light is much less than Bud Light.

On one hand, where carbs Michelob Lite is 2.5 g with 95 cal calories, bud light contain 6.6 g carbs and 110 calories per serving.

So, for the one who is on keto-diet, here is an option for you that refreshes your mood without the guilt of interfering with your calorie count. The drink was prepared with the objective of delivering the real, exotic taste of fruits in the light beer with 95 calories and 5 g carbs. It is usually sold in a bottled 12-pack or 12-slim cans with 4% alcohol in it.

Infusions of Michelob Ultra

Some of the flavors and infusions of Michelob Ultra that make it even more popular are:

Lime and Prickly Pear Cactus

No one can believe that cactus can taste so good before trying the new flavor of Michelob Ultra Prickly Pear Cactus. The drink has a clean citric finish and exotic fruity aroma that attracts beer lovers towards it. It was earlier known as a Michelob Ultra Lime Cactus.

With the tasting note of citrus and other tropical fruits, the drink has 4% ABV and 120 calories. It comes under the category of fruit beer and usually paired with food like fish-white and chicken.

Other refreshing flavors in the list include Pomegranate and Agave flavor.

Michelob Ultra Amber

The drink with the rich, dark amber color with great malt taste with low calorie and carbohydrate is American-style amber lager. The Michelob Ultra Amber carbs are 3.2 g and 95 calories that make it the number one choice at the bar or a restaurant.

So, if you are looking for full-bodied low carb beer then this is the one that goes best with your choice and taste. Accompanying it with some seafood enhances its taste and make it perfect low carb beer.

Michelob Ultra Pure Gold

The newest innovation in the flavor of Michelob Ultra Family; Michelob Ultra Pure Gold was introduced in the year 2018.

The appetizing and mouth-watering drink was prepared using ingredients organic grains that give the drink a pure, refreshing taste. The drink gained a great demand in the shortest time not only for its taste but for the fewer calories and carbs in Michelob Ultra.

Want to know how many carbs are in Michelob Ultra? This rejuvenating drink has a calorie count of 85 cal and 2.5 carbs in it. Thus, the drink is preferred by those who do not want to interrupt their body metabolism and weight with beer consumption. Also, this newly brewed drink is free from any artificial colors and flavors that stimulate the taste buds more.

Apart, from the nutritional benefit, the drink manufacturer does care for the environment as well and puts the maximum efforts of serving the drink using sustainable packaging. The drink receives the Sustainable Forestry Initiative Stamp of Approval on it for this uniqueness.

Considering its appearance the drink has an imperative golden color and great taste. It adds enjoyment and flavors in the gathering of the friends who are planning to enjoy in their eve and stimulate their taste buds with the great flavor of the beer. In short, the beer gives them a chance to take the time and enjoy the Pure Golden Hours.

Since the Michelob Ultra-Pure Gold was born to deliver the innovative test by adding great ingredients in it. It is moving further to gain more inspiration from Nature and thus announced its partnership with the Kelly Slater, who has been selected as the World Surf League Championship for 11 times. This helps the brand in representing the new beer throughout the year and offering an active lifestyle with base in nature.

Bottom Line

So drink lovers, now you can balance your healthy lifestyle without compromising with the habit of drinking beer. The low Michelob Ultra calories and carbs help you meet your health and wellness goals. It’s the time to with the healthier choice of the beer that leaves a long-lasting taste on your buds.

Try the taste and do not forget to share your experience by posting your views in the comment box below.

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