Generally, this is a very inefficient class because there’s lots of added sugar and therefore excess calories. Mike’s Hard Light stands out as a clear winner, because it uses an artificial sweetner. The rest should be avoided.

22 Malternatives: Calories, ABV and Efficiency

Truly Spiked & Sparkling1005.00%97.0%
Henry’s Hard Sparkling Passion Fruit924.20%88.6%
Henry’s Hard Sparkling Lemon Lime934.20%87.6%
Spiked Seltzer Water1406.00%83.2%
Mike’s Light Hard Lemonade984.10%81.2%
Twisted Tea Light1154.00%67.5%
Twisted Tea2205.00%44.1%
Bacardi Silver Sangria2676.00%43.6%
Smirnoff Ice2275.00%42.7%
Bacardi Silver Signature Lemonade2736.00%42.6%
Bacardi Silver Mojito2295.00%42.4%
Mike’s Hard Berry2305.00%42.2%
Mike’s Hard Cranberry2305.00%42.2%
Mike’s Hard Lemonade2305.00%42.2%
Mike’s Hard Lime2305.00%42.2%
Bacardi Silver Mojito Pomegranate2365.00%41.1%
Bacardi Silver Mango Mojito2365.00%41.1%
Bacardi Silver Strawberry2405.00%40.4%
Bacardi Silver Raz2405.00%40.4%
Bacardi Siver Watermelon2405.00%40.4%
Bartles & Jaymes Original2104.00%37.0%