8 Fewer Known Facts About Macallan 12 Double Cask Scotch Whisky

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In the 18th century, when the trend of scotch whiskey entered the market, alcohol consumers literally thought that scotch is a combination of whiskey and strong alcohol. Meaning whiskeys with high-end alcohol content. But, is it? The answer is NO. In today’s world, the categories of scotch whiskeys in the market are endless.

However, only a few remain in the spotlight. Today, we will talk about one such hardcore and popularly reputed scotch whisky named Macallan 12 Double Cask. 

This 12-year-old Sherry Oak Balanced Scotch Whiskey can scoop out the best drinking experience for you. As the legends say it, Macallan 12-Year-Old Double Cask is unmatchable due to its extreme distilling qualities and a wide variety of flavours. But, more often, we forget to turn our attention to lesser-known facts about famous scotch whiskey like Macallan.

Everyone has been talking about its great flavours and 12-years distillation process. We brought you eight fewer known facts about Macallan that will increase your interest in it. Are you thrilled? Then, buy a big Macallan Whiskey peg in your favourite bar, read ahead, and enjoy!

Alexander Reid invented Macallan in 1824

Do you know what’s excellent about Macallan 12? This scotch whiskey’s taste notes and aromatic qualities are on-point, like in the 18th century when Alexander Reid made it in a woodshed for the first time. But, the more shocking fact is that, at that time, Alexander Reid was a farmer and a part-time schoolteacher. Phew! If only all teachers were up to making a heavenly drink for the upcoming generations. 

In the same year, Alexander, the founder of Macallan, started a distillery by the same brand name. By the end of 2013, the Macallan Distillery had put a 100 million dollars production facility plan into work. 

Today, Macallan Distillery net worth is over 435,600,000 pounds. 

Macallan pushed the trend of “single malt” whiskeys.

More often, amateur alcohol consumers take single malt whiskey to be defined as a whiskey produced in a single barrel. However, single malt whiskey’s reference is related to making it in a single distillery.

In 1970, the Macallan brand went into the market and announced its independence by publicizing that it is a single malt whiskeys’ hub.

Since Macallan was the first-ever market to accept its publication as single malt, everyone wanted to try it. And, for a decade, Macallan 10 and Macallan 12 Double Cask remained the best-selling whiskeys in the global market. 

Macallan 12 Double Cask Alcohol Content

For the most part, Macallan 12 Alcohol content is relatively average to what alcohol consumers expect from whiskeys? According to the Macallan Distillery labelling, Macallan 12 Double Cask ABV percentage stands at 43% maximum. So, in the event that you are picking Macallan 12 Sherry Oak (depending on the strongness), its ABV can be anywhere between 40% and 43%. But, not more than that!

On the other hand, Macallan 10 alcohol content value stands at 40% maximum. It is according to the standards of the market and law as well. Macallan 10 is legal to drink if the consumer is 18+, no exceptions. Macallan 12 Double Cask is relatively strong and is not recommended for beginners in the drinking line. 

If you want to explore your way to Macallan 12, you can first try Macallan 10 and Macallan 18. These will set your expectations right where you need them set. 

The Distillery has a Master of Woods.

You may have tried hundreds of beer brands, whiskeys, and champagne. And, you will repeat your order only when you like the taste of the respective branded whiskey.

Hence, you might say that the success of whiskey depends on its taste. But, in the case of Macallan 12’s success, the entire credit goes to its Master of Woods.

That’s right! On the one hand, high-end distilleries order ready-made barrels and casks to modify the whiskey’s quality over the years. Macalan has its own cask makers. 

Macallan Sherry Oak, the company/distillery, makes over 1000 sherry oak barrels using real oak trees, primarily delivered from Spain. Furthermore, it is also one of the reasons why Macallan is extremely expensive. Its making process is ten times more costly than a daily purchasable scotch.

For example, Macallan 12 Sherry Oak Price starts from $85 (only 750 ml). Meaning, Macallan 12 Sherry Oak price in India went up in thousands. However, even in the USA, $85 remains a countable amount for a small bottle of Sherry Oak. 

No-DYE Policy

Do you know why some cheap whiskeys are harmful and always warned about? In order to avoid a long-lasting distilling process in natural barrels, cheap whiskey-making distilleries end up dying unfinished products to sell in the market. But, Macallan 12 Double Cask is acknowledged for its all-natural quality. And so do other bottled drinks by Macallan. 

While drinking this original sherry oak distilled scotch whiskey, you will figure out the difference between it and cheap whiskey. The artificial lusture in cheap whiskeys is not noticeable in Macallan. Instead, it has a natural and robust aroma of Oak. And, of course, you cannot see the touch of caramel colouring. 

Macallan 12 Triple Cask is unbelievable!

In 2018, Macallan 12 upgraded its double cask to triple cask, and the results were unbelievable. The Macallan 12 Triple Cask contains the finishing of honey linger and subtle cedar.

The variety of Palate begins from raisins, sultanas, dark chocolate, and stem ginger. Alongside, a pinch of aroma from gingerbread, vanilla essence, and buttered toast make it a competitive drink among those who love to party big. 

A Macallan 1946 bottle can cost you college funds.

How far do you think a scotch can go? In terms of money, Macallan 1946 is one of the most expensive scotches in the market. In 2017, a Macallan 1946 bottle became a part of an auction. And to your surprise, the bottle was sold for approximately four hundred thousand dollars.  

Scams are prevalent

When it comes to tasting the best whiskies worldwide, bloggers, influencers, celebrities, and people in business remain ready to pay as much as the seller asks. However, it is advised to stay alert from Macallan related scams.

According to famous writer Zhang Wei, he spent ten thousand dollars for a shot of Macallan in a hotel while tripping to Switzerland. Turns out, the shot was a scam. And, it was some cheap whiskey, costing no more than $10 to the hotel. 


With all the facts being revealed, what do you think? Is Macallan 12 Double cask worth it? With an ABV percentage equivalent to 43%, Macallan 12 is worth a try only if you are a matured drinker.

On several popular review platforms, Macallan 12 reviews are full of criticism. But, here’s good news: if you like Macallan’s originality and taste, no one can stop you!