Going On A Diet? Here’s A Low Carb Beer List Made Just For You!

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So, how can anyone suppress the love for a beer while still following what their dietician has to say? Well, the answer to this question lies in – low carb beer, and there’s a list of such options available in the market; just in case you thought what’s this low carb beer thing?

Everyone loves beer. Isn’t it so? As Henry Lawson has said – “Beer makes you feel the way you ought to feel without beer.” But, it is also a well-known fact that dieting and beer don’t go well together.

As a matter of fact, the first thing your dietician is going to cut off from your list of food intakes is anything that contains alcohol.

If you have not tried it, and are simply unaware of these low carb alcoholic drinks, then here we are with a low carb beer list that you are surely going to enjoy.

And, at the same time follow the diet that your dietician has suggested you. Without wasting any time further, let us straight away get going with the list –

Low Carb Beer list:

  1. Budweiser Select 55

Any normal beer list cannot be complete without the mention of Budweiser, right? So, here we begin this list with one of the best lowest calorie beer options available in the market today.

The Budweiser Select 55 is the only brew by the company that comes under the 100-calorie cap. And, this is the reason that it has managed to climb the ladder of success in such a short time span.

At 55-calories and 1.4-gram carbs, Budweiser Select 55 stands atop the crowd favorites when it comes to beers that have low carb content but taste as good as the regular one.

With a Budweiser alcohol content of 2.4% ABV, this surely is one low carb light beer you ought to have on your list when planning to go on diet!

  • Heineken Light

The second name on this list that we bring for you is another one of the favorite brands for all beer lovers – Heineken. The company came up with the lighter version of its most popular drink, and it has a count of mere 99 calories per beer. This Dutch-brewed low carb craft beer has a Heineken alcohol content of 3.3% ABV, and at the same time has got just 7-gram carbs per drink.

That’s not all – the company has also come up with another completely non-alcoholic beer, which tastes great and has got only 69 calories per beer. If you are someone who is not focused on getting drunk or does not value boozing, this beer is just perfect for the taste! And, diet as well.

  • Yuengling Light Lager 

The third low carb beer on this list is a special one – Yuengling Light Lager alcohol content of 3.8% ABV. It is one of the premier brands in the beer market and is among the highest-rated ones on Beer advocate.

If taters are to be believed, it is one of the best tasting low carb beer available in the market today.

With a calorie content of just 99 and 8.5-gram carbs, it is the perfect replacement for your regular beer when you are planning to go on diet. Also, it is highly recommended low carb beer for starters. You can pick this one up to start your diet’s journey and enjoy it just the way you want to.

  • Labatt Premiere Extra Light Lager

If you are looking for a beer that comes with strong alcohol content, and yet falls under the category of low carb beers, then Labatt Premiere Extra Light Lager is the one for you.

At 4% ABV alcohol content, this is one of the best options available in the market for you. Though the name says extra light, this beer is a power-packed performer.

In fact, it can be considered as an American-style lager that brings with it a signature smoothness of American beer and a sense of refreshing taste. 92 calories, and 2.4gram carbs, this is a super exciting beer that can be your perfect companion throughout your diet.

  • Michelob Ultra

At 95 calories, Michelob Ultra is another exciting option in low calorie, low carb beer that you can try. With its deep mahogany tint and 4.0% ABV, it is surely one of the options that you ought to have for getting the feel of booze without having to worry about the calorie count.

This low-fat beer comes with no carbs, 1gm protein, 0 fat, and o sugar. Therefore, it is a great option for people who are in the mood to follow a strict diet and cannot afford to munch on those extra calories.

If you are looking to shed extra pounds without lowering down your booze intake, this certainly is the low carb beer for you.

  • Beck’s Premier Light

The last name on this list that we have for you is one of the beers that have the lowest calorie count. At 64 calories per drink, Beck’s Premier Light low carb beer is for keto diet followers who simply don’t want to gulp even a single extra calorie in their beer. If you can relate to the above-mentioned sentence, you need to check out this beer in your vicinity right away!

The best part is that even at such low-calorie count, this beer has an alcohol content of 2.3% ABV. Ask any of the people who have tried, and you will get the same answer – it’s refreshing and satisfying!

And, that was it!

We have come up with our low carb beer list that can make anyone drool over! Whether you are looking for great taste or great booze, any one of these options can work perfectly well for you.

The only thing left for you to figure out is which one you are willing to bring home before going on a diet. Or, is it a mixture of more than one of these low carb gluten-free beers that you want to try. So, what’s the wait? Go out there and figure out for yourself – which one is perfect for you and which is the one that you can give a miss!

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