Lager vs Ale: All You Need To Know

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Lager vs Ale has been a prominent subject of concern among drinks. Which is best to consume? To begin the comparison, let’s start with the introduction.

Introduction to Pale Ale

Pale Ale is a light-colored top-fermented beer. It is enriched with pale malts. The first-ever Pale Ale had been introduced in 1700s. It contained dried malts and carbon coke. Although, times are gone when Pale Ale was a limited choice of drink. Today, there are many famous Pale Ale beers like Three Floyds Zombie Dust and Sierra Nevada.

ale vs lager

Introduction to Lagers

Lagers are beers which are produced at low temperature. It is noteworthy to mention that in English, Lager stands for “cold.” Thus, Lagers are stored in refrigerators for cold storage. For the making of Lagers, cool fermentation is used. Lagers are rich in yeast. There are different types of lagers like Pale lager, Vienna lager, and dark lager. The color of the lager depends on its brewing. Some lagers are pale yellow, others are amber in color. Whereas, some prominent lagers are dark-colored like brown.

Pale Ale vs Lager

Pale Ales are made at room temperature. But, lagers are made at a cooling temperature. While the making of Pale Ale, it has been given a hint of juicy flavor along with a touch of spices. Indian Pale Ale (IPAs) are well-known for their world-class flavors and light color. Lager has a rich flavor of malts and hops. These more often have a crisp mouthfeel. Pilsner is a great lager chosen all over the world.

The different tastes of Lager and Ale

Without a doubt, the taste of beer matters. Hence, we are presenting Ale vs Lager taste. Pale Ales have a fruity taste along with a hint of crispy mouthfeel. But, as mentioned earlier, Lagers are crispier.

Different ABVs of Lager and Ale

Ale vs. Lager ABV

  • Lager ABV amounts up to 6% (in the case of dark lager)
  • Pale Ale ABV amounts up to 6% (in the case of average Pale Ale)

“Enjoy the ecstasy of both, take pleasure in the differences.”

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