One of the classic’s of New Belgium brewing company the USA, voodoo ranger imperial IPA has been wildfire boosted drink with natural qualities. The light golden colored India Pale Ale Voodoo ranger is an exotic alcohol drink with a hint of pine aroma. That’s correct! The exclusively made voodoo ranger juicy IPA hats a medium-thin layer of white foam that fills mouth with a creamy taste. It is sole heaven for drinkers.

What Is Voodoo Ranger IPA Alcohol Content?

Voodoo Ranger IPA

American-style India Pale Ale may not be your favorite. However, you cannot drive-away from the ecstasy of amazing ranger IPA beer. In the context of abv, voodoo ranger IPA reviews as the world-class choice. This is because of voodoo ranger IPA ABV limits to 9%.

It also contains voodoo ranger imperial IPA calories up to 270 grams along with 14 gram of carbs. In spite of heavy alcohol by volume, voodoo ranger juicy hazy IPA is wildly appreciated for its balanced sweet-bitter tang.

The combination of orange and grapefruit citric juice create an astonishing aroma that improves the craving of alcohol consumption.

What is the uniform flavor of voodoo ranger juicy haze IPA?

To the reader’s surprise, voodoo ranger imperial IPA IBU is light in taste. Due to high abv, consumers assume voodoo to be an alcoholics’ drink. However, it is a drink for those who take immense pleasure in sweet alcohol beginning with a bitter aftertaste. This outstanding taste of voodoo ranger comes from the combination of Mosaic and Amarillo hops plant.

What is incredible about voodoo ranger hazy IPA?

Voodoo ranger hazy IPA is a rare taste and aroma India pale ale with a tang of America’s original hops. The world-class voodoo ranger has 4-starred mouth feel and 11-starred aromatic properties. Voodoo ranger hazy IPA rates as the first-class light IPA worldwide.

“Cheers to the success of new Belgium voodoo ranger and our 100% satisfaction.”

BEER BRAND: Voodoo Ranger IPA
ABV: 9%
IBU: 70