What kind of beer is Lone Star Beer?

Lone star beer comes from the 1800s introduced by the Lone Star Brewing Company and Pabst Brewing Company in Texas, US. The world-famous delight of Lone star beer reviews as the old-gold alcohol drink with a finishing touch.

For those who look out for the natural qualities in alcohol, the amazing part is Lone Star Beer brews using the original hops. Lone Star Beer ABV is an American-style light lager. It is acknowledged for its cheerful taste with a touch of pure alcohol that refreshes the soul.

What is Lone Star Beer alcohol percentage?

Lone Star Beer abv

As mentioned earlier, Lone Star beer is a light lager. Thus, Lone Star beer alcohol content remains as low as 4.7% per 12 ounces of the drink. Do you know? The hops utilize to make Lone Star beer comes from the Pacific Northwest. Yes! This is why Lone star beer has such amazing aromatic properties.

Apart from the low abv and full natural hops flavors, Lone Star Beer calories limit up to 140 gram per bottle. It is astonishing that with many Lone Star Beer ingredients, the world-class brewing company Pabst has managed to keep it’s calories low to avoid the beer weight gain.

What is incredible about Lone Star Beer?

One of the incredible factors regarding buying Lone Star beer is Lone Star beer caps that come along for extra entertainment. that’s right, on the inner surface of Lone Star beer caps, some puzzles and riddles are fun to solve.

Indeed, Lone Star beer bottle puzzles have been trending like wildfire among the drinkers on the Internet.

To the reader’s surprise, each Lone Star bottle has a puzzle number which has a single answer. Of course, this little puzzle is not an alcoholic factor. It is a creative marketing strategy.

“Enjoy your Lone Star beer tang with a complimentary puzzle.”

BEER BRAND: Lone Star Beer
ABV: 4.7%