Lagunitas IPA introduced by the Lagunitas Brewing Company in Petaluma in California, US. Yes! Lagunitas come from the rich-caramel location with an enhanced level of drinkability by the way of average alcohol by volume. Do you know? Hops in Lagunitas IPA IBU are not added just for aromatic properties but for adding to the nutritional properties of the hops such as the reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases.

What kind of beer is Lagunitas IPA India Pale Ale?

Lagunitas IPA

Lagunitas IPA is an old-gold India Pale Ale that comes from the 1990s. It is rich with malt and hops along with caramel barley for sweet-bitter tang. Lagunitas IPA reviews as the unique brewed light beer that allows the customer to drink without the high-level intoxication impact. Of course! The Lagunitas IPA beer fanatics enjoy the collective ecstasy of alcohol. For those who are drinking Lagunitas IPA for the first time, it is recommendable to go Slow!

What is Lagunitas IPA Alcohol percentage?

To the alcohol consumers who are looking to cut upon high ABV wines and whiskeys, Lagunitas IPA beer is the best alternative. Lagunitas IPA alcohol content limits to 6.2% which is quite lesser than any delightful heavily alcohol loaded wine or whiskey.

IPA Lagunitas is a healthy choice as it has been made by keeping the taste & preference as well as the long-term alcohol risk in mind. It is a refreshing drink with a small touch of alcohol with abv of less than 7%. That’s the good part about India Pale Ale, drink without stress!

How many calories in Lagunitas IPA?

ABV: 6.2%
IBU: 52

As per the Lagunitas IPA recipe, people consider it as a non-diet drink. Well! That’s unfortunate and a myth. Indeed, Lagunitas ingredients complement fewer calories experience. Yes! Lagunitas IPA calories amount to 186 gram per bottle. It is lesser than any IPA. Alongside, Lagunitas IPA carbs limit to the gram. Hence if you are following a diet, Lagunitas IPA is harmless. “Enjoy your pleasant experience with Lagunitas IPA.”