Genesee beer has been introduced by Genesee Brewery Company in New York in 1878. It is the first-ever product by Genesee. The beer has been trending and became well-known for its light nature and creamy Ale style. In America, Genesee has been called the American beer Icon for over 125 years as it has both quality and quantity enough to impart 100% alcoholic satisfaction.

Do you know? A single bottle of alcohol content of Genesee allows the alcohol consumers to take pleasure in the creativity of alcohol that comes from finished brewing and beer fermentation. Let’s see—

What Kind of Beer Is Genesee Beer?

Genesee Beer

Genesee beer abv recipe concludes that the drink is all grains. It brewed by adding six-row barley malts, corn grits, hops and original hops from Yakima valley which supplies the very fresh hops pulled out from the mother nature.

The classic taste and aroma of Genesee light beer have been creating favoritism among the worldwide alcohol consumers for the drink.

It is a highly appreciated fact that the Genesee is old-fashioned beer which comes from the 1800s. It makes the consumers stunned on how long Genesee sticks to make its beer product long-lasting goodwill.

What is Genesee beer alcohol content?

Genesee beer alcohol percentage amounts to 5% with IBU level 150 units. Apart from this, Genesee beer calories remain limited to 150 grams.

If you are on a beer diet and only preferring beer with below-average calories, Genesee is the best option. Genesee light beer reviews as the lightest lager available in the NY.

For those who are following a gluten-free diet? Yes! You can also prefer light lager Genesee beer abv over any unfermented beer. Genesee does not contain any gluten properties. Thus, there remains no potential risk of celiac.

“Are you ready to enjoy Genesee classic beer? Take 100% pleasure in the world-class tang of Genesee.”

BEER BRAND: Genesee Beer
ABV: 5.0%