Brut IPA is a uniquely crafted India Pale Ale alcoholic beverage. It is different from traditional American IPAs. Without a doubt, Brut IPA ABV style comes out as a shock the usual alcohol consumers. They do not make it their first choice of drink without acknowledging about the Sierra Nevada brut IPA recipe. If you are such drinker then you are on the right platform to learn what so wildfire about Brut is! Let’s take a glimpse—

What Kind of Alcohol Is Brut IPA?


More often than not, customers ask “what is brut IPA?” as they hear about it nowadays. It is trending akin to bonfire blazes. Brut is a hops-rich alcohol drink with an exceptional taste. The good part about the Brut is that unlike other IPAs, it is neither too sweet nor too bitter. It has no added sugar to prevent alcohol consumers against the imbalanced combination of sugar into the bloodstreams.

What is Brut IPA ABV?

The alcohol content of Brut IPA matters as it is extremely dry and low carbonation drink. Some alcohol consumers prefer to know about the nutritious values of drink without consuming poison in the first place. Luckily, the alcohol percentage of Brut IPA ABV amounts to 6.5% dry. It is above average alcohol by volume alcohol content.

However, the drink cannot be compared to the harmful alcoholic beverages as Brut utilizes the enzyme amyloglucosidase which breaks down the sugar content in the alcohol during fermentation and adds yeast to create a healthy texture and taste. Per 12 ounces of the bottle contains 154 gram brut IPA calories.

Apart from the taste and nutritious qualities of Brut, it has an elite aroma that comes from the combination of hops and tropical fruits. It allows consumers to take pleasure in the naturally formed IPAs than the highly boiled and polished ones.

“Break your chain of poisonous alcoholic drinks, choose Brut IPA ABV for life.”

ABV: 7%
IBU: 25