Sculpin IPA beer introduced by Ballast Point brewing company has been trending for its grapefruit unique tropical flavor. It is an award-winning American-style IPA with a 5-star reputation among alcohol consumers. Today, Sculpin has managed to kick-off the beers which are famous for strong intoxication effect by providing a delightful taste of alcohol with combined nutritious values of mangoes, lemons, peaches, and apricots.

What Kind of Beer Is Sculpin IPA?

Yes! You may be stunned to know that Ballast Point Sculpin IPA is the first-ever beer introduced with more than two flavors of natural fruits. Indeed, the Sculpin recipe also includes tropical ingredients that go perfectly in favor of consumer’s health.

Sculpin IPA ABV

Apart from being an amazingly tasteful beer, Sculpin IPA clone demands as the side-beverage with Jamaican jerk chicken, basmati rice and seafood. In bars, consumers more often take Sculpin to complement the spicy taste of food with the juicy and hazy texture of the drink.

What is Sculpin IPA alcohol content?

The alcohol percentage of grapefruit Sculpin IPA counts to 7%. It is a healthy abv value if the drink is consumed at 12 ounces per hour routine. Do you wonder if Sculpin IPA alcohol content is dangerous? Do not worry! The exclusive combination of fruits like lemon, mangoes, and apricot compliments the good qualities of alcohol and remove the factors of danger.

Alongside, the Sculpin IPA calories amount to 200 gram per 12 ounces of the drink. The calories do not come alone from alcohol but the tropical fruits. It means the Sculpin contains a healthy calories amount that benefits the human body.

Is Sculpin IPA gluten-free beer?

Today, you are lucky because yes, Sculpin IPA is gluten-free beer by utilizing the fermentation process at best. During the manufacturing of Sculpin, what’s the best remain in the beer!

Are you buying your first Sculpin IPA? Good luck!

ABV: 7%
IBU: 70