Are You Wondering How To Open Wine Without Corkscrew?

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Well, there is no doubt about the fact that more than half of the wine lovers are aware of how to open wine without corkscrew. While the lesser half might have no idea about the same, so in that case, there has to be a little guidance for this bunch of people.

Since different people have different opinions, in the same way, there is distinctiveness in every individual’s way to open the wine. How to uncork wine may sound easy, but it isn’t that simple. Also, it is better to try the various methods for opening on some dummy or aptly said – inexpensive wine bottle that surely would not rip the wine lover’s heart into pieces like the bottle’s.

how to open wine bottle without corkscrew

Besides, having a helping hand is always a gain in some or the other way. So, take a scroll down towards numerous ways listed down here.

How To Open A Wine Bottle Without Corkscrew

Take help of Tool Kit

Since the tool kit has all the necessary required tools which are the reason that the tool kit can be helpful in the case of how to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew, no matter what. Mainly, the screwdriver and hammer can act as a great help.

It is regarded as one of the most secure methods for opening up the bottles. All that is highly required for the same is a lot of strength. The screw can turn open the lid by putting in inside the cork and there it goes.

Use an edgeless object

There can be the usage of an edgeless object or a wood material that can screw out the cork if your question is how to open a wine bottle. This method is good to make way, however, bringing out the cork out of the bottle is next to impossible though. For resolving that, pouring out the wine in a different content can be the real answer.

Tire out

Well, for how to open a wine bottle without a bottle opener, the easiest way is to tire it out. With the help of a bike pump, the cork can be removed. A pump of a bike is greatly useful, as it has an attached needle which can stimulate the needle so that it reaches to the air space between the wine and cork. With this, the cork simply pulls out of the bottle by filling the air inside the bottle.

Make use of keys and knives

As the usage of screws and hammers from the tool kit, here there can be the usage of the kitchen plus additional applications that is keys and a knife. By putting the knife directly inside the cork at a specific angle, and taking a roll of the same in a circular motion can bring out the cork easily.

After the circular rotations are done, the cork is screwed out and in case the knife is not properly inserted into the cork then it will not open. Keys can pull out the cork with a jerk.

Homely Way?

This may sound homely for how to open wine bottle without corkscrew, but more like a less dangerous method when there is a shortage of resources. Be alert while proceeding this set of a process as it can be a breakaway as well.

By wrapping a thick towel around the whole bottle, in case the towel is thin one can make way with two. After the wrapping procedure, boom it on the wall carefully. The process cannot be a success just on one bang itself. Instead, better doing it slowly several times, rather than being harsh.

Shoo it with a shoe

It sounds homely as well, however not at all risky. The process is completely the same as the earlier one, where first the bottle must be wrapped around with a towel. Nevertheless, here the bottle must be put between both of your legs in a sitting position, and then slap the bottle with a shoe.

Such techniques may take time yet they are quite helpful in doing it without being confused about how to open a wine bottle. Remember being careful during all this procedure, as it can turn your clothes completely stained.

Process some heat

One of the rarely used methods is to heat up. Well, yes this would heat your mind, if not done properly. With the help of a blow torch spread heat on a wine bottle, just under the cork.

Through the heat on the bottle, there would be pressure for the cork to come out of the bottle lid and ultimately the same would happen. This process of how to open a bottle of wine cannot happen on a cold bottle. In case, the bottle is cold there can be dangerous happenings due to dynamic temperature change.

To the fullest extent, the steps might lead towards the goal or even accomplish one. Till then wine lovers keep the exploration on!

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