How Long Does Cocaine Stay In Your System? What’s the solution?

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What Is Cocaine?

“Cocaine,” the word itself defines the harmful impact on the human body. It is a powerful stimulant that leads to addiction if consumed illegally. Among youth, the consumption of cocaine is quite high according to the studies of NIH (Natural Institute of Drug Abuse). It is one of the common stimulant drugs that are traded beyond limits.

How long does cocaine stay in your system for a drug test?

The users of cocaine often compare the density of cocaine by “how long does cocaine stay in your system?” As per the medical science, the cocaine can be inspected in one’s system from 2 days to 3 months. Yes! That’s quite a long time. Let’s take a look at different drug test and inspection of cocaine in human body system—

  • Hair test: The inspection of cocaine can be tested via a hair test. The consumed cocaine stays in hair for a long long time. Via hair test, the cocaine particles can be suspected in the body up to 3 months of consumption.
  • Saliva test: Other than the hair, in saliva, it stays for up to two days.
  • Urine test: how long does cocaine stay in your urine system? A urine test allows proving the consumption of cocaine even after 3 days of the activity.
  • Blood test: how long does cocaine stay in your blood system? Cocaine particles in the bloodstream can be suspected through a blood test. It is susceptible to up to 24 hours of cocaine consumption.

What are the impacts of cocaine?

Cocaine is a harmful substance that allows the body to feel an immense level of energy in the starting. Later, the immediate impacts of the cocaine disappear and cause the consumer to feel depressed, anxious and suicidal (in few cases).

Here is the list of short-term effects of cocaine on the human body, mindfulness, and behavior—

  • Pupil’s dilation—the black part of the eye gets larger than normal.
  • Body temperature increases—Human body cannot adjust between more than 40 degree Celsius body temperature. Cocaine improves body temperature by 2-2.5%. It also causes short-term hyperthermia. It causes death.
  • Improved Heart Rate—normal heart functions at a rate of 72 beats per minute. Cocaine improves the heart rate and can lead to cardiovascular diseases. It causes a heart attack in 25% of cases of heart attacks among youth worldwide.

How long does cocaine stay in your system for a drug test

Here is the list of long-term effects of cocaine—

How long does cocaine stay in your blood Reddit? Although the crack cocaine stays in the blood for only 24 hours, the regular consumption of cocaine is destructive. Take a glimpse:

  • Improved risk of cardiovascular diseases: Heart is the most sensitive human body organ. In addition to this, it is an important organ to keep the body alive and in motion. Consumption of cocaine causes Aortic dissection, aneurysm, myocarditis, and cardiac arrhythmias. All these results in either on-the-spot or slow and painful death experience.
  • Coma: Coma is a mental state of unconsciousness which is indefinite. In Coma, there is no possibility of inspecting “for what time” the mindfulness will be staying unconscious. It causes complete loss of brain activity and physical activity. In clinical researches, it has been concluded that cocaine highly impacts the mind. It causes depression, anxiety and brain damage.

What’s the solution for “how long does cocaine stay in your blood system for a drug test?”

For the readers who are looking to clear crack cocaine in your system, here is a list of solutions. It is noteworthy to mention that these solutions may not work on every cocaine consumer. This is because the clearance of cocaine depends on “how much is consumed?” “What method of consumption is applied?” and for how regular it has been consumed?

  • Natural removal of cocaine from system

It is simple. The natural removal of cocaine from the system is not consuming any cocaine in the future. Cocaine is an addictive substance, and thus, to recover from the addiction is complex. For first-time cocaine consumers, the drug test can show clean after 4 days of consumption. Thus, 4 days is the time limit to get clean.

On the other hand, the regular use of cocaine is dangerous. It stays in the system for a long time. In the context of regular user “how long does cocaine stay in system urine test?” the answer is up to a month.

  • Join a Detox Program

Even though, cocaine is an illegal substance for public use in most of all the countries. There are Detox programs available in all countries. Detox program help in withdrawal of cocaine from the system through medications.

It is noteworthy to mention that these programs are not “to give a try” but a commitment. It can take a Detox program to do a complete cocaine withdrawal within 2 days or 30 days. It depends on how much cocaine has been consumed and on what gaps?

  • Schedule a Diet and healthy lifestyle

A healthy life always results in the betterment of physical and mental consciousness. Daily exercising, consumption of healthy fruits, vegetables and meat can help in the removal of cocaine from the system in the long run. It surely will take time to recover from such strong addiction but, believe it or not, health is also an addiction once taken into consideration.


How long does crack cocaine stay in your system for a drug test? Well! The answer must be clear to the readers by now. The effects of cocaine highly dependent upon the quantity and way of consumption. Cocaine can be absorbed in four different way–

  • Snorting cocaine— consumption of cocaine through the nose by breathing forcefully it in.
  • Smoking Cocaine—cocaine is smoked akin to smoking a cigarette. Many cocaine addicts smoke cocaine with alcohol. It is a life-threatening combination of two drugs.
  • Injecting Cocaine—injecting cocaine into the body in the form of liquid.
  • And Ingestion of Cocaine—Oral ingestion of cocaine is common. It causes death. 25% of first-time users of cocaine die because of aortic dissection.

“Everything has a reason behind it, so does the banned drug—cocaine.”

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