Goldschlager: Cocktails, ABV, & Interesting Facts!!!

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Goldschlager, the liquor name that attracts many people and made one think of what is Goldschlager?

Here you find the best answer to the question.

It has 43.5% alcohol by volume (Goldschlager proof is 86) with the thin layer of gold floating in it. As per the measurement, one liter of a bottle of Goldschlager contains at least 13 mg gold in it.

The people who consumed the drink do not give common feedback for it. Also, those who love it hardly knows the history of the drink.

Unlike other heritage drinks like Grey Goose and Jack Daniels, Goldschlager has no associated history with it. The drink is passed from one company to another and thus is manufactured in different places.

The attractive ingredient of the drink, gold flakes inspires all kinds of crazy theories and thus when someone throws light on the real drink, it is hard to assume the true ingredients and the one supposed to be.

Goldschlager Drinks

Although the mystery of the drink is still alive, the best part of the drink and cinnamon aroma make it widely used to prepare several mixed drinks and Goldschlager cocktails.

Goldschlager Drinks

You can find some of the best taste drinks in the list below.

Have a look at the ingredients of some of the top Goldschlager cocktails and made the drink part of your eve.

S.No.Goldschlager Mixed DrinkIngredientsGoldschlager Proof
1.Cinnamon Toast Crunch


One-third ounce of Goldschlager
One-third ounce Bailey’s


One-third ounce Butterscotch schnapps


2.Czech CollaboratorHalf ounce Goldschlager80 proof
Half ounce Becherovka
3.Gold RushHalf ounce Goldshclager42 proof
Half ounce Red Bull
4.Golden AppleHalf ounce Goldschlager48 proof
Half ounce DeKuyper
5.Golden FurnanceGoldschlager shots-176 proof
Tabasco splash-1
6.Golden NippleHalf ounce Goldschlager
Half ounce Butterscotch Schnapps
7.Goldschlager StringerOne ounce Goldschlager 

84 proof

One ounce Sambuca
8.The SteinHalf ounce Goldschlager78 proof
Half ounce Jagermeister
9.Goldschlager LemondropOne ounce Goldschlager28 proof
Two ounces of Lemonade
10.Golden Comfort1 part of Goldschalger74 proof
1 part of Southern Comfort
1 part of Jagermeister


Things You Should Know About Goldschlager Liqueur     

Many people who either drink or have not tasted the drink, here are some facts that one should know about the drink.

So, next time you will enjoy the drink, make sure you are well aware of all the known facts of this attractive and mouth-watering drink.

  • 24 Carat Gold in Goldschlager

Many people guess that the gold in Goldschlager drink is 9 carat or 14 carats but the fact is not at all true. Since the less carat of gold contains impurities in it that might affect the health of the person on consumption, the special care is being taken care of while selecting the gold. The manufacturer ensures that the drink is safe and therefore uses a lesser carat gold to prepare the drink.

  • Quantity of Gold in the Drink is 0.01 g

The Global Brands, the manufactures Goldschlager uses the purest gold to prepare the drink, but despite that, they put every effort to make the drink cost-effective. For this reason, they use the smaller quantity of gold, equals to 0.01 g per bottle. This worth only $4.00 of gold per bottle. Although the drink price fluctuates, depending upon the price of the metal in the market.

  • Gold in the Drink Offers Medicinal Benefits

Although nowadays, the gold in the drink is only used to make the drink presentable but talking about the time before, the concept of alchemy among people was quite common and most among them thought that the metal has some of the best health benefits that can be used to treat many diseases.

  • Goldschlager Contains More Alcohol

This liqueur contains around 40-43.5% alcohol that is a little more than other Spirits commonly found. Thus, the Goldschlager proof is 107 or 53.5% Alcohol by Volume.

  • Goldschlager: A German word for ‘Gold-Beater’

Gold-beater means a person who beats gold into thin sheets. Goldschlager is the German word that means the same.

  • Gold Cuts Throat: A Wrong Myth

It is the most prevalent myth among people who come across the Goldschlager drink ingredients that gold cuts the throat. For this reason, many people drink it faster. But the fact is not true. Since the drink has pure gold i.e. 24 carat that is soft and dull thus does not harm the throat or another body organ in any way.

  • Earlier Goldschlager Was Made From Aniseed and Caraway

The other important ingredient of the drink that makes it popular among many is Cinnamon. However, at one point of time when the drink was produced, it was prepared using caraway and aniseed.

  • Goldschlager: Not an Only Drink with Gold in it

However, Goldschlager is a famous drink that contains gold in it but many others contain gold flakes in it. One of them is vodka (Smirnoff Gold and Or De Menton Gold-Flecked Vodka) while other is schnapps, tequilas.

  • Goldschlager is Used to Make Many Different Cocktails

Although, the taste of Goldschlager is itself stimulates the taste buds of the one who drinks it, but it is widely used to make many different cocktails like Liquid Cocaine and 24K Nightmare. The former is prepared by mixing this with Vodka and Jagermeister while the latter uses Gold Flake Schnapps and Rumple Minze, Bacardi 151, and Jagermeister.

  • Goldschlager: 87 Proof Drink

Generally, all the spirits are Eighty proof or 40% alcohol by volume but when it comes to Goldschlager it is a bit higher in terms of proof value. It is 87 proofs with 3.5% more alcohol in it. This made the drink different from other common spirits available.

  • Goldschlager Manufactured in Switzerland and Italy

Goldschlager is a Swiss drink, but when the brand was sold, it was manufactured in Italy. According to the recent data, the drink is again moved back to its original place i.e. Switzerland.

  • Goldschlager’s Manufacturer Also Produce Myers’ Rum

The manufacturer of Goldschlager is not stuck to the production of only one drink. He is also involved in the production of other drinks like the Myers’ rum, Jungfrau Krauter Likor, Sicilian Lemon Tonic, Corky’s Schnapps, Bundaberg rum, etc.

  • Goldschlager Boost Inner Bling

The gold inside the drink is one of the major reasons why many people get attracted to it. Since the gold represents the higher status thus the drink tends to increase the inner bling.

This is all about the famous and shiny drink with superb aromatic taste of this. It is gaining popularity with the passing years and winning hearts because of its use to prepare different mixed drinks.

If you have tasted the drink before, you can share something we missed here. We would love to learn more about the drink and its uniqueness.

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