Some Of The Persuading Reasons For The Consumption Of Gluten Free Beer

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Do you know there is a national demand of 200 million barrels of beer? Even an average American male consumes 23 gallons of beer in a year, so it is quite evident that for the majority of people this is a great drinking option. And, the best part is this popularity of the beer keeps on soaring high and people look for the healthy beer options instead of quitting it. For instance- if a person is dealing with some gluten intolerance or celiac disease, then they will simply opt for gluten free beer rather than to leave drinking this amazing alcoholic beverage.

Now, for those who are not aware of the gluten and are not sure why it can be bad for them, they must read further- It is a feisty protein which is also found in the barley and wheat.

But, still, some people may develop issues with gluten and have to eliminate it from their regular diet. All due to this, the demand for such beer options and even gluten-free food is gaining a lot of demand among the consumers.

Gluten Free Beer

Although wheat or barley is important in our diets, beer is something which is a crucial part of our lifestyle, so finding the replacements for all three products is the mandatory step for the good health of the affected person. So, for the best of the enjoyment without any guilt people seek their favorite one from the gluten free beer list.

However, if we talk about gluten-free options in beers, there are mainly three variables or it is categorized into 3 types for better clearance, so here it is-

  • Gluten-reduced beer– This type of beer is made up of barley, wheat or even rye and comes with the addition of the Clarex named enzyme for easy breakdown of gluten proteins. As per the tests, this gluten-reduced beer comprises of less than 20 ppm gluten. It is not advised for highly sensitive consumers and can have some reactions.
  • Completely gluten-free beer- This beer is suitable for the consumers who have a complete intolerance to the gluten. The ingredients it is made up of, include- rice syrup, buckwheat, chestnuts, sorghum syrup, and millet. Even though this type comes under the label of common gluten-free beer, but still there is some risk involved because of the cross-contamination when contracted with the brewed on the same lines with the beers containing gluten.
  • Dedicated gluten-free beer- This beer is made with such a facility under which there is no involvement of the gluten-containing products while it’s brewing. As the name suggests this dedicated beer comes under completely gluten-free beer without any risk. It is made up of the ingredients like- millet, buckwheat, chestnuts, and rice syrup, etc. Also, the test surely states a presence of way less than 20 ppm (20 parts per million) of the gluten involvement in this type of beer.

These were the three types of beverage which is beer gluten-free. One can choose as per his or her health status and concerned issues, yet enjoy to the fullest.

So, you are intrigued to drink beer, but with healthier options, so here are some other great options other than the one stated above. The beer types discussed below are completely having some alleged health benefits-

  1. Heart friendly beer– What if your favorite beer gives a treat to your taste buds and still beneficial for your cardiovascular risk? The reason behind a beer is friendly with your heart in the presence of the phenols ( a natural antioxidant). This ingredient will lead to better functioning of the heart and avoid issues at the same time. The gluten-free beer brands which are great for your heart’s health. Yuengling light lager left-hand good juju and Albita purple haze, all these beers come with the phenol benefits. Also, the raspberries are added while it is brewed to eliminate the taste of ales or other bitter flavors.
  2. Brain-healthy beer- Your brain health can be boosted with the help of a reliable beer. Not just the best gluten-free beer is helpful, but the healthy beer option can make you avoid the blood clots or strokes in the brain. However, just like any other beverage, light consumption can prove to be beneficial otherwise it may lead to the atrophy of the brain. A brain beer is the one that contains protein, Niacin, riboflavin, and vitamin B, as these ingredients will lead to the emotional state. After all, drinking responsibly is the essence of any alcoholic beverage drink. So, consume it in the right manner no matter what you choose to drink.
  3. Hangover-free beer- So, you are consuming a beer, which has ginger and is gluten free but still getting bothered by the hangover? So, why not try out the product that gives you no hangover! That addition of electrolytes and reducing alcohol volume in the beer will lead to no hangover and will keep you hydrated instead. How great is this as you can enjoy a tasty and chilled beer without worrying about the next weekday at the office? So, seek such options for your issues that face after consumption of your favorite beverage.

Among all these healthy options you can go for the one that is perfect for your body. Here are some of the gluten free beer brands and other healthy options- New planet, new Grist and Omission beer are some of the best beers to choose from.

However, you should remember that beer is not superfood and should not be treated like one. But, if still, you are an epic beer lover, then go for healthier options with some great health benefits.

We as alcohol content advisor website would like you to enjoy a blessed life but at the same time will wish for your good health. So, stay tuned to our website to have the core knowledge of your loving alcoholic beverage and drink in the moderate proportions that your body will enjoy too.

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