Is Gin Martini Exclusive? How to make it?

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Do you want to upgrade your taste of alcohol? Upgrade it to an exclusive cocktail, Gin martini. It is a world-class drink with a bright touch of a lemon twist. For the readers who have been a fanatic of this spirit, you must know that it sometimes comes with a garnishment of olive. Yes! That’s the twist about this exclusive alcoholic beverage.

However, is this drink exclusive in real? If yes! How? In this blog, you will find every information about it. Plus, you can also make it at home. Let’s find out how! Before we skip to the main cocktail recipes. Here’s a brief introduction.

What is Gin Martini?

It comes from the 1990s era when the drinks like London dry were quite trending. These drinks still get all the attention of the consumers. But, the consumers of martini know the taste better. It is primarily made using Gin and vermouth. Vermouth is a wine with a combination of botanicals. It comes from the 18th century, Italy. In earlier times, it is used for its medicinal properties. Today, it is used as one of the main ingredients for making the best cocktails in the world.

What are the different types of Gin martini?

There are ten different types of respective and branded martinis. These are heavily served in bars at a worldwide level. The prominence of these martinis depends upon the favouritism of customers. This favoritism is mostly based on the variation of mouth feels and ABV levels.

  • Desert martini: In this drink, no vermouth is used. It is made using diluted Gin and garnishment of a lemon twist.
  • Bone Dry martini: In this drink, the glass is rinsed using vermouth and Gin is poured in the same glass. It is an extra dry martini.
  • Wet Martini: Gin and vermouth are used in a 3:1 ratio.
  • Dirty Martini: Gin and vermouth are used in equal amounts.
  • Gibson martini: It contains an equivalent amount of Gin and vermouth. Bartenders garnish it using pickled onions in place of olives, citrus or lemon twist.
  • Perfect martini: It contains the main spirit, wet vermouth and dry vermouth in 6:1:1 ratio.
  • Vesper Martini: It contains Gin, vodka, and garnishes using lemon peel.
  • Burnt martini: It contains Gin, scotch/whiskey and garnishes using lemon, olive or onions.
  • Aged martini: It mainly contains barrel-aged Gin.
  • Dry martini: It contains Gin and dry vermouth in a 6:1 ratio.

Note: These are are not limited to the given list. It is a known fact that using Gin, there are over 100 cocktails that can be created. It all depends on your passion for a brand new taste of alcohol.

What are some amazing facts about Gin martini?

In the earlier stage, the Gin Martini has called “exclusive.” It is called so because of some of its amazing qualities and facts. Are you ready to find out? Let’s!

  • The mind behind Martini glasses

That’s right! When you walk into a bar and order one martini, you never expect a rock glass or highball glass. Why so? Well! Martini in a beer mug just gives an unpleasant feeling. It does not feel like Martini. This is because Martini glasses are well-structured to allow the different drinks to mix up perfectly.

  • High-end favoritism

It is fun when we follow the choice of our favorite celebrities from clothing to choice of food. Would you embrace the drink that has been into the priority list of your favorite celebrities? Well! Royal families in the past have enjoyed this martini for long-lasting years. To note, some names are Ernest Hemingway, Dorothy Parker, and E.B. White. Of course, do not forget James Bond 007.

  • 50,000 pounds Martini

The most expensive martini in the world costs 50,000 pounds. It is a Scottish cocktail. Indeed, if you are passionate enough, you may have the strength to buy it someday.

  • Prefer shaken martini, ALWAYS!

One of the greatest disadvantages of first-time martini drinkers is that they do not whether to order a shaken one or a stirred one. However, a shaken martini is the best alternative. Indeed, one of the world-class martini tippers, Jared brown quoted “Shaken not stirred: a celebration of the Martini.”

  • Vodka Martini is a sequel, Gin is original

If you have loved Vodka Martini at some point, take it as no offense. But, the invention of the vodka martini was not intended. It is the original version of the martini. Vodka is just for those who do not like the strong taste of barrel-aged Gin.

  • 1800s edition of Gin Martini

In 1888, a Gin Martini was introduced. It has an equivalent amount of Gin and dry vermouth. It also contained absinthe (in a negotiable amount), orange bitters, sugar syrup and cherries for garnishment. Today’s martinis are quite different from the historical ones.

  • A delightful variation of taste

This cocktail counts among the very prominent spirits all over the world. But, the graceful fact is that it does not taste the same every time. It mainly depends on the type of Gin spirit preferred. Along with it, the ratio of vermouth, type of vermouth and other factors make a lot of difference in taste. It keeps the passion for drinking alive.

  • Burnt Martini is the most unique

Have you ever heard a Gin combined with whiskey? Well! Today you do, it is called Burnt gin cocktail. Do not worry! It has no chemical reaction. Just embrace the smoky chilling mouthfeel.

How to make a Gin Martini?

gin martini recipe

Ingredients to make Gin martini

  • Gin alcoholic beverage
  • Dry vermouth
  • Lemon twist or olives
  • Orange syrup or Angostura bitters

Let’s follow up the below given Gin Martini recipe:

  • Step 1: Fill a jug half with ice cubes.
  • Step 2: Pour two and a half ounces of Gin spirit into the jug.
  • Step 3: Pour an only half ounce of dry vermouth into the jug.
  • Step 4: Stir the solution for 30 to 50 seconds.
  • Step 5: Pour the prepared cocktail into a martini glass.
  • Step 6: Add 1 dash of orange syrup into the glass. This is optional.
  • Step 7: Garnish the drink with a lemon twist or olives.

Important guidelines

  • Check for the quality of the Gin spirit before using it. If you are using a barrel-aged Gin, it may deliver a completely different taste.
  • It is recommendable to pour Gin and vermouth in a 6:1 ratio. It allows the drink to remain similar in taste. For a strong mouthfeel, you can change this ratio,
  • It is recommendable to use a single or two olives at maximum. Too many olives can damage the uniqueness and tastefulness of an original Gin respective cocktail.
  • To make a bone dry martini, you can replace vermouth with any other fortified wine.
  • For every 60 ml Gin, add 10 ml vermouths, both dry and sweet. It makes a Gibson Martini.
  • Experiment other garnishing ingredients like pickled onions, olives with jalapenos inside, garlic, orange peel and more.

Fun fact: Among 90,000 alcohol consumers, approx 55,000 alcohol consumers prefer Gin martini over a vodka one. It just makes it more clear, why it is such an exclusive drink.

What is the ABV level of Gin Martini?

The alcohol content percentage level of Gin Martini remains between 30 and 60 percent. It also depends on the amount of the Gin used as well as the type of the Gin used. For example, if you are using 80 proof Gin, it contains 40% level of alcohol by volume. Hence, it should be poured not more than 60 ml at a time.

It is noteworthy to mention that martinis are strong. Hence, you should not consume more than 3 martinis in a day. It is recommendable to skip on a daily drinking routine if you have consumed it over the limit. It can result in harmful impacts of alcohol-like intoxication, BAC, and temporary memory loss.

Are there calories in a Gin Martini?

Are you looking for a low-calorie cocktail? It is the best and classic choice that you can make. In this cocktail, there are less than 100 calories per martini serving. If you compare, a pint of beer contains twice the calories than a Gin Martini. Hence, this cocktail remains exclusive even when it comes to its nutritious values. Alongside this, you may also enjoy the fact that while you drink a cocktail, the appetite remains in control.


It has the best reputation in the alcohol industry. Without a doubt, it is an award-winning cocktail. In some corners of the world, it is served along with fruit peels, berries, fruit juices mixed and more. It is a recommendable drink for those who desire to relax after a long day of work.

It is a gift from the alcohol industry to the alcohol fanatics. And of course, people are taking pleasure in this gift from centuries now.

“Order your first Gin martini in James Bond Style. Stay 007!”

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