What Are Some Amazing Facts About Gin Cocktails?

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As people of nature, over 60% of alcohol consumers enjoy cocktails that have served with a touch of the boozy leaf. Yes! You heard right. Leaf in the cocktail which improves its flavor by 200%. Do not believe us? Let’s take a fascinating journey to learn all about Gin Cocktails.

Introduction To Gin Cocktails

Gin Cocktails are sugar syrup and fruit-liqueurs loaded cocktails with an expensive choice of Gin. The first-ever prominent Gin cocktail has been introduced in the middle of the 17th century by a world-class physician known as Franciscus Sylvius.

Of course, we can say that it has been an invention back in the centuries. Today, there are over a hundred Gin cocktails invented all over the world until today. Indeed, the accurate number of it has not been concluded yet.

As per the sources, the most attractive characteristics of Gin is a bartender or alcohol consumer can make move 100 types of it by using only 3 ingredients. Sounds shocking, doesn’t it? Well! It does. But, in reality, it is all about the right balance of liqueurs and use the right quantity of it.

What is Gin?

Gin is a ready-made alcoholic beverage in which the natural qualities of juniper berries have been added. You can add up to 100 ml (millimeters) of it into a combination of brewed cocktail that creates a dominant flavor in the drink. This A-rated liqueur can come from different origins and having different flavours. However, what makes them similar is the touch of juniper berries.

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Last time you are enjoying your drink and another person comes and orders a Gin cocktail. “What is it made from?” is the first question that may strike in your mind.

Indeed, sometimes this experience becomes embarrassing for the customers because they have no idea about Gin drinks, even though, they are famous.

10 Amazing Facts about Gin Cocktails

We expect the idea of Gin cocktails has been cleared in your mind. Of course, you desire to know more must have been boosted. Do not worry! You will learn more today on this platform. Further, we are presenting 10 amazing facts about it that must you know before trying it.

Original Gin drink from Holland: To the reader’s surprise, statistics say that it is the national spirit of England. It gained quite a high rate of attention. This attention was indeed named “The Gin Craze.” However, that’s the story for our next fact. It had been originated in Holland in the 17th century. Back in the times, during the Dutch War of Independence, the warrior has taken the legacy of their drinks back. These drinks that have been available in the market today are not the original version of the Gin.

The Gin Craze triggered after the Gin Act 1751: In the year 1751, the Parliament of Great Britain banned the unlicensed trading of the Gin spirits within the boundaries of London. Indeed, the small-business of import and export of it as well as unlicensed stores had been closed down. Not only this, during the Gin Craze, the license to trade it had been made expensive and made it difficult for the merchants to get the license.

In London, the trading of it had been declared as a criminal activity which could lead to legal consequences. Indeed, to put the act into action, the authorities of London freed the import of Tea to promote the natural beverage. Apart from this, during this Act, men in London were motivated to drink beer.

Boss of the Gin—Franciscus Sylvius: To be honest here, Franciscus Sylvius had not discovered the Gin alcoholic beverage, however, he is the hooligan of Gin medicine. Franciscus Sylvius was a Dutch physician who had invented a medicine called Gin.

There had been a controversy over this. Later, the controversy that has been turned into a War. It was known as the Dutch War of Independence. During this war, the Dutch won the legacy of these drinks back. The victory was called “Dutch Courage.”

Indian Tonic Water: Are you a non-Indian? If yes! You must have fantasized about India and its miraculous discoveries in health and natural medicines. It has been a part of such health and medicinal miracle in the 19th century. This was during the high-rate malaria flu all over the world.

India discovered a natural cure for malaria called “Indian tonic water.” As per the records, it has been added to the tonic water to change it’s a sour flavor to a bit sweet and exotic. It was indeed a cure through alcohol.

Cure against Scurvy: Cure against Scurvy for the Royal Navy soldiers was named Gimlet. It had born from Gin drinks. For the readers’ clarity, the soldiers used to mix it in lime juice to overcome the lack of Vitamin C in the human body.

What’s scurvy you may ask? Scurvy is the deficiency of vitamin C in the human body which causes the gums to swell and if there are any old wounds, they often open up and go green. Undoubtedly, it is a painful disease. Though, the soldiers find the cure in the pleasure of it.

The drinks of Whorehouse—Mother’s Ruin: It is a shocking fact, however, you got to believe it. In the gone times, the Gin alcoholic beverage was quite inexpensive. Thus, it has been called the drink of the whorehouses. Apart from this, Original version of it has self-induced abortion qualities. In older times, women used to abort the unwanted baby by sitting in a boiling bath and sip these drinks one by one.

It is surely scary to hear, however, it is one of the parts of 13 old-fashioned abortion tricks in the gone centuries. Our readers are not encouraged to do so by reading this. It can be a dangerous activity and you are causing yourself serious harm. Although, this is why it was also called MOTHER’S RUIN!

Bathtub Gin is a thing: Bathtub Gin is a cocktail that is made by taking grain alcohol and brewing it with juniper berries. However, it is a highly unhygienic method of making it. It can lead to serious health problems or death.

It acknowledges as a Bathtub Gin because while making this cocktail, the consumer more often leaves the drink in a tub to be fermented properly. Undoubtedly during the fermentation, the drink encounters several changes in the atmosphere which lead to the making of poisonous drinks.

Guniman—the Philippines drinking session of Gin: When it comes to counting favoritism for the Gin cocktails, the Britishers come in the line first. But, in fact, the highest number of Gin fanatics are in the Philippines. It is noteworthy to mention that in the Philippines, over 43% of the population of alcohol consumers preferred it over any nostalgic and fancy cocktail. They called their gin-time, Guniman. If that’s not a real-time triumph for a cocktail, we do not know what is!

Neat is not Gin’s beat: To the alcohol consumers who have taken the first impression of it too . You need to consider drinking it with Soda, lime juice or water. Yes! It is not a drink that goes neat into a human body. Apart from the fact that drinking Gin neat helps to hit and grow some beard and chest hair. It is not worth to take such a health risk. And of course, you would not prefer having a fierce and thorny feel in your throat .

Gin Twist—the international drink: In the year 1923, the whole world has been drinking and talking about the Gin Twist. From novels to celebrities’ preferences like Beyonce, the twist has been the first-ever international alcoholic beverage. Of course, countries like India, Britain, and the Philippines have discovered the Twist more than only a type of alcoholic beverage. It is quite easy to make the Twist at home. You need to mix hot water, lime juice, Gin and syrup. Let’s agree! It had been the Einstein of physicians.

100 Gin cocktails with 3 ingredients: Gin has been quite a suspicious drink ever. As per sources and experiments, it has concluded that by using only 3 ingredients, a bartender or alcohol consumer can make over 100 different types of it. Of course! those three ingredients can be a different per cocktail, yet, the number of the ingredients remain consistent.

What grain is Gin made from? Gin has barley or the mash of different types of grains. It is a distilled alcoholic drink with a combined brewing of fermented grain.


Gin cocktails have been a center of attraction among the alcohol for a very long time. Indeed, it is an evergreen drink that comes with an herb dipped in the drink. But, it is called Gin liqueur. That’s correct! It contains a touch of nature which makes it a natural and environmental friendly drink with a sweetened flavor.

“Enjoy the glamour of Gin this spring, open your London-style cabinets and bring the taste of Dutch courage to the table!”

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