Frangelico: A Sweet Liqueur For A Change

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It is very fascinating to see and taste liqueur which comes in a unique bottle. They raise your inquisition and increase your interest. There is a saying that half the taste is made by sight, so if there is pleasant packing you would like to try it. The same goes for Frangelico. The bottle is a pretty habit shaped bottle and a small cute little cord is tied as cincture; there is a resemblance with a friar.

What is Frangelico?

For a change, it is a sweet liqueur that is dark in appearance but light in taste. This Italian delicacy is very refreshing and the number of ways to have Frangelico cocktails is only limited by your thought. This liqueur is made from Tonda Gentile Hazelnuts; they are in abundance in the Piedmont region.

They are known to be the best of their kind. The specialty of these hazelnuts is that they are bigger, plumper and very uniform in shape. This helps in the perfect roasting without the bitter tinge to it.

What is the process of making Frangelico?

What is Frangelico

The best Tonda Gentile hazelnuts from the Piedmont region are harvested. They are then shelled toasted and crushed to a favorable texture.

Then infusion into a mixture of water and alcohol is followed.  After a certain period of resting for infusion; it is then distilled to form a natural hazelnut distillate. This distillate is going to be further used to create a unique blend of Frangelico liqueur.

How is the unique flavor attained?

The flavoring is done by the addition of extracts and distillates of cocoa seeds, berries of vanilla, roasted coffee, and a few others. This concentrate is then blended with water and sugar along with some alcohol to reach the correct bottling strength.

Then a resting time of 6 to 8 weeks is given to allow the proper mellowing and uniform flavoring. This is essential for getting the perfect sweet yet tangy flavor distinct from Frangelico drinks.

Wondering how to savor this fantastic golden drink?

There are many ways of having it. Popular Frangelico recipes are mentioned for you to try yourself. Go on and taste them to find your perfect blend.

  • Frangelico shots: almost frozen Frangelico is poured directly into the shot glass. It tastes best when served chilled in this form.
  • Frangelico on the rocks with lime is another favored style by the youngsters. For this one shot of Frangelico is poured over ice cubes along with the juice from two wedges of lime. This gives it a tangy kick to the drink.
  • One of the most traditional ways of making drinks with Frangelico is mixing it with lime and soda to make a glass full. This is the style followed for most of the liqueur drinks. It is the conventional way of having a liqueur.
  • One of the popular Frangelico cocktails available is the Nutty Irishman. For this creation, equal amounts of Irish cream liqueur and Frangelico are poured in a shot glass. The pouring is very subtle and the two must not be mixed. The Irish cream will be opaque whitish so it is poured later on top of the Frangelico. The two can be seen as separate layers. Any rush in making this drink will spoil the presentation.
  • An interesting mixture tried by a few cafes is coffee with Frangelico. This coffee has added sugar and Irish cream along with one serving of Frangelico giving it the hazelnut flavor. This becomes quite famous during the winter season as it allows you to have Frangelico while not having to use ice.
  • For those who love it cold but want a twist can go in for the version mentioned above but in the form of cold coffee. 
  • Satin angel drink is another recipe in which cold coca-cola is infused with cream and Frangelico. This is best enjoyed on a hot summer evening with friends and gossip.

You can use Frangelico not just for drinking but also for eating. Sounds interesting right; here are a few different dishes we found for you to try. It will not only enhance the flavors but will also give uniqueness to your dish. Your dish is going to gather applauds from one and all who taste it. So go on and try something from those mentioned below:

  • Those who have a sweet tooth and can’t keep their hands off the chocolates of all forms then here is another one you must try. It is a mix of vanilla beans, cream and Frangelico solidified to form chocolate candy. Just be aware not to share with your kids. 
  • Another interesting thing you can cook and enjoy your chicken with a twist of Frangelico to it. For this preparation, you will need chicken breasts, baby mushrooms, and Frangelico. Cook chicken in semi-solid gravy along with baby mushrooms, and at the end before you remove from flame add some Frangelico. This will provide a very different yet tasty twist to the regular chicken dish. 
  • We all are fond of chocolate truffle, but it also comes with a twist of Frangelico. It is easy to make. For this preparation, you will need unsweetened cocoa powder, dark chocolate, and butter. The rest of the preparation is just like the normal truffle with the addition of a little Frangelico to it. These tiny bits blast of flavor in your mouth. Chocolate and hazelnut go so well together so imagine how well Frangelico will go in this dish.
  • Meringues are a commonly known food item in the house. But did you know that if you add a few hazelnuts and a little Frangelico they will taste awesome? You must try this when you have a gathering with your friends and get an appreciation for your cooking skills.
  • When you have made custard for your kids try a small experiment. Take some chocolate liquid and a little Frangelico in the bottom of a glass and add a dollop of custard to it. Taste this; it feels like heaven on earth. But again, keep kids away from this.

Storage of Frangelico:

Frangelico is a 20% alcohol by weight, comes in two variations of 375 ml and 750 ml. This liqueur can be stored for months even as long as years when the bottle is not opened. When the bottle is opened it is best consumed within one year as after this the taste may deteriorate. Though; the color change is not noticeable for a long time even after opening. The sugar will break down and further degeneration process will begin.

Should you freeze Frangelico for good taste?

A myth circulates in the marketing that Frangelico must be frozen for best taste. But it is not true. The truth is it tastes best pre-chilled almost frozen not frozen. As upon freezing the liqueur may change its nature and will not taste as good as you want it to be. The sugar may crystallize and create a different texture than what was expected of it.

Precautions to be taken:

There is a saying better safe than sorry. This can be used in this context as well. Frangelico is made from nuts so those who have an allergy to nuts must avoid its consumption. The dishes might not taste the same but they will certainly be safe for you.

Interesting facts:

Frangelico is manufactured majorly in Italy. The nuttiest liqueur is known in terms of aroma as well as flavor. It is one liqueur that is consumed alone as much as the cocktails are loved. The variations are very interesting not just to taste but also to make when served well they are a beautiful sight too. So you not only satisfy your nose and tongue but also your eyes.

The recipe is as old as 300 years old and was known to be first made by Father Angelico, a hermit monk. He was known for making many other herbal liqueurs too. This typical experiment of his had worked out well as it not just looked good but also tasted good. So, all those who fear the bitter taste of liqueur; can also have Frangelico safely.

What are the options for those under age?

As Frangelico is an alcoholic drink only the legal age people are allowed to drink or eat it. But don’t be sad those who are under age or have any other problem and can’t consume Frangelico you can try substituting Frangelico with hazelnut syrup. Only you will have to use one third the quantity. The dishes will taste nearly as good as the original would have.

So, those who like to drink alcohol must go ahead and try something so versatile in nature it can be incorporated in so many ways. Once you are love with its flavors; you will be looking for ways to incorporate it into all the special items you make or like to eat. Never know you may create another masterpiece yourself.

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