Four Roses Single Barrel: Review, Price, Vs Small Batch

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Four Roses Single Barrel, outstanding single barrel bourbon having a perfect balance with the smoothness of silk is sweet, rich and potent with an appealing note.

Curious to know more about this mouth-watering drink!

Dig deeper to learn about this tasty four roses single barrel bourbon.

Four Roses Single Barrel Review

Four Roses Single Barrel Review


A full-bodied and smooth drink with the hint of plum & cherry taste with fruits, spicy, herbs and cocoa is what Four Roses Single Barrel offers you.

You can either enjoy drinking it straight or on the rocks.

Four Roses Single Barrel is created by mixing different ingredients like:

  • Corn-60%
  • Rye-35%
  • Malted Barley: 5%
  • Yeast Version “V” or other

Mixing all the above ingredients gives the drink a fruity, spicy and creamy taste.

The drink gives the delicate and light nosy aroma with the scent of cork, dried raisins, vanilla, and fresh flowers.

After giving an amazing smell to the aroma, its time to give your palate a unique experience.

Drinking it gives your tongue a subtle hint of brown sugar and light oak. Every sip you take in gives you the rich flavor and gives the long-lasting delicious taste.

The final finish of the drink greets your tongue with the spicy giving you the heat for over two minutes.

In all, the spicy heat layered with the rye spice and rich flavor of leather, old wood, mint, dry raisins and cherries along with the vanilla coated peaches give you the lengthy finish on the palate.

So the drink is famous for its uniqueness as this single bourbon drink has a large amount of sweetness and rye.

Thus, it is a well-balanced and flavored drink with delicate fruits, spices, and cream.

Although the single barrel bourbon is not unique nowadays, the 10 different recipes use to make the drink is what makes Four Roses barrel drink stands apart.

Four Roses Single Barrel Price

You can avail of your favorite flavor in just $50. Thus, you would be able to reap a good value for your money with this drink having 50% ABV.

So get the drink full of flavor, available in shelves of almost all the vendors and online too you can get it and store it for every day of the week.

Four Roses Single Barrel Vs Small Batch

If you are drinking bourbon for years, still we can bet that many among you still using the wrong term for small batch and single barrel.

But both of these are entirely different.

When referring to the Four Roses Bourbon Single Barrel, it is handpicked by the master distiller based on particular stipulations. Thus, it can give you a specific flavor as no two barrels can give you the same taste and aroma.

On the other hand, small-batch whiskey is a little more complicated than it seems to be. It consists of a selected number of barrels that are mixed to give the desired taste to your tongue. In general, the small-batch whiskey comprises 10-50 barrels.

Four Roses Single Barrel Strength

The most complicated bourbon acquiring the top shelves is distilled using corn, rye and five yeast strains. The process offers the drink a unique flavor of Bourbon.

The drink has the strength of 50% ABV goes best during the festival as it gives many times powerful taste to your tongue, offering much more than its aroma.

Drink it neat or on the rocks to add something new to your experience.

Reading the Label of Four Roses Single Barrel

Although Four Roses Single Barrel can offer you much more when reading its label, it gives you an entirely new experience.

Here is how to read the label and pick the right flavor.

The First Letter on the label indicates the location of the distillery.

The letter ‘O’, the first letter represents the Four Roses Distillery located in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. “O” represents the “Old Prentice” the current Four Roses Distillery.

The second letter indicates the Mash Bill. There are two mash bills.

  • E Mashbill contains 75% Corn, 20% Rye and 5% Malted Barley.
  • B Mashbill contains 60% Corn, 35% Rye and 5% Malted Barley.

Next comes the third letter that indicates the type of whiskey. Here ‘S’ indicates the Straight Whiskey.

Last, the fourth letter indicates yeast.

Yeast strains are coded using different alphabets.

  • V represents light fruitiness; light vanilla, caramel and creamy.
  • K represents the light slight spice, light caramel and full-bodied.
  • O represents the rich fruitiness, light vanilla, caramel and full-bodied.
  • Q, the essence of floral
  • F the essence of herbal aromas.

Here are the ten different recipes of the Four Roses Bourbon



It is good to read the label carefully to give your tongue the powerful taste.        


So the Four Roses Single Barrel is the easy drinking and enjoyable drink with good strength. Add the drink and its different flavor in the list to try something new every day.