Eagle Rare Bourbon Essential Facts To Fill You Up With Everything You Need To Know

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Eagle Rare Bourbon is not one of those regular whiskeys that you drink to cut off your stress and relax a bit. But, it is something more exciting than that. In simple words, it is a rough celebratory drink that will definitely give you wings with its lingering taste and craftiness.

With a maximum of 17 years of the ageing process, Eagle Rare Bourbon 17 is a patient combination of winey texture and tobacco complimented vanilla essence. Sounds like an odd combination, but a triumphing one, right? 

So, if you are planning to try your hands on Eagle Rare Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, don’t hold your horse. This is a perfect time of the year to try something new and rough. Eagle Rare Kosher Whiskey is one dream come true glass of drink with 32 awards and recommendations conquered since its launch in 1975.

To the reader’s surprise, Eagle Rare became the apple of alcohol consumers’ eyes when it hit the 2000 San Francisco Gold Spirit Competition and won a Gold Medal. 

Thus, to improve your enthusiasm towards elite alcohol beverage brands like Eagle Rare Bourbon 17, we bring you some amazing facts that keep its rough taste in talks during bright regularly. Let’s take a glance: 

Is Eagle Rare Top-Shelf? 

When you go to a bar, you don’t want to spend your celebratory drink streak with wines and whiskeys from bottom-shaft, which are generally cheap and taste like pure ethanol with raw cinnamon and taste of new-wood barrels. Instead, you would crave for top-shelf bourbon drink akin to Eagle Rare. As suggested by Eagle Rare Bourbon reviews from Google, consumers really have enough 120 proof 20 years Double Eagle Very Rare Whiskey. 

To begin with, it covers 90% of Eagle Rare’s limited edition, so you don’t want to miss out on that, for sure! If you don’t want to be so rough with 20-year-old aged whiskey, you may want to begin with Eagle Rare 10-years-old, which is a delight with its lofty tastefulness and pinch of oak barrel scent. 

Alongside, you can also up the streak with Eagle Rare Bourbon 17, which holds traits of almond goodness, cigar boxes and cinnamon. It has a leathery finish or, as the French call it, “tanné.”

What is Eagle Rare Bourbon Alcohol Content? 

Does the question of good or bad whiskey in your aspect stick to one and only factor, that is, Alcohol Content or ABV? Well! With Buffalo Trace Distillery launching Eagle Rare Bourbon for the first time in 1975, its abv percentage has remained consistent. Eagle Rare 10-year-old bourbon alcohol content is valued at 45%, hence making it a 90 proof bottle. 

For 17-year-old aged as well as 20-year-old aged Eagle Rare, the alcohol content percentage is 45%. You may ask, what’s the difference then? So, here’s a brief for you: 

According to the traditional whiskey-making process in the United States, an Alcohol mix that is aged for long holds a complex taste and long-lasting finish, which makes it tasty. In comparison, a whiskey that is aged for fewer years (suppose, 10) contains a harsh and rough taste. However, it traditionally tastes better. 

Dave Pickerell, who is one of the top American Distiller, recommends middle-aged whiskeys like Eagle Rare Bourbon 17. The reason being, young whiskeys like Eagle Rare 10 may be flavourful, but they lack a lasting finish in consumers’ month. On the other hand, old whiskies like Eagle Rare 20 may have the highest level of flavour, which play with the tongue but no roughness to it. 

Is Eagle Rare heavy in carbs and calories? 

According to multiple studies, it has been concluded that too many whiskey carbs can lead to weight gain in humans. So, the main question stands, is Eagle Rare Bourbon heavy? And, to your surprise, the answer is NO. As of Eagle Rare Bourbon Whiskey Nutritional Facts, it contains 0 carbs. In comparison, a single serving of Eagle Rare contains 69 calories/1 ounces. To balance out the intake of whiskey per hour, one can drink it on ice rocks as it dilutes the mixture without shelling away its flavour. 

Is Eagle Bourbon Whiskey still on shelves? 

It is sometimes a jaw-dropping experience to find out how long a finished whiskey can survive in the market! For Eagle Rare Bourbon lovers, Buffalo Trace Distillery is nowhere to shut its brand down anytime soon. From 1975 to today, Eagle Rare has celebrated 45 years of success and running. But, not all Eagle Bourbon Whiskey will be among the Generation Z drinkers. According to a report, in 2005, Buffalo Trace discontinued making Eagle Bourbon Whiskey 10-years-old edition. 

If you go back in time, you will find out the reason why? So, here’s what happened: In 1975, Seagram Company ltd, which initially distils Canadian whiskeys launched Eagle Bourbon Single Barrel Whiskey complemented with 101 proof and 50.5% abv. At that time, 50.5% alcohol content wasn’t a big deal. However, with time, medical experts figured out, such a high level of alcohol content is dangerous for the human body. 

For the same reason, the Eagle Bourbon Rare initial version was dropped and discontinued. Although, the company could have continued as it’s not illegal. But, in the market, whiskeys with alcohol content between 50% to 96% are on the extremely expensive list. Thus, it would have dropped the target audience of Eagle Rare by 60%. 

How Expensive is Eagle Rare? 

Talking about Eagle Rare Bourbon being one of the extremely expensive whiskies, if it hadn’t dropped the 101 proof version, how expensive do you think it is now? Well! As of today’s market price, Eagle Rare’s current rate is $30 for the 750 ml 10-years-old version. 

This price range is basic for bourbon lovers, so no big deal. Although, Eagle Rare whiskey is called “rare” as it is hard to find in local stores. So, it is advised to try out some online stores for a big purchase. 


With all the nutritional facts of Eagle Rare Bourbon Whiskey being discussed in this reading, we thank you for taking this journey with us. Eagle Rare Bourbon is a passionate whiskey with a true blend of tobacco, cigar boxes, cinnamon, vanilla essence, and oak barrel pinch. Try it out!