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Almost every other person is using cosmetic products like lotion, cream, hair products to keep their skin and hair beautiful. But have you ever looked into the ingredients of the product? Well, all products have their own action and hence vary in the one or two ingredients from which they are being made. But one constituent is almost present in all the products you use. Wondering, which it can be! Here is the hidden and the most common component of all the creams, lotions and shampoo, Cetyl Alcohol.

Get to know what is Cetyl and use your products by knowing its benefits. Before moving ahead, let me clarify that it is not alcohol that has a drying effect on the skin. Cetyl Alcohol is a skin-friendly component that hydrates the skin and offers the smoothening effect.

Cetyl Alcohol is an alcohol that is derived from the fat of plant or animal like-Palm Oil or Coconut Oil. Hence, it is called Palmityl Alcohol. The word Cetyl Alcohol is derived from the Latin word Cetus, meaning Whale Oil, the first substance from which it is obtained. It is a white waxy substance and helps in creating smoother cream, thick lotions, etc.

Know-How Cetyl Alcohol is Produced

Cetyl, a long chain of fatty alcohol derived from the plant and animal fat (coconut and palm oil) is white, waxy solid at room temperature. The process of producing cetyl alcohol is somewhat similar to the process of making soap.

what is cetyl alcohol

To make cetyl alcohol, heat the coconut oil with lye (sodium hydroxide) or any other alkaline solution. The mixture is then allowed to cool. It will provide you with the white flakes of what known as cetyl.

Role of Cetyl Alcohol in Rejuvenating Your Skin Cells

Since one can find Cetyl Alcohol in cosmetics like lotion, creams and hair products, it functions as an agent as an emulsifier (naturally separate) for the homogenize components, a soothing lubricant, a thickener, opacifier, and as a carrier of other ingredients present in the product. In all, it has stabilize properties that keep oil and water together thus offering an ideal, smooth texture to hair and skin.

Application of Cetyl Alcohol in Cosmetics

Cetyl adds thickness to the final product. Higher the concentration of the product more will be the thickness and effect of the product on skin and hair.

Cetyl Alcohol Hair Products

  • It is commonly found in the hair products (Shampoo and Conditioner) and work as a moisturizer, opacifier, softener.
  • It is generally present in 6% dosage. Addition of constituent in these products promotes:
  • Hydration, foaming capacity, enhance conditioning, opaqueness, and viscosity of the product.

Cetyl Alcohol Cosmetics

In makeup products, Cetyl works as Opacifier, Softener, and Emollient. Present in 5%-10% in Moisturizer, Face Wash, Free Mask/Peel, Body Wash/Gel promotes softness, moisturizing effect, and retention of makeup. Also, the application of the product rich in Cetyl Alcohol reduces irritation; cracking and peeling of the skin thus keep it healthy and beautiful. 

Cetyl Alcohol Side Effects

Many people wonder and curious to know Is cetyl alcohol bad for skin or hair? Well, there is no pronounced side-effect of the product on the skin. Unlike other alcohol rich product that offers dryness to the skin like astringents, hand sanitizers, and aftershave lotion, cetyl alcohol has a nourishing and moisturizing effect.

This is all because of the chemical nature of the product. Cetyl stearyl alcohol made of a long chain of fatty alcohol helps in locking the oil in the skin thus offering it a soothing effect. It forms an oily layer on the top of the skin thus retain the moisture for long hours.

The clinical studies of the product consider it as safe for use and the product was not found to be associated with any significant toxicity.

But since every skin differs and prefers the type of product that suits the most. Talking about the product rich in Cetyl, there are no such side-effects linked with its use, but if the person using the product experiences burning, stinging, redness, or irritation then it is good to consult a doctor or pharmacist without delay.

If your skin is oversensitive towards the product then there are many lotions without cetyl alcohol that can provide the same effect as the product. You can look for such product or ask your doctor to prescribe the creams or lotion without cetyl in it.

Next, come your hair? So while using and trying different products on your hair, do you consider the absence or presence of cetyl alcohol. Well, many among you have not. But considering the general view, have you ever tried to think, “Is Cetyl bad for hair”?

Almost every other shampoo or conditioner has Cetyl in it. Since it contains alcohol along with fatty constituents it allows the better spread of conditioner on the hair thus covering the entire portion to offer a great effect. Also, the products rich in Cetyl alcohol help in retaining shine and smoothness of the hair it is not considered bad for your hair.

It also works as a surfactant thus reduces the surface tension of water, allowing the easy penetration of the oil in conditioner. If the personal use of the product is satisfactory then you can use it to reap its maximum benefits.

How to Use Cetyl Alcohol Lotion? 

The product containing cetyl alcohol should be used as directed by the physician or as mentioned on the label. It is good to share some of the product like lotion. Apply it on the skin and use it the number of times as directed or as much your body demands it. To treat your dry hands, it is good to use the product after every hand wash.

You can also find the constituents in the cream or lotions that are meant to offer treatment to sunburns. For applying in the area affected by the sun rays check with radiation or consult a doctor to learn the right usage of the product.

Avoid using the product in a sensitive area like eyes, inside mouth, nose, vagina, etc. It is good to check the label before applying it on a certain part of the skin.

You can reap the maximum benefits of the product and enhance its advantages by mixing it with water. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use the product immediately after you take a shower.

Bottom Line

The primary benefit of using this is to offer softness to the skin and hair. It offers thickness to the product and stabilizes the cosmetic products like creams, lotion, and other hair treatment products. It is also found to be beneficial in offering healing effect to the cracked dry skin. Also, the product is considered safe and non-toxic for use.

So make a list of products you are using currently and check how many among them contain Cetyl Alcohol. Feel the difference of the lotion and creams containing Cetyl Alcohol and maximize its use to keep your skin younger, healthy and beautiful.

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