Low Carbs in Wine: The Best Liquor for Your Waistline

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Do you remain conscious about your health &waistline? Are you looking for the right drink that helps you in maintaining it? Although, our body responds and metabolizes alcohol different from the food gaining knowledge about the drink you love like calories and carbs in wine can help you enjoy its taste without worrying about getting fat.

How Many Carbs in Wine? 

Before moving ahead with complete detail of this popular drink let discuss the basic to know how many carbs in a glass of wine? In basic a glass of wine has 0 to 4 grams of net carbs. This value is for the wine with 5 ounces serving that contains 20g/l of residual sugar. Considering the dry wine, the drink contains less than 2g/l residual sugar with almost no carbs in it.

how many carbs in wine

What adds carbs in wine? 

The primary ingredient that adds carbs in wine is unfermented sugar. Generally, all the beverages are rich produce by fermentation of high carb sugar plants like grapes that produce alcohol, heat, and CO2. The sugar that is left behind due to incomplete fermentation or after fermentation is what add carbs in wine.

Tips to Pick the Low Carbs Wine 

Most of the wine does not display the information of carbs in a bottle of wine. This makes it quite challenging to pick the right kind and the wine that goes best with taste as well as health. If you ever get stuck in such a situation, then follow one thumb rule. Look for the ABV and residual sugar in the volume of wine. The high value of either of it directly points towards the high carbs and calories in the drink.

Carbs in white wine varieties like Oregon Pinot noir are low without any compromise in its taste.

Is Keto Wines Good When on Diet? 

Most of the wines have the least carbs in it, and if you are keto-diet then here is good news for you all. Pick the right kind of keto-friendly wine and the volume that you must add in your diet to reach your fitness goals.

Some of the known keto-wines that help you in maintaining your weight are:

  • Sauvignon Blanc
  • Merlot
  • Champagne
  • Pinot Noir
  • Pinot Grigio

Know More About Low Carbs Keto-Friendly Wines 

If you are desperately looking for the wines that help you to be on your diet, then it is good to explore deeply and find the wines that originate from dry and cooler reason. Generally, the grapes, one of the primary ingredients of wine, has less sugar in it when picked form cooler region. Further the dry fermentation, aids in removing the residual sugar thus cutting almost all the carbs and sugar from the drink.  

Learn to Drink Wine in a Healthy Way

To maintain good health even after drinking wine, it is essential to stay alert and cautious towards the quality of the drink. When purchasing a commercial wine below $10 then there are more chances of residual sugar in the drink that would increase sugar in the blood and hence weight.

Even a dry wine with a low cost contain some amount of residual sugar that makes it a bad option to consume, especially when you are following a strict diet. It is always considered safe to spend more time while adding wine in your cart.  

Here the Nutritional Information of Wine

If you are reading this, then you are or planning to enjoy the glass of wine. Find more about the difference in the two famous types of wine: red wine and white wine.  

Calories and Carbs in Red Wine

The calories and carbs in wine all depend on the type of wine and serving size. Holding a glass of red wine and wondering how many carbs in a glass of red wine then here with are with the complete information.

A single serving of red wine equal to 5 ounces has 135 calories and 0% carbs in it. Talking about other nutrients the drink is poor in proteins but have a trace of certain micronutrients in it including iron, potassium, sodium, and manganese.  

How many Carbs are in Red Wine?





  Carbs in Red Wine


Pinot Noir


5 oz


3.4 g




5 oz


3.79 g



Cabernet Sauvignon5 oz


3.82 g




5 oz3.85 g




5 oz4 g


Petite Sirah5 oz4 g




5 oz4.1 g



Calories and Carbs in White Wine

Talking about the calories in White Wine, it is generally lesser that Red Wine. A small serving of White Wine has 84 calories while the dry wine contains 123 calories with 2.6 g carbs in it.

Carbs in Wine Chart

How Many Carbs in White Wine? 





  Carbs in Wine


Dry Rose Wine


5 oz


2.9 g




5 oz


  1.0 g


Sauvignon Blanc


5 oz


  3.01 g


Pinot Gris


5 oz3.03 g




5 oz3.8 g


Chenin Blanc


5 oz4.9 g


Dry Reisling


5 oz5.54 g



Some Health Benefits of Drinking Wine

After gaining an idea of carbs in a bottle of wine, let’s dig deeper to know why drinking wine is considered good for health and how the drink helps the body weight in check.

Wine is rich in antioxidants and thus play a vital role in offering health benefits. To avail its benefits, it is always recommended to keep the dosage moderate. For women, one drink per day and for men, one to two drink per day is considered the best.

Some of the major benefits of drinking white and red wine are:

  • Keeps the heart healthy fight against diabetes
  • Raise omega-3-fatty acid
  • Promote longevity
  • Reduce stress and depression
  • Helps to combat inflammation

Apart from all these drinking red wine helps you to keep your body in shape. Keeping the level of drink moderate (a glass of red wine in a day) increases the level of hormones like adiponectin and free testosterone that burn fat and build muscles respectively. On the other hand, the drink decreases estrogen hormone that retains fat in the body. In all, keeping the level in the drink helps you reap the best benefits.

Final Words 

Now you might have learned that many premium wines contain great taste with less sugar in it. Drinking wine with little sugar has no harm until consumed in the right amount. Instead, most of the drink lover prefer little residual sugar to enjoy the richness and the appetizing taste of wine!!

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