Calorie In Wine Is A Crucial Thing To Do, A Discussion On!

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So, How many times in a week you go out for dinner? Probably, twice! And, most of us are eager to sip on the wine along with some delicious restaurant made food. This way one feels unwind after a day full of hassles. Why avoid this also, when the wine gives comes with great health benefits? However, one needs to be sure of the calories present in the wine.

You will eventually enjoy your favorite red wine more when you will know it is contributing towards your good cholesterol while all the way treating your taste buds well. So, it is not at all a wrong choice to include wine in your healthy and proper diet. But, knowing the right way to consume is surely a matter to learn first.

No matter whether it is red wine or white wine, you should be known for the fact of how many calories are there in a bottle of wine. Also, considering the fact that whatever we consume gives you calories except for the water that you drink.

calories in a bottle of red wine

Everything that is created is made in a way to fulfill your body need for the energy and eventually give you the desirable calories. So, why to have vague ideas about the nutrition facts and calories present in your favorite wine? This is the core reason behind this blog to enlighten you with the calorie count of the wine you drink almost every day.

Ways To Stay Fit And Consuming Those Calories In A Glass Of  Wine

We completely understand it is completely irresistible to avoid wine during the festive season. And, these occasions make it even more difficult to cut that alcohol out of your diet, while aspiring to lose weight. Honestly, holding yourself back when you wish to enjoy that New Year’s eve with wine and good food.

However, your dream of weight loss will be in the dark if you go for the calories in the bottle of the wine. Thus, eliminating wine from your weekends and enjoyment days is next to impossible if you are an epic lover. The basic idea is to avoid packing on the pounds, while you still enjoy that delicious white wine. So, here are some tricks to follow in the same context-

  • Know the process of moderation- When it comes to staying fit, we started practicing moderation in almost everything consumed by us. So, why not in the case of wine and its related calories in a bottle. Also, it is advised to drink alcohol in the moderate form to avoid safety issues, but here there is another concern attached related to calories.

While it is also a fact that avoiding the extra fat one gain after having drinks full of calories is very important. Even you can get as many calories in a wine which you get while eating a chocolate slice, so you should know what are you drinking.

Also, you should keep reading on, how many calories are there in a wine. A four-ounce glass contains about 100 calories, which means you gain this much calories each time you drink for sure. And, keep in mind, which wine can give you more fat and which is less on the side of the calories.

One very easy thing that you can do for your body is to customize your order of wine in the restaurant and avoid their standard glass size for your consumption. After all, each ounce counts and gives you about 25 calories. So, avoid getting people pouring the wine in your glass as this way you may lose the idea of the quantity & control over your caloric budget.

  • Get it mixed with good calories- Do you believe in the great taste of the wine? We usually hesitate to make that glass of wine a tasty spritzer, but why not indulge in it to become a fan. Just pour half of the glass with wine and add the rest of the club soda. If you are thinking about the calories in soda, then there is nothing to worry as we are using club soda, that contains zero calories. So, this is a great way to enjoy two wines, cocktails in the consumption of one glass calories. Also, you can experiment as per your taste buds and make sure to watch those calories out as you surely don’t want extra fat on your waistline. And, you should understand the difference between gulping the calories in a glass of wine and how to actually enjoy it.
  • Always be sure about the alcohol content- You must have read about the calories in the white glass and red wine & also, which is more in the count. But the actual fact is there is hardly any difference, except the fact that red wine is more on the sugary content. And, that matters a lot for the weight-loss enthusiasts. However, who wishes to be careful about the alcohol content, then one should go for wines with fewer calories. 7 calories are present in a gram of alcohol, and if you wish to calculate calories in a bottle of red wine yourself, then here is a formula-

Percentage of alcohol x Ounces x 1.6 = calorie content

By doing this practical application, you will stop assuming the calories and especially on the basis of the color of the wine. By doing this you can consume alcohol in limited amount, and eventually, it will contribute towards your weight loss.

  • Enjoy that bubbly wine- If wine is there in your regular dine-in, then why not enjoy it with the glamour of the bubbly wine? This sparkling option to booze comes with lesser calories as compared to other wines. However, the sugar content may vary as per the wine style and thus leading to the calorie contribution. So, you should stick to the ones which contain fewer calories in the glass of a wine.  You should stick to the brut as it comes with various options with least calories and is also an ideal alcoholic drink for the fitness lovers. For instance- brut nature contains about 0-3 grams in per liter whereas extra dry can go up to 12-17 grams/liter. So, it actually, makes sense to choose the sparkling wine if you wish to stay in your calorie budget.
  • Always be keen to share your wine- Yes! You must have heard one should never drink alone and should sit in a good company to enjoy the alcohol. The reason is very simple, drinking with the people around will make your stay in your limits and also you develop the habit of sharing your alcohol. For instance- of you visit a bar, then you can ask the bartender to divide the calories present in a bottle of wine between you and your friends. Drinking less can be really enjoyable if you develop the habit of drinking with a reliable company. And, the other best part is, you can have plenty of time to finish your while gossiping with your friends. This is surely a plus for the fitness freaks as they will surely not consume more calories.

With these possible ways, you can have ways to enjoy your drink to the core without worrying about the fact, how many calories are there in a glass of wine. How great is that? So, when are you going to start the implementation of these tips for your body and mind’s betterment!

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